How to Choose the Best International School in Bangkok for Your Child

Bangkok, Thailand is a perfect place to pursue a learning career that equips a competent child. There are over 20 international schools across the country, each guaranteed to focus on a child’s intellectual and creative skills. No worries, we will give you some tips on how to select the best international school in Bangkok for your kid.

How to Choose the Best International School in Bangkok for Your Child 1

Make your child future-ready with Verso International School in Bangkok, which offers top-tier facilities, staff, curriculum, and learning methods at a reasonable price. It empowers a student to face the real world and create an impact on global communities. The international school list continues to rise, making this post helpful for parents. 

An Ultimate Guide For Choosing International School 

The list of international schools will continue to add up, making it harder to choose which suits your child best. Here is a rundown of factors to consider ending up with the right school abroad: 

  • Budget 

Well, not all IB schools in Bangkok demand a higher cost, but they are relatively more expensive than regular schools. One factor that causes the high price is the education quality, which is more intensive for each student. It will cost you less than 800,000 baht annually to pay tuition fees, exclusive of book, meal, transport, and other fees. The annual cost for international schools may vary, but it is worth the money.  

  • Location 
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Thailand is a vast country, and international schools are all over the place – in the suburbs and major cities. Next, you must consider whether to choose a school close to or distant from you. Think about its impact on your transport expenses, making it a priority when making decisions. 

Finding a global school in the cities is ideal if you want shorter trips from school, home, to work. There are endless options not to compromise travel time, money, and energy. An alternative is to look for a place near the school grounds where you can settle for a while if you have that luxury. 

  • Child’s Interests 

An IB curriculum is not for everyone. Each child has their own interests and can decide what learning approach will work best for them. 

Attending a global school can be scary in early childhood. This is why parents should talk to their children about what to expect, both the pros and cons of studying in an IB school. Things like public speaking and learning collaboration could happen along the journey. 

How to Choose the Best International School in Bangkok for Your Child 2

Make sure your kid is happy entering international school. This will prevent future stress and push them to do well in school.  Always consider your child’s choice before picking a global school. 

  • Accreditation

International schools accredited by the IB organization are the best option. They have gone through a long process to be able to cater to students globally. Hence, there is no chance that you might pick the wrong one. Get started by visiting a website to find a list of IB schools in Thailand. Look for legal documents to secure your child’s education better and not regret it later. 

  • Good Reputation 

A good facility and staff indicate a better academic performance an international school could offer. You must be hearing praise to ensure you trust the right school for your kid. For instance, other parents will talk about it and forums of higher education. 

  • School Rules

Perhaps Bangkok international schools are enormous but not that overly populated. They keep class sizes small to give full attention to each child’s development. IB recommends less than 25 students per class and encourages a 1:1 learning approach. 

The school hour is up to 240 hours, which vary according to the subjects to be taken. IB schools operate from 8 am to 4 pm. 

Regarding the subjects offered, IB can cover everything to help avoid language and culture barriers.  Whether your child finds comfort in Asian or European languages, there won’t be a problem. 

  • Friendly And Skilled Staff 

It is hard to qualify for teaching in an international school as they aim to provide quality education. Evidence of skilled staff is an IB certificate, which includes knowledge about the curriculum and learning methods appropriate for global education. 

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Leaving your child on school premises the whole day requires comfort and safety. Therefore, finding an international school in Bangkok with friendly staff is a plus. They must always be rooting for your child’s journey, guiding every step of the way. 

  • Extra-Curricular Activities 

Going to an international school alone can be stressful. Part of the curriculum are activities that help develop creativity and skills, as well as community work to make your kid more competent in the future. IB schools not only cover academic excellence but also physical and social, making sports one of the school activities to benefit students. 

Final Thoughts 

To summarize everything, sending your kid to the best international school in Bangkok is not easy. There are many things to consider and a lot of research to ensure the right school for the budget. Have a copy of international schools near your place to weigh your options quickly. Before you decide, do a background check, like reading reviews and asking for recommendations.