How To Calculate BSU Aggregate Cut Off Mark For All Courses 2022/2023 Session

Candidates will always seek for means of calculating their aggregate score which is a combination and division of their over all UTME score and post UTME scores which has been properly illustrated below. For candidates that selected Benue state university (BSU), this post will give you a first hand illustration and real life example of how BSU calculate their aggregate cut off mark irrespective of your chosen course.

It is advisable for candidates to know how to calculate their post UTME aggregate score even before writing the post UTME test as this would give them the mental preparedness as to how hard they need to prepare based on what score must be achieved in order to study their preferred course.

In this post, you will find the right information on how to calculate Benue state university aggregate score and every other information you would require to ensure that you do the right things that would get you admitted to study your preferred course in Benue state university.

Benue state university (BSU) is one of the most prestigious state universities in the middle belt. The university if open for admission via UTME and part time students for every citizen of Nigeria. Gaining admission into this university whether you are an indigene or not could post a threat to gaining admission if your aggregate score is not high enough to meet up the approved departmental cut off mark.

From our observations, most candidates who select BSU as their choice of institution just assume that upon passing JAMB and post UTME, they are automatically admitted into the university of their choice, ideally, that is how it is meant to be but the educational sector is facing more and more challenges yearly as most universities in Nigeria, be it state or federal do not have the capacity to admit the growing population of students seeking admission every academic session which is why the need to screen and bring out the best candidates is highly necessary.

The adoption of Post UTME and JAMB by all universities in Nigeria is to select the eligible students worthy to gain admission and reduce the number of admission seekers every academic session because every higher institution, including Benue state university has a quota they are meant to admit according to JAMB.

At the end of this post every student who will select or have selected Benue state university, Markurdi as their preferred choice of institution should be able to calculate his or her aggregate score or aggregate cut off mark upon seeing his or her post UTME result.

How To Calculate BSU Aggregate Cut Off Mark For All Courses 2022/2023 Session 1

What is An Aggregate Score or Aggregate Cut Off Mark?

This is one of the most common term used amongst students because it is the final determinant of their admission process.

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Defining what we mean by aggregate cut off mark is beneficial to candidates as prospective candidates as it helps them understand the subject matter. In this case, an aggregate score is the final result gotten after calculation your UTME and JAMB score and some times your O’level grades though this depends on the school in question because not all schools include O’level results when calculation aggregate scores of candidates.

Your aggregate cut off mark is the total mark you were able to score after combining your scores for various exams. In the case of BSU, you will combine just your JAMB and Post UTME scores, however, your O’level grades must be complete, that is, a minimum of 5 credit passes in relevant subjects which must include mathematics and English language.

Since Benue state university is a well respected school in the middle belt and highly valued in the Nigerian education sector, the most recent survey shows that more than 50% of UTME registrants from that geo political zone select Benue state university as their most preferred choice of institution before selecting the school under their catchment area, and the balance less than 50% select other universities and polytechnics.

Before calculating your BSU aggregate score, he followings are involved;

  • BSU UTME (JAMB) Cut off mark
  • BSU post UTME score

In some schools, WAEC and NECO results are needed when calculating the aggregate cut off mark but the Benue state university do not require your WAEC and NECO results in calculating a candidate’s aggregate cut off mark however, your O’level result must be complete, that is, you must have obtained a minimum of five (5) credit passes which must include mathematics and English Language except for courses like Law, English Language, ISD (International Studies and Diplomacy), French and other Language courses.

BSU JAMB Cut Off Mark

Before calculating your BSU aggregate cut off mark for admission, you must ensure you score at least 160 and above which is BSU’s current minimum cut off mark that gives you the eligibility status of participating in their post UTME. A good JAMB score is the first step towards ensuring a better chance of you gaining admission into BSU.

So before calculating your BSUM aggregate post UTME score to confirm if you scored up to your departmental cut off mark, you must ensure you have passed the benchmark fixed by the university and it would be worthy to note that the higher your JAMB score, the higher your chances of a higher aggregate score, hence the higher your chances of gaining admission into the University of Benin.

BSU Post UTME Score

Another important calculation that must be factored in when calculating your aggregate score is your BSU post UTME score, this is one that cannot be ignored, in fact if you do not participate in this screening exercise, no matter how high your JAMB score, your admission is as good as being lost for the academic session except you are lucky enough to purchase a change of course form and change your institution to another school that is yet to conduct their post UTME hence all your 5 senses must be on ground as regards when the management announces the release of BSU post UTME screening from in order not to miss out.

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In calculating BSU aggregate score, your post UTME score is needed, hence you must make sure you score above average if you want to stand a chance of gaining admission into Benue state university. In the previous post UTME screening aptitude test many candidates cried out that after passing both JAMB and post UTME they were yet denied admission, it is not witch hunting as they thought it to be, Benue state university select candidates with the best out of the bests aggregate cut off mark however there are exceptions to this and one of which is the number of candidates for a particular department.

At Benue state university, candidates who select less competitive courses like Philosophy, English Language, Sociology and Anthropology, usually have low number of UTME candidates who select them during their registration, but professional courses like Engineering, Law, Accounting, Medicine, Nursing and other science and engineering courses even if not offered in BSU, usually have the highest number of course selections during UTME registrations which is why just passing your JAMB and post UTME is not enough to grant you admission to study these courses in Benue state university or any university in Nigeria so it is advised you obtain at least, an above average score if you want to stand a chance of gaining admission into this higher institution without issues.

In summary of the above 2 paragraphs, to calculate BSU aggregate score (JAMB cut off mark and Post UTME Score), candidate must score at least 160 in JAMB and 50% in their post UTME to stand a chance of gaining admission into the institution.

A lot has been discussed as regards all you need to known about BSU aggregate cut off mark or score now lets go proper into how to calculate BSU aggregate score so candidates can start calculating their aggregate cut off mark as soon as they see their JAMB and post UTME score.

In calculating BSU aggregate cut off mark which comprises of JAMB score and post UTME score, we are going to be very practical in our illustration, it is a very simple mathematics, yet it requires a bit of concentration.

How To calculate BSU Post UTME Aggregate Score/Cut Off Mark For 2022/2023 Academic Session

Knowing how BSU calculate their aggregate score can help prospective candidates forecast or plan what they want to score even without having sat for JAMB or post UTME. You can use your expected JAMB cut off mark and post UTME score, calculate and see if you can study your proposed course, if yes then work towards it, if the aggregate score is not up to then you will have to put in more efforts or change your desired course.

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Now lets show you practical example on how to calculate BSU aggregate cut off mark:

Please Note:

  • BSU Aggregate JAMB Score = 50%
  • BSU Aggregate Post UTME Score = 50%

Step 1: To calculate your aggregate score, you are to divide your JAMB score by 8

Step 2: Divide Your Post UTME score by 2

What ever your answers are in step 1 and step 2, sum them up to know what your score is over 100.

See Example below

Let us assume Olonta participated in the recent UTME and scored 200, and scores 50 in his post UTME, Olonta’s aggregate score would be calculated as follows:

a) JAMB score divided by 8 that is, 200/8 =25%

b) Post UTME score divided by 2, that is, 50/2 = 25%

The sum up both scores would be Olonta’s aggregate score, that is, 25% + 25% = 50%

Therefore, Olonta’s aggregate cut off mark would be 50% out of 100% and this is considered above average. He or she can still gain admission but this would be dependent on the chosen course.

For candidates asking for the following:

  1. What is BSU Aggregate score for Engineering courses
  2. How does BSU calculate their aggregate score?

You can see from the above that there are no special methods for any course, this formula is what is applicable in calculating the aggregate cut off mark or score for all courses offered in BSU, irrespective of the faculty.

Hope this is now well understood? as you can see, calculating Benue state university’s final post UTME aggregate cut off mark is very simple, all that is required from candidates is to work harder to get a good UTME and post UTME score in order to stand a better chance of gaining admission into this institution.

If you have questions as regards how to calculate BSU aggregate cut off mark for all courses, you can reach us via the comment section below and we shall respond accordingly.

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