Getting Two Degrees at the Same Time: Is it Possible?

While for many years, we believed that pursuing two degrees at the same time is close to impossible, new emerging education trends prove us wrong. The new way in which the educational system is structured can now allow students to pursue dual or double degrees, which can be highly beneficial both for them and society. However, there are some things you should keep in mind when pursuing dual degrees, and we’ll explain them here. But before that, let’s see what a dual degree actually is, and why you should consider getting one.

What Is a Double Degree in the United States?

The US is one of the few countries that accept this option for students. So, if you’re passionate about two similar (or totally opposite) subjects and want to pursue both of them at the same time, you should apply to study in the US and pursue a double degree. Dual degrees are recommended when the subjects you’re studying are working hand in hand. For example, a great idea would be studying Business and Law at the same time, of Foreign Language and Tourism. If you’re studying Philosophy and Sports, these two degrees might not work well together, so you could lose precious academic time.

Getting Two Degrees at the Same Time: Is it Possible? 1

What Should I Know About the Dual Degree Admissions Process?

First, you must be browsing for universities that accept this option and promote it. Not too many students want to pursue dual degrees, and that is totally fair and normal. Most students want to focus on one subject at a time, especially when they’ve got so many general education boxes to fill. Since the demand for these types of programs is scarce, so is the offer. That’s why looking for a school that accepts students who want to pursue two degrees is crucial.

Both of the schools that you’re applying for must be notified of your decision. That being said, you’ve got to check with each one of them separately and see if they agree that you pursue two degrees at the same time. If they do, please do not recycle your application, using it twice and only changing the name of the school. They will be able to tell, especially since you’re not applying for the same program twice. You should personalize your application letters according to each college and specialization.

If you’re not looking to study at an undergraduate level, you might have more chances of success. Most graduate programs won’t really care if you’re enrolled in one, two, or five universities, as long as your grades and attendance are on point. For PhD, it’s not recommended to pursue two degrees at the same time, since specializing in a field is your main focus.

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Trying to specialize in two areas might take away from your personal life and consume a lot of your energy. You might end up asking ‘can someone write my research paper for me’ at some point in your academic career and end up with no reply. While there are many writing services available online, you’re supposed to put the effort in and stay on top of your work, even when requesting term paper help. When I was a student, I asked someone to write my paper for me and they agreed – unfortunately, I was so caught up in other assignments that I didn’t have enough time to prepare for my presentation; the professor could totally tell I did not write it on my own. So, if you end up using a service because of time concerns, make sure you know your stuff.

Getting Two Degrees at the Same Time: Is it Possible? 2

What Are the Benefits of Pursuing a Dual Degree?

Being enrolled in two programs at the same time is challenging but not impossible. If you’re determined to succeed, you will. Here are the benefits of getting two degrees at the same time.

  • Your network will expand, and your opportunities will increase.
  • Your time is optimized, and your money is well spent.
  • You increase your options of getting more than one job offer.
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What Are the Downsides of Pursuing a Dual Degree?

There are minuses to getting two degrees at the same time, so check them out and then, draw a conclusion based on your needs.

  • You’ll have more graduation requirements, so you’ll have less time.
  • It might be challenging to manage the demands of two different programs.
  • You must stay balanced at all times, which takes effort and organizational skills. While this might work for you for a while, you could burn out fast and end up giving up on both of these programs.

Wrapping Up

There are pros and cons to pursuing a double degree, so consider all these factors when making your decision. If you think you’re ready to do this, then do it! Good luck!

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