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Dream Of Becoming A Writer? Which Degrees Are The Best To Achieve It?

We can bet without any hesitation how many of you thought at least for a second during your lifetime how you can become a writer. Simply, it is a profession that wakes up all the creativity and imagination hidden inside of people and brings it to the surface. Dozens of natural talents for writing don’t manage to discover their potential just because of the inability to detect it. Apparently, it all depends on you only. It is a sad but true story how numerous talented students never find out how great they can be in writing. It’s perhaps happening due to lack of interest or some other reasons. But alongside it, some degrees are necessary for becoming a great writer. Luckily, plenty of such degrees exist nowadays and each one fits in every individuals’ visions, ideas, and style of writing. So, let’s see which degrees are the best for becoming a successful writer.

Dream Of Becoming A Writer? Which Degrees Are The Best To Achieve It? 1

Human Rights

It is fair to say how a lot of us have an innate feeling for justice. Many of you must’ve asked yourself how to find the best law essay writer, at least once. It is a normal situation for a person who cultivates interests in human rights. Since ancient times, we as a species are continuously developing a sense of making the right choices. Human rights have always been a theme for making a debate though. It is simply an exchange of peoples’ opinions and, commonly, there can be some disagreements. Writing has managed to take advantage of it. Do you wonder how? Well, it is well-known how people are interested in law, politics, human rights, etc. And that’s why a lot of writers have successfully grown their careers onto these topics. It is a degree that allows an author to express his vision about what people should do, wear, eat, drink, or anything else. A sense of justice and equality among the members of all the civilizations never ceased to stop existing. It is something that encourages a thesis that everyone should be equal regardless of their nation, religious commitment, or color of the skin. That’s one of the main reasons why this degree is so popular.

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English Language

“A universal language”, how it is known throughout the globe, is the main thing in writing today. As the English language is often a core of every writers’ career, it is a normal way of thinking about how much significance it has. Every aspect of writing is somehow related to the English language and its development. No matter what your native language is, if you don’t possess some valuable degree in this one, chances of becoming popular are less. Why do we think like this? You can look at it like this. Imagine that you are owning a car shop that is the most famous in the world. Your customers would expect you to offer them all the most expensive samples, right? And now, what would your shop look like in their eyes when they realize that you cannot offer them to purchase such products? For example, Bugatti or Lamborghini. The same goes with the bond between writing and the English language. So, now you can probably notice how important it is to have a degree for it. Becoming a writer is almost impossible without it and that’s why it is “a must”. We can freely say how it is “an Alpha and an Omega” of the writing world. By possessing a relevant degree in English, you will open many doors to yourself too. It can teach you how to write poems, essays, and stories on a completely different level and from a better perspective.


A subject that has somehow always been closely connected with writing is, of course, history. All the ones who like exploring events from the past, present, and future are also highly interested in writing. And that should not surprise you at all. In the past, thousands of historical, remarkable events have been written on the pieces of animals’ skin and later on, pieces of paper. Like the Bible, for instance. It is a book that has the most copies made, according to “The Book Of Genius Records”. Although the first piece of it was written millennia ago, its copies are still being made even today. And that is the best indicator of the relationship between history and writing as a skill and motoric function of people. Therefore, if you have a degree in history, your opportunities in terms of writing are truly limitless. A combination of natural talent and a history degree can only lead you to success. But why is history as a subject so close to writing? Well, the fact is that you will have obligations in writing a lot of research papers if you put them together. History is something that requires research in-depth, especially if you are willing to write about the rise of the ancient Roman Empire or events of similar value.

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The last degree that we are going to put on our list here is the one associated with journalism. Naturally, when you mention writing for the first time to someone, he or she will probably connect it with journalism on the first ball. But why? Journalists are people who are one of the most appropriate individuals for writing. Their jobs often demand the use of writing skills, making reports, articles, or short stories. Those are areas where their degree in journalism can have the biggest value and impact. But what you should know is that journalists are mainly focused on writing for newspapers or some magazines. They will hardly be the ones who will write the entire novel of 200+ pages though. Their skill, education, and degree are allowing them to show them through different types of writing.

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In a modern world, people often have prejudices about how having a degree will immediately provide you with a secure workplace. In writing, that’s not the case. Sometimes, people must fight for themselves and try to make something of their own. That’s why many websites related to writing exist nowadays. That brings you one more reason to believe that you will become a writer, one way or another.

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