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Emem Ufot Udoh: Biography, Movies, Age, State, Wife And Net Worth 2024

Emem Ufot Udoh, better known simply as Emem Ufot is an Actor, Model, and Film Producer. This is one Nigerian film star that has risen from the bottom, gradually working his way up to stardom, up till the point that he is now one of the most recognizable faces in the new Nollywood. Emem Ufot is so talented that movie fans across the country were shocked to hear of his ghastly motor accident which occurred in February 14, 2021. The whole of Nollywood rejoiced to hear that he survived, and made a fast recovery.

In this post we talk about Emem Ufot, how he began his career, and how big a star he has become today. We also talk about some of his movies, his style of acting, and his potential for the future.

Emem Ufot Udoh: Biography, Movies, Age, State, Wife And Net Worth [year] 1

Emem Ufot Profile

Name: Emem Ufot Udoh

Popularly Known As: Emem Ufot

Date of Birth: September 26

Place of Birth: Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria

Profession: Actor, Model, Director, Producer

Emem Ufot Udoh Biography

Emem Ufot Udoh is a superstar actor; one of the most recognizable faces in the new era of Nigerian movie production. Noted for his immense talent and the diversity of roles that he can play, he is one of those in who the industry places its hopes for the future.

An interesting thing about Emem Ufot is that he does not get his recognition from starring in hundreds of movies, rather, he gets it from starring in important movies which turn out to be Blockbusters, and to get the attention of the whole world.

Emem Ufot received training from Pefti Film Institute in Lagos, and his talent was immediately seen by his trainers. So much so that he was handed a starring role in one of their films “Donaldo.” It remains interesting to see how young he looked in that drama series; he must have been no older 25 years old.

Whether the film producers knew it or not, they had just announced the coming of a star; Emem Ufot was destined for greater things; he would go on to become one of the giants of the film industry. But let us talk about his early days before becoming a star.

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Emem Ufot Early Life

Emem Ufot was born in Uyo, Akwa Ibom State in Eastern Nigeria. He comes from a large Christian family, and has several siblings. He was born on September 26, sometime in the 1980’s. He attended primary and secondary school in Uyo, Akwa Ibom, before finding his way to Lagos State, where he enrolled at the PEFTI Film Institute owned by the famous Wale Adenuga.

Of course, a person like Emem Ufot must have showed promise as a teenager, although that is a matter of speculation because there is no information about how he grew up available in public domain. However, one can deduce that he had sufficient belief in his abilities which is why he elected to travel all the way to Lagos from Akwa Ibom, his home state.

Emem Ufot Udoh: Biography, Movies, Age, State, Wife And Net Worth [year] 2

Career Progression

Landing in Lagos State, Emem Ufot enrolled at the PEFTI Film Institute where he received training to enable him become an actor. His hard work, dedication, and raw talent made him a favorite of his trainers, and as a result he was chosen to feature in an in house drama production of Wale Adenuga Productions. He featured as Donaldo in a drama series by the same name. The program ran for a number of years, and captured the attention of a large audience. It also launched Emem Ufot’s acting career, familiarizing his face with the audience.

Emem Ufot was then courted by several film makers who wanted to give the new talent a shot, and to diversify their audience at the same time. Emem Ufot grabbed that opportunity with both hands, and showed the world what he can do.

Some of his earliest movies outside Wale Adenuga are Celebrity Girlfriend, and If Only. In the movies he got to work with amazing talent such as Imoh Eboh, Efe Irele, Okunola Kehinde, Victoria Ene Okere, Fiona Garba, Marcelo Nwajide, Janet Sampson, Oma Iyasara, Okawa Shaznay, Mary Lazarus, and Uzor Arukwe.

Those two movies were well received by the general public, and served to invite more roles from many film houses across the country. Emem Ufot therefore went on to star in many other films. He is now one of the most recognizable faces in the Nigerian movie industry.

Some of his movies include:

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Emem Ufot Movies

Something Wicked (Year 2017)

Stones (Year 2019)

Jumbled (Year 2019) He played the role of Ayo

Elevator Baby (Year 2019)

The Choirmaster’s Wife (Year 2021)

Lipstick and Lies (Year 2022)

Passport (Year 2022)

Truth Or Dare (Yeah 2022)

Rising: City Of Dreams (Year 2022)

Different Strokes (Year 2023)

Aside from working as an actor in the movies indicated above, Emem Ufot has also worked on many other films, dramas, movies, and TV series. Emem Ufot also works as a Model, and as a Director and Producer. He is the CEO of U Film Company which is involved in making motion pictures as well as talent discovery and talent management.

Emem Ufot Awards

  1. Emem Ufot has received several awards and nominations for his performances over the years; most notable among them being:
  2. Best Comic Actor in English at the Nigerian Movie Awards 2020 (Nomination)
  3. Next Rated Actor of the Year at the Nigerian Movie Awards 2020 (Nomination)

Emem Ufot Udoh Age

Emem Ufot Udoh was born on the 26th of September sometime in the 1980’s. Although his exact age is not available, we can deduce from his appearance that he is somewhere between the ages of 35 to 40. He has deliberately kept this personal detail secret, but it is only a matter of time before we dig it up. As soon as the information becomes available it will be made public on this post.

Emem Ufot Wife

As at the time of writing this post, Emem Ufot is not married. However, he has posted on his instagram handle the picture of a gorgeous young woman who is believed to be his girlfriend. By that estimation, it is believed that he is deeply in love, and in a committed relationship, and wedding bells will soon start ringing from his direction.

On another hand, it could also be that he is just trying to keep the ladies at bay so that he can concentrate on his job as an actor, so that he avoid distractions and perform well, thereby winning accolades.

The door is still open until a wedding ring appears on his finger.

Emem Ufot State of Origin

Anybody who knows Nigeria can tell that Emem Ufot is from Akwa Ibom State in Nigeria. The name is unique to the state. In fact that is where Emem grew up; it was only after his secondary education that he moved to Lagos to find his fortune. Even though he lives n Lagos presently, and his movies are mostly shot in Lagos, he travels frequently to spend quality time with his family.

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Emem Ufot Family And Personal Life

Emem Ufot is a very quiet person, and he can even be described as timid. He is someone who prefers to stay out of the public eye when he is not on set. It is surprising that such a successful and talented actor should prefer to live such a low key life. In fact he never goes out without a good reason, and he is not known to roll with a crowd.

Furthermore, he does not even post much about his personal life on his social media handles; the world does not even know much about his family life, except the picture of his sweetheart which he posted on his instagram handle. Even the picture of the woman he posted comes without a name, and so there is still a lot of mystery surrounding her personality.

In 2021 he suffered a terrible motor accident which almost claimed his life. The whole of the Nollywood world was relieved to hear that he survived the incident, and that he recovered after a short hospital stay.

Emem Ufot Net Worth

Emem Ufot is estimated to be worth around $200,000. The money comes from his work as an actor, as well as from his work as a model. He is also a film director and a CEO of movie production house which also doubles as a talent discovery and management business.

Emem Ufot is also a social media influencer and brand ambassador; most notably for WAP TV, Wale Adenuga Productions which is the studio that gave him the platform from which he launched his career.

That is all there is to know about Emem Ufot Udoh, one of Nigeria’s brightest movie stars at the moment. He is also a model, and a proprietor of a movie production company. Even though he has already established himself as a fan’s favorite, Emem Ufot still has a lot to offer the Nigerian entertainment, and we wish him well.