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BUK JAMB Cut off Mark For All Courses 2023/2024 Session

The official Bayero University Kano (BUK) JAMB Cut off Mark for 2023/2024 academic session is out. Therefore all candidates who put BUK as their preferred choice of higher institution during the UTME registration can confirm if they meet the current BUK Cut-off mark.

Bayero University Kano (BUK) JAMB Cut Off Mark for the current academic session 2023/2024 has been released by the management of the college as mandated by JAMB.

The management of Bayero University Kano (BUK) are aware of the directive from JAMB that all Universities in Nigeria be it private or public institutions to fix their minimum cut off mark by themselves starting from []/[] academic session

BUK JAMB Cut off Mark For All Courses [year]/[nyear] Session 1

After the directive from JAMB, BUK followed suit but pegged their cut off mark at 180, however, some courses still attracts higher cut off marks than others, you will confirm this in the cause of reading this post.

Now with the above announcement still in force, candidates who selected Bayero University Kano (BUK) as their preferred choice of higher institution during the UTME registration can confirm via the table below if they meet the 2023/2024 JAMB cut-off mark for their respective courses.

Only candidates with the required JAMB cut off mark will be contacted by the school for post UTME and internal screening exercise at Bayero University Kano (BUK) main campus and are thereby advised to carry all supporting documents along including recent passport photographs (coloured).

Still on BUK’s JAMB cut off mark for 2023/2024 academic session, please be informed that passing the approved BUK’s JAMB cut off point and post UTME screening exercise is not enough to see your name among the list of newly admitted candidates, hence, must meet the required cut off point for the course being applied for before admission can be given. You may want to find out how you can know if you meet Bayero University Kano’s cut off mark for your course? The action required from you is to calculate your aggregate score or aggregate cut off mark which is a combination of your JAMB score and post UTME score after you must have divided your JAMB score by 8 and post UTME by 2 and summing up both (JAMB and Post UTME) together. You can read up on how to calculate BUK’s aggregate score as the practical example would give you a clearer understanding.

See the table which contains BUK courses and the JAMB/post UTME cut off mark for the 2023/2024 academic session towards the end of this post.

Benefits of Meeting JAMB Cut Off Mark of Bayero University Kano (BUK):

It should be noted that one of the benefits of meeting Bayero University Kano (BUK) cut off mark for 2023/2024 academic session is that it affords candidates the opportunity to partake in the post UTME screening tests and also study any of the courses offered in BUK.

Requirements for Post UTME Internal screening at Bayero University Kano (BUK):

A) To be eligible for post UTME or oral screening exercise, whichever is adopted by the school, candidates must score up to BUK minimum JAMB cut off mark (180 and above) for the current academic session as fixed by JAMB (Joint Admission and Matriculation Board).

B) In addition to the above post UTME requirements, candidates must have at least five (5) credit passes in Mathematics and English and other relevant subjects as it relates to their course of study. The O’level result must not be more than two (2) sittings to be eligible to participate in the post UTME screening aptitude test

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C) The Age Requirement for Bayero University Kano (BUK): Candidate must be at least 16years of age to be eligible to apply

D) The management of Bayero University Kano (BUK) would also request for your original documents which includes ‘O’ level certificate, for your information, awaiting results are NOT accepted by the university, all documents must be complete and intact before applying.

D) Original copy of your birth certificate or birth declaration document duly signed by the Federal High court.

E) Candidates are also to carry along with them, recent passport photographs (Coloured)

Candidates who selected Bayero University Kano have always asked the following questions about BUK cut off mark for this academic session and it is high time we answered their questions as it may also fall in line with the question you may have been wanting to ask. Please refer to the table below;

What is BUK current cut off mark?BUK’s cut off mark is 180. Any UTME candidate that scores 180 and above is eligible for BUK post UTME screening exercise.
Does BUK Accept second choice candidates?BUK accepts both first and second choice candidates.
Can BUK accept me if I score 150?No. Only candidates that score 180 and above are eligible to apply for BUK post UTME.
What is BUK cut off mark for Nursing?Candidates with 260 and above and score at least 65 in their post UTME have higher chances of studying Nursing in BUK.
If I score 190 in jamb and still use BUK as second choice can I gain admission?Bayero University Kano only accepts first choice irrespective of your JAMB score.
How can I change my university to BUK because I passed their cut off mark?Simply purchase a change of course form from JAMB, it costs about 2,500 naira. Fill the necessary details and submit. You will be informed when your application is successful via the registered email or you can verify via JAMB CAPS.
I got 8 credits in my O’Level but my JAMB score is 181 and I am applying for Banking and Finance. What are my chances of gaining admission in BUK?With 181 JAMB score and 8 credit passes, you still stand a chance of gaining admission into BUK but your post UTME score must be high.
What is BUK JAMB cut off mark for Medicine and Surgery?We will advise you score at least 250 and above in your JAMB to stand a chance when calculating your aggregate score.
I am an indigene of Kano state, can I be considered for admission if I score below the cut off mark?The minimum cut off mark for BUK is the same for all candidates irrespective of the state of origin of the candidate.
What is the cut off mark for Electrical and Electronics Engineering in BUK?We advise that you score at least 250 and above in your JAMB and at least 60 in your post UTME so when your aggregate score is calculated, you will stand a better chance of gaining admission into BUK.
I scored 198 in jamb is there any chance of me gaining admission into medical biochemistry?First you need to confirm if Medical Biochemistry is offered in BUK. However, the answer to the question is No. Notwithstanding, you are eligible to participate in the post UTME. I would advise you change your course to a less competitive one.
I am an indigene and I scored 183 in JAMB, can I secure admission in BUK?The answer is YES you can because you scored higher than the minimum cut off mark for BUK. However, gaining admission would also depend on the course you selected.
I score 197 in my JAMB, can I gain admission to study English?? Am an indigene and in my O’level result I have 7Bs 1A and 1C. Can I be admitted into BUK with this O’level result?Yes you can be admitted.
Can someone with 185 In Jamb gain admission into BUK to study accounting?You can gain admission into BUK but definitely not to study Accounting. Accounting is a professional course hence high JAMB cut off mark. You need at least 240 and above with a good post UTME score to study Accounting in BUK.
Does BUK accept Transfer students from other universities?Yes BUK accept transfer students so long as you meet their requirements.
What is BUK’s cut off mark for LAW?With a JAMB score of 260 and above you can study Law in BUK. Law requires a good JAMB score because of the strong competition.
What JAMB score can I get in order to study Pharmacy at BUK?Firstly, go through the courses offered in BUK to confirm if Pharmacy is studied in the institution, if YES. You will need to score at least 260 in JAMB in order to gain admission into BUK to study Pharmacy.
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The above are the most frequently asked questions and best possible answers for BUK JAMB cut off mark. Please go through them thoroughly as they would be very useful in helping you know your course and required cut off mark.

The management further stressed that only successful candidates that participated in Bayero University Kano (BUK) post UTME internal screening exercise would be automatically granted admission to study the course of their choice or a related course.

Students that meet the official cut off mark BUK would then proceed for internal screening exercise by the University, thereby are advised to carry all documents along including passport photographs. (16 copies preferably).

As seen below, we listed the official BUK cut off mark for all courses offered in Bayero University Kano but the official cut off mark of BUK is bench-marked at 180, therefore candidates who bat this score are eligible for internal screening in the university.

BUK JAMB Cut off Mark For All Courses 2023/2024 Academic Session

These cut-off marks are for all departments/courses offered in Bayero University Kano

1. Faculty of Agriculture

#ProgrammmeUTME Score
1B. Agric Economics and Extension180
2B. Agriculture180
3B. Fisheries and Aquaculture180
4B. Food Science and Technology180
5B. Forestry and Wildlife Management180

2. Faculty of Allied Health Sciences

#ProgrammmeUTME Score
1B. Environmental Health Science200
2B. Medical Laboratory Science230
3B. Nursing230
4B. Physiotherapy220
5B. Radiography220
6Doctor of Optometry220

3. Faculty of Arts And Islamic Studies

#ProgrammmeUTME Score
1B.A. Arabic180
2B.A. English180
3B.A. French180
4B.A. Hausa180
5B.A. History180
6B.A. Islamic Studies180
7B.A. Linguistics180
8B.A. Sharia180

4. Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences

#ProgrammmeUTME Score
1B.Sc. Anatomy180
2B.Sc. Biochemistry180
3B.Sc. Human Physiology180
4B.Sc. Nutrition and Dietetics180

5. Faculty of Clinical Sciences

#ProgrammmeUTME Score
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6. Faculty of Communication

#ProgrammmeUTME Score
1B.A. Theatre and Performing Arts180
2B.Sc. Information and Media Studies180
3B.Sc. Mass Communication200

7. Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology

#ProgrammmeUTME Score
1B.Sc. Computer Science190
2B.Sc. Cyber Security180
3B.Sc. Information Technology180
4B.Sc. Software Engineering180

8. Faculty of Dentistry

#ProgrammmeUTME Score
1B. Dentistry/Dental Surgery240

9. Faculty of Earth and Environmental Sciences

#ProgrammmeUTME Score
1B. Urban and Regional Planning180
2B.Sc. Architecture190
3B.Sc. Environmental Management180
4B.Sc. Estate Management180
5B.Sc. Geography180
6B.Sc. Geology180
7B.Sc. Meteorology180
8B.Sc. Quantity Surveying180

10. Faculty of Education

#ProgrammmeUTME Score
1B.A. (Ed) Adult Education and Community Services180
2B.A. (Ed) Arabic180
3B.A. (Ed) Early Childhood Education180
4B.A. (Ed) Economics180
5B.A. (Ed) English180
6B.A. (Ed) French180
7B.A. (Ed) Hausa180
8B.A. (Ed) History180
9B.A. (Ed) Islamic Studies180
10B.A. (Ed) Primary Education180
11B.A. (Ed) Special Education180
12B.Sc. (Ed) Agriculture180
13B.Sc. (Ed) Biology180
14B.Sc. (Ed) Chemistry180
15B.Sc. (Ed) Geography180
16B.Sc. (Ed) Health Education180
17B.Sc. (Ed) Mathematics180
18B.Sc. (Ed) Physical and Health Education180
19B.Sc. (Ed) Physical Education180
20B.Sc. (Ed) Physics180
21B.Sc. Library and Information Science180

11. Faculty of Engineering

#ProgrammmeUTME Score
1B.Eng. Agricultural Engineering180
2B.Eng. Automotive Engineering180
3B.Eng. Chemical Engineering180
4B.Eng. Civil Engineering190
5B.Eng. Computer Engineering180
6B.Eng. Electrical Engineering180
7B.Eng. Mechanical Engineering180
8B.Eng. Mechatronics Engineering180
9B.Eng. Petroleum Engineering180
10B.Eng. Telecommunication Engineering180

12. Faculty of Law

#ProgrammmeUTME Score

13. Faculty of Life Sciences

#ProgrammmeUTME Score
1B.Sc. Applied Biology180
2B.Sc. Botany180
3B.Sc. Microbiology180
4B.Sc. Zoology180

14. Faculty of Management Sciences

#ProgrammmeUTME Score
1B.Sc. Accounting180
2B.Sc. Banking and Finance180
3B.Sc. Business Administration180
4B.Sc. Entrepreneur180
5B.Sc. Public Administration180
6B.Sc. Taxation180

15. Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences

#ProgrammmeUTME Score
1Doctor of Pharmacy230

16. Faculty of Physical Sciences

#ProgrammmeUTME Score
1B.Sc. Chemistry180
2B.Sc. Electronics with Physics180
3B.Sc. Forensic Science180
4B.Sc. Industrial Chemistry180
5B.Sc. Mathematics180
6B.Sc. Physics180
7B.Sc. Statistics180

17. Faculty of Social Sciences

#ProgrammmeUTME Score
1B.Sc. Criminology180
2B.Sc. Economics180
3B.Sc. International Relations180
4B.Sc. Political Science180
5B.Sc. Sociology180

18. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

#ProgrammmeUTME Score
1Doctor of Veterinary Medicine220

For clarity purposes, we wish to remind you again that BUK JAMB cut-off mark for 2023/2024 is 180 but other departments/courses varies. the cut off mark of 180 officially makes a candidate who beat the score automatically eligible for internal screening but not admission.

Admission is granted to students who successfully passes the internal screening exercise organized by the university.

As for those who could not beat the official cut off mark of BUK are advised to do a change of course and university via JAMB by following the steps outlined.

Hope this was informative enough? If you have any question(s) as regards BUK cut-off mark for all courses for 2023/2024 academic session, kindly scroll down to the comment section and we will be on hand to respond.


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