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Full List of Subjects Offered Under Junior & Senior Secondary Schools In Nigeria

Secondary schools in Nigeria are regulated by the Federal ministry of education. For any secondary school in Lagos and Nigeria as a whole to operate without hitches, such must be termed Government Approved else all academic activities will be regarded null and void and off no effect.

Hence the subjects offered in such School will be termed not approved and by so doing students will be unable to participate in the Junior and Senior Secondary School Certification Examination also known as SSCE.

Full List of Subjects Offered Under Junior & Senior Secondary Schools In Nigeria 1

The importance of having at your finger tips, the list of subjects that are offered jn Secondary schools in Nigeria cannot be overemphasized. Parents and guardians need this information in guiding their wards on which what subjects they are to expect right from primary level.

The post contains the following sub-topics:

I) List of subjects offered in all secondary schools in Lagos.

II) List of all government approved subjects offered at Junior secondary school level in Nigeria

III) List of all government approved subjects offered in all Secondary schools in Nigeria.

IV) Science subjects offered in secondary schools in Nigeria

V) Art subjects offered in all secondary schools in Nigeria

VI) List of all Commercial subjects offered in secondary schools for students in commercial classes.

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With the above at your disposal, students, parents and guardians can make an informed judgement based on the pass rates of their wards, which career line they are most likely best suited for.

With the help of teachers, parents and guardians, secondary school students can rightly select the career path rather than basing it on pressure from friends and mere hearsays.

The full list of secondary school subjects and curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education in Nigeria are as follows.

Full List of Subjects Offered Under Junior & Senior Secondary Schools In Nigeria 2

List of Govt Approved Subjects Offered In Secondary Schools In Nigeria

The subjects below are compulsory for all students at Junior Secondary school level and Senior Secondary school level. In as much as all subjects are important, some are MUST PASS for you to stand a chance of gaining admission into any tertiary institution of your choice hence must be taken seriously.

Mathematics and English Language are the most important subjects any student must pass with a minimum of CREDIT pass in order to be eligible for admission. This is not to say other subjects are of lesser relevance, it is just advised that among the list of secondary school subjects offered in any Secondary school, Maths and English stand out as the most important subjects.

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English Language


Integrated/Basic Science

Introductory/Basic Technology

Social studies

Computer studies

French language

Yoruba Language

Ibo Language

Hausa Language

Home Economics

Agricultural science

Physical & Health Education (PHE)

Business studies

Christian Religious Studies/Islamic Religious Studies


Technical Drawing(TD)

Further Mathematics (Optional but compulsory for students who wants to study any Engineering course)

English Language





Agricultural Science


Economic (Optional for Science Students)

Civic Education

Catering Craft or Yoruba or Ibo Language

List of Subjects Offered In Senior Secondary School For Commercial Students


English Language







Yoruba/Ibo or Yoruba language

Food and Nutrition

Christian Religious Studies/Islamic Religious Studies.

List of Subjects For Art Students In Secondary Schools In Nigeria


English Language

Literature In English





Food and Nutrition

Civic Education

Yoruba/Ibo/Hausa Language

The above are the basic subjects that all students in secondary schools in Nigeria must go through from Junior Secondary School 1 (JSS1) to Senior Secondary School 3 (SSS3) for Art, Science and Commercial  classes in all secondary schools in Nigeria whether public or private.

It is from these subjects students make up their minds on which course they are to major in and the journey begins from there.

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All the above subjects have their government approved curriculum and it is based on this that WAEC and NECO West African Senior Secondary Certificate Examination (WASSCE) are being set from so it must be taken with utmost seriousness.

We are already working on the approved Curriculum for Secondary Schools. This would not just contain the current subjects offered in Secondary schools in Nigeria but what topics to expect from each subject and the approved text books as this would help serious minded students prepare ahead of time for the subjects.

So far, this is all you need to know as regards the subjects that are offered in both public and private secondary schools in Nigeria. You can always use this as a reference for other posts.

Please feel free to reach out to us via the comment section below if you have any question related to the above topic and we shall respond accordingly.

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