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Tips on Writing a College Essay: Create Quality Paper in Just a Few Hours

The argumentative essay is an independent individual work with elements of research and innovation, which is the result of theoretical knowledge and practical skills of normative and selective components of the educational and professional training program for higher education. In this work, the content and results of the analysis should be briefly, logically, and argumentatively presented. It is recommended to avoid common words, unsubstantiated allegations, tautology, etc.

Tips on Writing a College Essay: Create Quality Paper in Just a Few Hours 1

Writing an essay for students is quite difficult, especially when there are only a few hours to complete the assignment. This is due to the fact that it is important to thoroughly reveal the relevance of the topic, present the material in a logical sequence, provide good arguments that confirm own position, etc. In the below paragraph, we have collected useful tips to help students cope with writing an essay quickly and efficiently. Try to read them carefully and put them into practice.

Useful Essay Writing Tips for Students

Essays should be written in stages in the following sequence:

  1. Choosing a topic and coordinating it with the supervisor;
  2. Theoretical research on the chosen topic, search and accumulation of information related to the object and subject of research, in traditional bibliographic systems, and on the Internet;
  3. Systematization and analysis of theoretical search results;
  4. Generalization of the results of own analytical research, formulation of scientifically substantiated conclusions and recommendations;
  5. Arrangement of the work according to the requirements.

Following the above algorithm, it will be easier for the student to properly plan working hours and create a quality paper. Here are some other valuable tips to follow:

  • The topic of the essay should reflect the main idea, tasks, and positions that need to be explored. The criterion for choosing research topics should be their relevance to current trends in science and practice in a particular field;
  • A typical essay composition usually includes an introduction, main body, and conclusion. This should be kept in mind when writing a paper, as the absence of at least one part in an outline will not allow you to fully reveal the topic;
  • The main part of the work is the analysis of the results obtained in the process of research. Insufficient attention to this part of the essay is a common mistake. The organization of the research, its methodological development, and analysis of the obtained data reflect the ability to operate with theoretical knowledge, apply it in practice and make independent analyses;
  • The introduction and conclusion are important parts of any essay. The introduction should indicate the problem that needs to be solved, the degree of its research, the relevance of the chosen topic, purpose and objectives of the The conclusions should present the most important scientific and practical results of the work. Conclusions must be consistent with the purpose and specific objectives identified in the introduction;
  • The work must be written in the state language, scientific style, logically, and argumentatively;
  • When writing a persuasive essay, you should refer to the cited literature or to the literature from which the key ideas, conclusions, tasks, issues, etc. are taken. You can refer to the structural elements of the study itself. Reference should be made to the latest editions. The works of other authors can be used by quoting, paraphrasing, or generalizing;
  • Special attention should be paid to the inadmissibility of academic plagiarism and other violations of academic integrity, including the publication of scientific results of other authors as the result of own research and reproduction of published texts without authorship;
  • The list of sources used should include sources that are referenced in the text, as well as those used in the presentation of specific provisions. The list consists of legislation, regulations, domestic and foreign scientific, educational and special literature, professional publications, information resources on the Internet;
  • It is advisable to add to the appendices auxiliary or additional materials that are necessary for the completeness of the work but their inclusion in the main part of the work can change the orderly and logical view of the work. Appendices can contain auxiliary figures and tables, formulas, calculations, photos, schedules, questionnaires, etc.
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