10 Best Secondary Schools in Festac & Satellite Town & School Fees Per Term 2024

Parents would go any length to send their children or wards to the best schools according to their financial capabilities. Many assume the best schools are located on the island of Lagos state but this can not be entirely true as there are some fantastic secondary schools in Festac town, a residential estate located on the mainland where residents who reside in this area have variety of choices to select from.

There are very good schools located around Festac and satellite town but in this post we will be focusing on post primary schools located in Festac Town by listing the top 10 best secondary schools and their respective school fees as this would help parents make decisions as regards which best tallies with their budgets.

Before terming or categorizing an educational institution as the Best, it certainly must meet certain criteria. Being rated as the best comes with a lot of hard work and remaining at the top requires much harder work. I will be listing and explaining briefly the criteria for the selection process in this post to prove the unbiased nature of this list.

10 Best Secondary Schools in Festac & Satellite Town & School Fees Per Term [year] 1

Criteria For Choosing The Best Schools in Festac Town

  1. Years of Existence
  2. Teaching Methods
  3. Qualification/Experience of Teachers
  4. Method of Administration
  5. Leaning Facilities
  6. Scheme of work
  7. School Environment/Structure of The School
  8. Security and Safety Measures Adopted
  9. The Location of the School
  10. Teaching Trend
  11. Tuition Fee

Years of Existence

Indeed they say experience is the best teacher, this applies to every aspect of life including education. The longevity or how long a school has been in existence is a great criteria when searching for a school, it also means the school has laid a great foundation in administering knowledge which has kept it in existence for so many years.

The years of existence of a secondary school has a direct relationship with the experience of the school administrator, hence quality. Oftentimes parents would seek the number of years a secondary school has been in existence before enrolling their wards. A very vivid example are the Kings College and Queens College as well as other UNITY schools in Nigeria (Federal Government Colleges), other examples of schools that speaks boldly about years of existence in Festac town are the likes of Stee Secondary school which is an all girls school, St Judes Private school and others.

Qualification and experience of Teachers

The qualification of the teacher administering knowledge is very important. Ideally, every qualified teacher should have B. Edu/NCE certification and at least 5 quality years of teaching experience before they can be termed “qualified”. The NCE certification gives the teacher the opportunity to learn how to administer knowledge to the pupil and also make sure that at the end of every lesson there is some thing to take home, this is why the qualification of a teacher is listed as one of the criteria for choosing or selecting our top 10 secondary schools in Festac.

Most schools such as S-tee, loral international school, saint Judes, learning field etc. go the extra mile in employing foreign teachers and incorporating the British curriculum of administering knowledge.

Method of Administration

The term “different strokes for different folks” can be applicable when administering knowledge to pupils, in essence there are different methods of teaching children. The method used by a teacher or school in teaching students is extremely important because most of them are either “fast” or “slow” learners. A good teacher has to be patient and understanding when teaching else there would be nothing to learn from. As a teacher i should also be able to observe my pupil from a distance and know when he/she has lost concentration or is distracted.

Leaning Facilities

The best schools in Festac town have adequate learning facilities like Science laboratory, music room for learning how to play various musical instruments. fine art room, library, Technical Drawing lab, Food and Nutrition laboratory and computer room. All these are necessary to aid leaning in all dimensions (360 degree).

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Parents and guardians must take note of the above when searching for a good school in festac and satellite region to enroll their children.

Structure/Environment of The School

There have been arguments about importance of the structure of a school when compared to the quality of education. Truth be told, the structure of a school does not entirely determine the quality of education. However, this cannot be completely ruled out because if the board of governors can spend so much in erecting a befitting structure, it is believed they can equally spend a fortune in employing the best teachers in order to meet expectations from potential parents.

Aside the structure, the serenity of the environment where the structure is located is key for selecting the best schools in Festac and satellite town. Ideally, a school is supposed to be located in a quiet area for maximum concentration. The schools listed here are located in residential areas as well as sane and secure environments.

Security and Safety Measures Adopted

In every school, safety and security is preached right from the gate. The importance of security and safety cannot be over emphasized. Parents would only enroll their wards where they deem safe and secure. The schools listed here have all provided adequate safety and security measures that even parents or who ever is responsible for picking their wards must observe. Safety of the student

The Location of the School

The school location is very paramount, many factors are considered when choosing a school. One of which is the nearness to the residents of students as this helps in avoiding environmental hazards, security and serenity of the school’s location and the likes.

The environment where the school is located tells a lot about the quality of the school. Take for instance, a school located at a rural area compared to a school located at urban area, there will be a lot of difference in the life style the students are used to.

Tuition Fee

The higher the school fees, the higher the quality of education in most cases. Secondary schools with higher school fees are usually but not in all cases more quality than schools with low tuition fee. The quality of education given to student is dependent on the quality of teachers employed.

To employ quality teachers means being able to afford their services hence higher tuition fee. Schools despite not being taxed by the government, it is still administered towards profit making. The tuition fee paid by these secondary schools falls under the criteria for selecting the best secondary schools in Festac town.

Having listed the criteria for ranking the best secondary schools in both Festac and Satellite town, lets go directly to the top 10 best secondary schools in Festac and satellite town as well as their estimated school fees per term.

10 Best Secondary Schools in Festac & Satellite Town & School Fees Per Term [year] 2

10 Best Secondary Schools In Festac and Satellite Town Plus Their School Fees

The schools listed below are the top 10 best schools you can find in Festac and Satellite town local government area in no particular order.

  1. S-Tee High School
  2. St Judes Secondary School
  3. Learningfield Secondary School
  4. Kings High School
  5. Loral International School
  6. Nigerian Navy Secondary School
  7. Radiance High school, Satellite Town
  8. Beacon Light High School
  9. Early life Schools
  10. Tender Touch Festac Town

S-TEE High School

This is a mixed school, that is, for boys and girls. The school came into existence in September 1978 and since maintained a strong commitment to imparting sound academic, moral spiritual and life training skills into their students.

S-TEE Schools serve students in the Nursery, Primary, Junior and Secondary High School, IGCSE and Cambridge ‘A’ Level Cambridge programmes. The school is filled with qualified and experienced teachers,, quality structure and ambient environment that aids learning.

The following clubs and societies are available at S-TEE high school:

  • Literary and Debating Club
  • JETS Club
  • Press Club
  • Chess Club
  • Drama Club
  • Music and Dance Club
  • Public Speaking/Word Art
  • Home Makers’ Club
  • Health and Safety Club
  • Young Farmers Club
  • Community Development Service Club
  • Enterprise Club
  • FRSC Club
  • Red Cross Society
  • Girls Guide Society
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The students resume by daili by 8am and closes 4pm from Monday to Friday.

School Fees
Fresh Students in JSS 1 and SS 1 pay between 100,000 to 150,000 per term.

St Judes Private Secondary School

St Judes private secondary school was founded in 1994. Being a Christian, the school offer the highest level of a well-rounded education with the aim of developing students who are intellectually sound, academically excellent, and socially adept. St Jude’s secondary school

All subjects approved by WAEC are offered at St Jude’s secondary school, Festac town. Students are at liberty of specializing in any of the three (3) fields of study.

  • Science
  • Art
  • Commerce

There are some compulsory subjects that must be offered and these include English language, Mathematics, Civic Education, Computer Science, and Marketing.

Elective subjects include: Economics, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geography, Literature in English, Christian Religious Knowledge (CRK), Government, Commerce, Financial Accounting, Food and Nutrition, Visual Art, Agricultural Science, Further Mathematics, Technical Drawing, French, Igbo and Yoruba.

School Fees
St Jude’s secondary school fees for JSS 1 and SS 1 is between 100,00 to 150,000 per term.

Learningfield Secondary School

Learning field secondary school is rated as one of the best schools in satellite town. Located at close 32 house 1, the school is one of the oldest secondary schools in satellite town.

The Learningfield Secondary School was established in 1997 with just eight (8) teachers and a few students.
The School is situated at Close 30, Satellite Town, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos.
It is Government approved. It has both Day and Boarding facilities.

It operates on National and International Curriculum and prepares students for the following examinations:

  • National Examination Council (NECO)
  • West African Examination Council (WAEC)
  • International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE).

School Fees

Learning field secondary school fees for fresh students JSS 1 is 260,000 Naira,while per term is 120,000 for returning students (JSS 1 second term and 3rd term).

Kings High School

This is unarguably the best school in satellite an Festac town combined. KHS as it is fondly called has won numerous awards in inter school competition, a mixed school known for her academic performance once produced the student with the highest UTME score and consistently churning out some of the best students in WAEC and NECO. Thanks to their very experienced and qualified teachers.

Until recently, the school had a structure that belittles their standard and despite this, through words of mouth, parents keep enrolling their wards. The discipline in KHS is second to none, their uniform is something to admire because it speaks well of an articulate student and of course general neatness is what their students are known for.

Kings High School tuition fee is very affordable, infact, when compared to other top schools in Festac and satellite town, Kings high school pay the lowest school fees.

School Fees: KHS school fees is currently 85,000 naira per term.

Loral International School

A school that operates both day and boarding school with rich curriculum. Loral International school for boarding is located along Kilometer 8, Agbara-Otta Expressway, Igbesa, Ogun State. While the location for Day School is at 201 Road, D’Close, Festac Town, Lagos State. The beauty of the school matches its academic performance. In the recently concluded JAMB, the management of the school announced that the students of Loral International Schools have achieved fantastic results in their recent JAMB examinations.100% of the students achieved at least 200 in the JAMB Examination, 50% of the students achieved above 250 in the Examination, While 40% of the students made above 280 in the Examination.

Aside beauty and structure, most parents are particular about the history of academic performance of the school they enroll their children and thankfully Loral International schools has all it takes to give their students the best education any parent would wish for.

Talking about LIS school fees, Loral International Schools fees for JSS 1 is between N95,000 to 130,000. Fresh students pay higher because of uniforms, books and other compulsory dues.

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Radiance High school

The School was founded in September, 1999 by Bishop F. L. O. Menkiti and Mrs. E. I. Menkiti. Radiance High School is located at 41 Road, Festac Town near the Local Government Secretariat. It can be reached easily on foot, on okada, in a bus or in a taxi

According to the founders, the unconditional love of children and the desire to set up an institution that would enable children to bring out the best in them necessitated the establishment of this school.

The school is housed in a two building with two wings. It has 32 classrooms, 15 of which are occupied by the junior while the remaining 17 are occupied by the senior.

The aim of Radiance High school is to offer students a balanced and qualitative education, bring up students with a high grade of discipline to prosperous future, train children to walk in the ways of the Lord, bring up children in the knowledge and fear of the Lord so as to enable them to walk in His ways and most importantly, to initiate disciple in them.

School Fees: Radiance School Fees for new students is 105,000 Naira per term.

Nigerian Navy Secondary School, Ojo

The Nigerian armed forces are naturally known for discipline. The same discipline is instilled on students of Nigerian Navy secondary school. Most students are children of Personnel so the mentality of ‘My father is a personnel’ comes with most of them which is why greater discipline is meted out these students. NNSS Ojo was founded in 1990 but the first set of students attended on 2 March 1991.

Note that the Nigerian Navy Secondary School Ojo, although a civilian secondary school, is seen as the Nigerian Navy’s equivalent of a military school and is run as such. The rush for admission into NNSS is second to none, it is not a private school but not termed public school, rather its seen as a paramilitary school in a post primary format.

The school is equipped with modern learning failities, library, sickbay and of course experienced and qualified teachers and some of whom are naval personnel.

Nigerian Navy Secondary School Tuition Fee: JSS 1 and SS 1 students pay less than 40,000 Naira per term.

Early life Schools

This school was founded in 1989 with Nursery and primary section before including secondary school section in the late 90s. Early life Schools is one of the oldest schools in Festac town, they have demonstrated that consistency at doing what you know how to do best brings about perfection.

Location: The school is located at 3rd avenue Festac Town Lagos

School Fees: Early life School fees is 110,000 per term for JSS 1 and SS 1 new students

Beacon Light High School

Still fairly new in this field, Beacon light High School was founded in 2011. The school was established with the aim of maintaining education of reputable standards such that develops the Intellectual, Physical, Social and Moral ability of each child, for the benefit of self and the global community as a whole.

It also aims at achieving the following;

  • Deliver quality education that is of national and international standard in developing a child
  • Lay solid educational foundation for building the future of the child that will withstand changes and challenges of life.
  • Promote academic excellence and diligence.
  • Equip the child the right values for co-existence and to live a fulfilled life.
  • Harness and inculcate self-esteemed and values in the child.
  • Unleash the talent and gifts of the children to fulfill God’s purpose for their lives.
  • To produce responsible citizens that respect life and influences his world positively.

Location: Beacon Light Schools is located at 25th Road, Festac Phase 2 Abule Ado Lagos State.

School Fees: JSS 1 and SS 1 pay as much as 120,000 naira for first term and less than 90,000 naira for subsequent terms.