What is University of Houston Acceptance Rate?

The University of Houston has a rather high acceptance rate for an institution of its standard – the chances of entry for each applicant is quite high. That may seem unlikely; it may seem as if the standards are low at this university, and that they are willing to accept anybody.

Nevertheless, this is one of the more purposeful universities; an institution that is dedicated to improving lives and making a difference in humanity. This is the fourth largest institution in Texas, and a major contributor to the state in terms of human capital.

The University of Houston has produced many leaders in the areas of science, sports, and entertainment. These are some of the key areas of the economy of its home state – Texas. Perhaps this explains why the university has a high acceptance rate; to produce more professionals in these areas.

What is University of Houston Acceptance Rate? 1

University of Houston Acceptance Rate

The University of Houston has an acceptance rate of 66.2%, which is considered quite high. For every 100 students that apply, 66 are admitted. That is well above half the number of applicants. Nevertheless, this is a successful, and highly rated institution, going by the number of notable alumni.

This means that as long as a student meets its admission requirements, there is every possibility that the student will get admitted. The following are the admission requirements this institution.

The main requirements are a good GPA, good results at the general tests, and good application.

The University of Houston has a GPA requirement of 3.49. That is just about average; although it is sufficient to convince any authority that the holder was a good student in high school. A higher GPA than 3.49 would almost certainly land one a place at the university, while a lower GPA may cast some doubt.

However, it is still possible to get admitted into the University of Houston with a lower GPA than that. This will mean doing very well at the SAT or ACT in order to compensate for the low GPA. Everything will be compared by the university, and at the end of the day, those students who merit places into the university will be accepted.

SAT or ACT scores that are acceptable by the university are not categorically stated, but it is still a consideration. What this means is that the university says that these tests are not a criteria – not a requirement, but the university will consider them if students decide to submit them.

For example; a student cannot demand to be accepted to the university because of a very high SAT score. The school never promised to accept anyone because of good SATs. This is uniform with other great universities across the US; they most refuse to admit students because of a single consideration or testing model.

However, students must understand that without these tests the university has fewer metrics by which they can measure a student’s ability and eligibility.  So what should you do?

Submit your SAT or ACT only if it is good enough. On the average, students with SATs of 1225, or ACTs of 26. However, some stipulations can offer an advantage. For an added advantage; the SAT should show a score of 627 on the Average, while reading and writing should show 622.

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An SAT score that is below 1225 would most likely not be accepted, especially with a low GPA. If one has scored below 1225, perhaps the next course of action is to retake the exams after studying and preparing accordingly.

The same principle applies to the ACTs; the university denies using ACTs as a criteria, but statistics show that most people who apply to this university with ACT scores of 23 or lower often do not get accepted into this university.

How To Apply To The University Of Houston

Students are welcome to apply to the University of Houston either using test results or without them. The two routes to apply are; through the Apply Texas Application ( or the Common Application (

The application interfaces on both platforms are very straightforward; they generally include registering an account, supplying your personal information, in the case of the common application, choosing the University of Houston, and then writing the short admissions essay before submitting the application.

Submitting the application is confirmed by paying the application fee. The application fee is $75 ($90 for international students), which is non refundable. It is important to note that applications that are not accompanied with this application fee will be immediately nullified. Please note that the payments should be made using credit or debit cards. Waivers for this fee may be applicable; students may check the University of Houston applications information page for more information.

The next step is to submit your transcripts which show your real academic history; your performances in secondary school. It is important to note that this may be the most important consideration in determining whether or not an application will be successful. This shows a students’ performances over an extended period of time, as against the results of a single exam or test.

Intending students may upload the transcripts directly to the school in PDF format using the university portal Students may also request their schools to send the transcripts directly. Please note that hard copies will not be accepted; students are advised to send the transcripts by themselves to avoid delay, and to ensure that they are sent in the correct format.

Submitting Test Scores is the next thing to do; but that is only applicable if the student has selected to make an application using this option. The acceptable tests are SAT and ACT. Please note that students who have opted to submit these results must go ahead and submit them. Students who have opted to submit their applications without these tests may skip this process. However, students who have opted to submit these tests cannot change their minds in the middle of the application, and then decide not to. That creates a bad image of the intending student.

For the deadlines, please visit the applications information page. Applications received after the deadline dates will be immediately nullified.

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While not a part of the application process, international students are encouraged to take courses in English if it is not their first language, or if it is not the language of instruction at their secondary schools.

Why Should You Apply To The University of Houston

The university of Houston is a public university; one that is geared towards research. It is a major symbol of the state of Texas – a conscientious institution that has positioned itself to make an impact in the community, by raising people of character to become leaders in their respective fields of endeavors.

The university proves its dedication to the betterment of humanity through its acceptance rate which is not at all unfavorable to students. The university offers a place to as many students who want to make a better life for themselves, for their families, and for the community as well.

The university is one of the most affordable universities in its category, and yet offers what amounts to a great learning experience in a challenging environment. The university has produced NASA Astronauts, as well as several top business executives, and many notable sportsmen and women.

Studying at the University of Houston makes one a member of a larger family of people with a duty to serve their communities – which has been the idea behind this institution from its founding.

Founding Of The University Of Houston

The University of Houston was founded in 1927 as Texas Junior College, and went on to be a four year degree awarding institution in 1934. This university has since been a major focal point in the development of the state – contributing to the economy and the capacity of the people.

Much of the university was built via donations in the form of land and money so as to improve the state which was lacking behind other states in the areas of education and infrastructure. The university quickly became popular as more people came to see the vision behind it.

Philanthropists J. J. Settegast, Ben Taub and Hugh Roy Cullen played important roles in the establishment of the university through the land and cash they donated. They would be very proud of what the university has become today.

University Of Houston Today

The University of Houston has grown into a formidable institution today; it has a solid structure; an endowment of $785.77 million, a staff strength of more than 3800 full time workers, and a student body of around 46,676.

The University is described as having an urban campus; it is a small city by its own right, and has more than 50,000 people inside or around it. On the whole, the university’s economic impact is calculated at 60,000 jobs, and $6.4 billion annually contributed to the economy.

The core of the activity in this university is learning. This is a place of high level academic activity; not just students learning the rudiments of their disciplines, but advanced level research, especially in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Physics, Space Travel and Commercialization, Biomedical Sciences, Engineering, and Energy.

The University of Houston is one of the most attractive universities for research work; it has a broad range of research done there, across several fields. It has several academic affiliations, including the following:

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Great Cities Universities (GCU) coalition – a research sharing pact between top urban universities; Oak Ridge Associated Universities (ORAU) – a coalition of universities that carry out research in the energy sector, especially in nuclear science; and Universities Research Association (URA) – an international group of universities sharing knowledge in scientific research; the Coalition of Urban Serving Universities (USU) – a health based knowledge sharing group of selected American universities.

Presently, the University of Houston maintains more than 40 research facilities on its campus, and maintains working relationships with various government, private and educational bodies. This shows that despite the lenient acceptance rate of this university, it is a very serious academic institution.

Aside from the intensity of research work done at this university, normal academic work also flows quite smoothly.

How The Academic Work Is Administered

The University of Houston can be described as a collegiate university; it consists of 15 colleges, and one college for several disciplines. Together they offer some 310 degree programs. The institution offers several professional programs; making it a great place for professional studies.

Some of the professional schools include; the Hines College of Architecture, Hilton College of Global Hospitality, Bauer College of Business, Law Center, College of Nursing, College of Medicine, College of Optometry, College of Social Work, College of Pharmacy, and the Hobby School of Public Affairs.

It is important to state that this university’s claim to success lies in its successful alumni; many of whom include researchers, space scientists and so on.

However, life at the University of Houston is not all about intense studying; it can also be fun and engaging.

Life At The University Of Houston Outside The Academic Work

There is so much to help students and academics lose steam at this university; there are several sports, musical and theatrical events held on the campus every year. Of particular importance are the sports teams; there are 17 intercollegiate sports teams on this university, and they have attained varying amounts of success.

For example; the men’s basketball team has made 23 appearances at the NCAA Division I, and has made 6 Elite Eight, and Final Four appearances. The team is very popular, and students love to show up when they play so as to cheer for their team, and identify with the university. Another popular sports team is the Football Team regularly makes bowl appearances – with varying degrees of success.

The most successful team on campus is the Golf Team; the team has won 16 national championships – which is the most in the history of the NCAA.

The University of Houston has a lenient acceptance rate of 66.2%, which means that only the unluckiest students are denied admission into this institution. Test scores are not a requirement, although they will be considered if submitted. International students are encouraged to begin their travel plans well in advance of the commencement of their studies.