UNIBEN JAMB Cut-Off Mark For All Courses 2024/2025 Academic Session

The UNIBEN JAMB Cut-Off Mark for all courses offered 2024/2025 academic session has been officially released. The cut off point here is for all candidates who chose the University of Benin as their preferred choice of higher institution during the UTME registration can confirm if they meet the current official UNIBEN JAMB cut-off mark for 2024/2025 academic session.

LOCATION: The University of Benin is located in Ugbowo, Benin, City, Edo state.

Before now, there used to be a general misconception candidates have towards JAMB cut off marks and we are about to clear such anomaly to avoid constant repetition. Not many candidates are aware that The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) is the body responsible for fixing cut off marks for tertiary institutions in Nigeria  including Colleges of Education. The perception is that the school they selected during therr UTME registration is saddled with such duty.

Since this post about candidates wanting to know 2024/2025 UNIBEN cut off mark, we will streamline our talk to bother on the subject matter. There is what is referred to as general cut off mark and it varies from one school to another, this cut off mark is usually a bench mark every candidate that score up to in order to gain admission into UNIBEN, it is referred to as the JAMB cut off mark we are well aware of. Scoring up to the figure fixed by JAMB for such institution gives the candidate the eligibility to participate in UNIBEN post UTME screening exercise.

Candidates who have good links like Lecturers in UNIBEN who can mediate on their behalf will definitely confirm that you passed UNIBEN JAMB cut mark which is 200 before offering to help you out, else they would back out because they understand the consequences of going ahead.

Candidates who must have chosen the university of Benin and do not score to the the minimum required JAMB cut off mark set for UNIBEN automatically lose out on admission for that academic session and please note that any individual claiming to be an agent or have links with UNIBEN admission office who says he or she can influence your admission knowing you did not score up to UNIBEN’s minimum JAMB cut off mark is fraudulent, but note that if UNIBEN finally grants you provisional admission, be rest assured that you will be kicked out in your 300 level or final year, a word is enough for the wise.

UNIBEN JAMB cut off mark for 2024/2025 academic session, in the case of UNIBEN and other universities in Nigeria, JAMB fixes the general cut off mark and know that the fixed figure can remain the same for the next four (4) to five (5) academic session without changing except JAMB officials deem otherwise and in cases like this, we keep close tabs on JAMB admission office should there be any change we always update out contents. So candidates expecting a constant change in cut off marks every academic session are getting it all wrong.

In UNIBEN and other tertiary institutions, the only constant change that occurs in cut off marks are the departmental cut off marks. However, these changes vary, based on the average pass rates in JAMB or number of candidates for that academic session.

A typical example is UNIBEN JAMB cut off mark for Medicine and Surgery for 2024/2025 session could be fixed at 260 and above and the following academic session it could be fixed at 280 and above. This change could be based on the increase in the average pass rate pass rate or increase in candidates that selects Medicine and Surgery during their JAMB application. Same rule applies for other courses like Pharmacy, Accounting, Law and other Engineering courses.

In summary, we have been able to clear the air as regards who fixes JAMB cut off mark and why cut off marks do not change often except cut off marks for departments?

In this post we have in details, UNIBEN JAMB cut off mark for all departments for 2024/2025 academic session. Please note that UNIBEN post UTME cut off marks here could change slightly after the results are out but the cut off marks below can be used as a point of measure for 2024/2025 JAMB cut off mark, hence candidates who have selected UNIBEN as their preferred choice of institution during the JAMB registration can make use of it as a point of reference.

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UNIBEN JAMB Cut-Off Mark For All Courses [year]/[nyear] Academic Session 1

Candidates who meet UNIBEN JAMB cut off mark  would then proceed for internal screening exercise by the University, and are thereby are advised to carry all documents along including recent passport photographs (10 copies preferably).

See the approved cut off mark of UNIBEN at the end of this post.

Candidates should note that the benefits of meeting University of Benin (UNIBEN) cut off mark for JAMB is the fact that candidates are given the opportunity to gain admission to study into any of the courses offered in University of Benin (UNIBEN) so long as the candidates get a good score in the internal screening exercise.

Some documents are required by the school authority for their internal screening exercise

Documents required for Internal screening in UNIBEN;

a) Firstly, candidates must beat the current UNIBEN cut off mark as fixed by JAMB (Joint Admission and Matriculation Board) in order to be eligible for admission into the institution.

b) Secondly, candidate must have a minimum of 5 credits in Mathematics and English and other relevant subjects as it relates to his or her course of study.

c) Printed original copy of JAMB result slip

d) Original documents which includes ‘O’ level certificates please note that awaiting results are not accepted by University of Benin (UNIBEN)

e) Original copy of your birth certificate or age declaration duly stamped by the Federal high court.

f) Your are required to also go along with secondary school Testimonial

g) Carry along with you, your most recent passport photographs, 8 copies would suffice.

h) Calculators are not allowed (Take note)

The latest findings as regards the most frequently asked questions on UNIBEN cut mark has been gathered and answered here in this post. The table below shows challenges students face after seeing their JAMB results and we have provided the necessary support for those that are also facing such.

FAQs on UNIBEN Cut Off MarkAnswers
What is UNIBEN cut off mark for law, political science, public administration and mass communication?Please refer to the table below, it contains UNIBEN cut off mark for Law, Political Science and Public Administration
Can a candidate that scored 221 in jamb study law at UNIBEN?The answer is No. You need at least between 260 to 270 to study law at UNIBEN. However you are still eligible to participate in the post UTME
What is the cutoff mark for political science and psychology at UNIBEN?The table below contains the UTME and post UTME cut off mark for Psychology at UNIBEN
What is UNIBEN cut mark for Medicine and surgery?You need at least 250 and above to study medicine and surgery at UNIBEN
Does UNIBEN accept 2nd choice?No. They select first choice candidates only due to the huge number of candidates that select as their preferred choice of institution yearly
Can UNIBEN accept 180 JAMB Cut off mark?No. UNIBEN’s minimum cut off mark is 200. So any candidate that scores below 200 is not eligible for UNIBEN’s post UTME screening test. However you could check out the list of universities in Nigeria that accept below 180.
Below are other FAQs asked by students seeking admission via both UTME  and DE methods into the university of Benin.
What is UNIBEN current cut off mark?UNIBEN’s cut off mark is 200. Any UTME candidate that scores 200 and above is eligible for UNIBEN post UTME screening exercise.
Does UNIBEN Accept second choice candidates?UNIBEN accepts only first choice candidates.
Can UNIBEN accept me if I score 190?As mentioned above, only candidates that score 200 and above are eligible to apply for UNIBEN post UTME.
What is UNIBEN cut off mark for Accounting?Candidates with 250 and above and score at least 65 in their post UTME have higher chances of studying Accounting in UNIBEN.
If I score 200 in jamb and still use UNIBEN as second choice can I gain admission?The institution will only accepts first choice candidates irrespective of your JAMB score.
How can I change my university to UNIBEN because I passed their cut off mark?Simply purchase a change of course form from JAMB, it costs about 2,500 naira. Fill the necessary details and submit. You will be informed when your application is successful via the registered email or you can verify via JAMB CAPS.
I have my complete O’level result and 200 JAMB score, I am applying for Banking and Finance. What are my chances of gaining admission in UNIBEN?With 200 JAMB score and complete O’level you still stand a chance of gaining admission into UNIBEN but definitely not banking and finance. It is advisable you change your course to a less competitive one.
What is UNIBEN JAMB cut off mark for Medicine and Surgery?We will advise you score at least 260 and above in your JAMB and a minimum of 70 in your post UTME to stand a chance of gaining admission when calculating your aggregate score.
I am an indigene of Edo state, can I be considered for admission if I score below the cut off mark?The minimum cut off mark for UNIBEN is the same for all candidates irrespective of the state of origin of the candidate.
What is the cut off mark for Electrical and Electronics Engineering in UNIBEN?We advise that you score at least 250 and above in your JAMB and at least 60 in your post UTME so when your aggregate score is calculated, you will stand a better chance of gaining admission into UNIBEN.
What is the cut off mark for Law in UNIBEN, I scored 200, and can I gain admission?UNIBEN’s cut off mark for Law is 250 and above. But your post UTME score would be the determining factor. Notwithstanding, you are eligible to participate in the post UTME. I would advise you change your course to a less competitive one.
I am an indigene and I scored 205 in JAMB, can I secure admission in UNIBEN?The answer is YES you can because you scored higher than the minimum cut off mark for UNIBEN. However, gaining admission would also depend on the course you selected.
I score 197 in my JAMB, can I gain admission to study English?? Am an indigene and in my O’level result I have 7Bs 1A and 1C. Can I be admitted into UNIBEN with this O’level result?Yes you can be admitted.
Can someone with 220 in my JAMB, can i gain admission into UNIBEN to study accounting?You can gain admission into UNIBEN but you cannot to study Accounting with 220 UTME score. Accounting is a professional course hence high JAMB cut off mark. You need at least 250 and above with a good post UTME score to study Accounting in UNIBEN.
Does UNIBEN accept Transfer students from other universities?Yes UNIBEN accept transfer students so long as you meet their requirements.
What is the JAMB cut off mark for Engineering in UNIBEN?With a JAMB score of 250 and above you can study Engineering in UNIBEN. Engineering courses require high JAMB score due to the strong competition for admission slot.
What JAMB score can I get in order to study SLT at UNIBEN?Firstly, go through the courses offered in UNIBEN to confirm if Science Laboratory Technology is studied in the institution, if YES. You will need to score at least 230 in JAMB and 60 in post UTME in order to gain admission into UNIBEN to study SLT.
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These are the most frequently asked questions and best possible answers for UNIBEN JAMB score. Please go through them thoroughly as they would be very useful in helping you know your course and required cut off mark.

Like we would always inform students, beating UNIBEN JAMB cut off mark for all courses does not in any way guarantee candidates or prospective students an automatic admission into the University, until a successful internal screening exercise carried out on all candidates.

If candidate(s) is/are successful in the internal screening exercise then they are automatically granted admission to study the course of their choice.

UNIBEN Cut off Mark For All Courses 2024/2025 Session

UNIBEN JAMB and post UTME eligibility cut off mark for 2024/2025 academic session is 200, therefore, candidates who get up to 200 and above are automatically eligible to partake fully in UNIBEN’s post UTME screening exercise, but we must warn you, the higher your JAMB score, the higher your chances of clinching the course registered in your UTME.

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As seen above, UNIBEN UTME cut off mark for all courses is 200. Though this does not stop other departments from fixing their cut off marks, therefore your post UTME screening score would determine your eligibility to study the course of your choice


Accounting250 and above
Actuarial Science250 and above
Adult Education220 and above
Adult Education / Political Science and Public Administration220 and above
Adult Education / English Literature220 and above
Adult Education / Geography and Regional Planning
Agricultural Economics240 and above
Agricultural Science and Education220 and above
Animal Biology and Environment250 and above
Animal Science250 and above
Banking and Finance240 and above
Biochemistry250 and above
Botany240 and above
Business Administration240 and above
Business Education220 and above
Chemical Engineering260 and above
Chemistry230 and above
Civil Engineering260 and above
Computer Education220 and above
Computer Engineering250 and above
Computer Science240 and above
Dentistry And Dental Surgery260 and above
Drama / Dramatic / Performing Arts230 and above
Early Childhood Education220 and above
Economics and Statistics240 and above
Education and Biology220 and above
Education and Chemistry220 and above
Education and Economics220 and above
Education and Edo Language220 and above
Education and English Language and Literature220 and above
Education and Fine and Applied Arts220 and above
Education and French220 and above
Education and Geography220 and above
Education and History220 and above
Education and Integrated Science220 and above
Education and Mathematics220 and above
Education and Physics220 and above
Education and Political Science220 and above
Education and Religious Studies220 and above
Education and Social Studies220 and above
Business Administration Edu220 and above
Accounting Education220 and above
Electrical / Electronic Engineering260 and above
English Language and Literature230 and above
Environmental Education220 and above
Fine Art / Fine and Applied Arts220 and above
Fisheries240 and above
Forestry And Wildlife240 and above
French220 and above
Geography and Regional Planning230 and above
Geology250 and above
Health Education220 and above
History220 and above
Hospitality And Tourism Management230 and above
Human Kinetics220 and above
Industrial Chemistry240 and above
Industrial Mathematics240 and above
Industrial Relations and Personnel Management240 and above
Industrial Technical Education220 and above
Insurance240 and above
International Studies and Diplomacy250 and above
Languages and Linguistics230 and above
Law260 and above
Linguistics230 and above
Edo Language200 and above
Marketing230 and above
Mass Communication250 and above
Mathematics230 and above
Medical Biochemistry250 and above
Medicine and Surgery270 and above
Mechanical Engineering250 and above
Microbiology250 and above
Nursing / Nursing Science250 and above
Optometry250 and above
Petroleum Engineering260 and above
Pharmacy265 and above
Philosophy200 and above
Physical Education220 and above
Physics230 and above
Physics / Industrial Physics240 and above
Physiology240 and above
Plant Science and Biotechnology240 and above
Political Science230 and above
Public Administration230 and above
Production Engineering250 and above
Religious Studies200 and above
Science Laboratory Technology240 and above
Social Works200 and above
Sociology and Anthropology230 and above
Soil Science240 and above
Structural Engineering255 and above
Technical Education220 and above

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Hope you got what you visited this page for? if you have any question(s) as regards UNIBEN departmental Cut-off mark for all courses offered in 2024/2025 academic session, kindly could scroll down to the comment section below, post your questions and we will respond in no time.

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