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List of Postgraduate Courses Offered In UNIABUJA & Admission Requirements

The management of school of postgraduate studies, UNIABUJA has official released the list of postgraduate courses that are offered in the institution, therefore, prospective students are advised to go through the list to find the available programmes for their preferred choice.

As usual, we have arranged the list of available programmes in Uniabuja and their admission requirements based the faculty they fall under and the certificate awarded by the university.

We recently updated this post as there were some inclusion of some PG courses which previously were not included among the list of postgraduate courses that are available at UNIABUJA.

One unique development about UNIABUJA postgraduate courses is that you are able to specialize in a sub-courses, as in there are opportunities for candidates to choose an area of specialization. In the course of going through the post, you would see below, the PG courses, area of specialization, admission requirements, duration of all PG programmes offered at UNIABUJA for part time and full time candidates plus other important details needed for gaining admission into the university of Abuja PG school.

Judging from the list of postgraduate courses offered in UNIABUJA as seen below, you would agree with us that all categories of PG courses are offered in the institution ranging from Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) courses, Masters and Ph.D programmes, you need not be scared as regards the source of this information as it was culled from UNIABUJA postgraduate website so please be rest assured that any information gotten in the process of reading this post, we are confident will be of great help in the area of making a good choice as to which of the postgraduate courses is best tailored for your future career path.

List of Postgraduate Courses Offered In UNIABUJA & Admission Requirements 1


The following under listed below are the requirements for all postgraduate courses offered in UNIABUJA, these requirements must be strictly adhered to during your postgraduate application and registration process and failure to comply with these directives could lead to your application being disqualified. The general entry requirements below are for PGD (Postgraduate Diploma) programmes, al academic and non-academic Masters programmes and Ph.D programmes for fresh candidates.

I) Candidate for Postgraduate studies into University of Abuja must have obtained at least (5) credits including English and Mathematics in not more than two sittings in WASC NECO GCE (Ordinary Level) or their equivalent.

II) Candidate applying for the M.A., M.Ed., M. Eng., MVPH, MVPM and M.Sc. degrees in any field must have obtained a Bachelor’s degree with at least second class lower division in the relevant discipline.

III) A Candidate for Ph.D. in any Programme of the University of Abuja must have obtained a minimum weighted average score of 60% (4 points) letter grade “B” average performance in the Master’s Degree

IV) A Candidate applying for the Ph.D. with a Master’s Degree from any other University, who in his/her Masters study had not previously taken the compulsory courses or their equivalent, similar to the courses in the University of Abuja shall, on admission be required to offer and pass such courses with a minimum of 60% (4 points) or a letter grade “B”

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V) Candidates seeking for admission into any of the postgraduate Diploma Programmes must possess a university degree with minimum grade of third class or HND with a minimum of Lower Credit.

VI) MBBS, BDS is required for MPH Community Medicine while health related degree is required for MPH Sexual and Reproductive Health

VII) NOTE: PhD, candidates should attach a maximum of 500 words research proposal

Duration of Postgraduate Courses At UNIABUJA

The info here contains details of the duration of all available postgraduate programme offered at UNIABUJA under PGD and M.Sc level. Ph.D level, for Masters students, either full time or part tiime, the expected duration of your programmes can be seen below, same applies to PGD and Ph.D students. This would help a great deal in preparing and planning your schedule of activities within these period.

Postgraduate ProgrammesDuration of Programme
Full-time Master’s degree programme

Part-Time Masters Degree Programme

4 – 6 Semester

6 – 8 Semesters

Ph.D Full-Time Programme


Ph.D Part-Time Programme

A minimum of six (6) semesters and a maximum often (10) semesters

A minimum of eight (8) semesters and a maximum of twelve (12) semesters.

Postgraduate Diploma Programme (PGD)
Full-Time Diploma Programmes
Minimum of two (2) semesters and a maximum of four semesters.
Postgraduate Diploma Programme (PGD)

Part-Time Diploma Programmes

Minimum of four (4) semesters and a maximum of six (6) semesters.

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Below is a comprehensive list of the available PG programmes offered in UNIABUJA (University of Abuja) also attached is the admission requirements for all the postgraduate programmes.

List of Postgraduate Programmes Offered In UNIABUJA (University of Abuja)


Department of Crop Protection

  1. PGD in Crop Protection
  2. M.Sc. Crop Protection
  3. PGD. Crop Protection

Department of Crop Science

  1. PGD in Agronomy
  2. PGD Agro Forestry
  3. M.Sc. Agronomy
  4. M.Sc. Agro Forestry
  5. Ph.D. Crop Protection
  6. Ph.D. Agronomy
  7. Ph.D. Agro Forestry

Dept. of Agric. Econs. & Extension

  1. PGD Agric. Econs. & Farm Managt.
  2. PGD in Agric. Business Managt.
  3. M.Sc. Agricultural Economics
  4. M.Sc. Development Economics
  5. M.Sc. Environmental Economics
  6. M.Sc. Agric. Ext. & Rural Sociology
  7. Ph.D. Agricultural Economics
  8. Ph.D. Agric. Ext. & Rural Sociology

Department of Soil Science

  1. PGD Soil Science
  2. M.Sc. Soil Science
  3. Ph.D. Soil Science

Department of Animal Science

  1. PGD Animal Science
  2. M.Sc. Animal Science
  3. Ph.D. Animal Science


Department of History & Diplomatic Studies

  1. PGD in Diplomatic Studies
  2. MA. in Diplomatic Studies
  3. MA. in Nigerian and African History
  4. M.Phil. in Nigerian and African History
  5. M.Phil. in Diplomatic Studies
  6. Ph.D. in Nigerian and African History
  7. Ph.D. in Diplomatic Studies
  8. Ph.D. in Nigerian and African History
  9. Ph.D. in Diplomatic Studies

Department of Theatre Arts

  1. PGD in Media Arts
  2. PGD in Theatre Arts
  3. A. in Media Arts
  4. A in Theatre Arts
  5. D. in Media Arts
  6. D. in Theatre Arts

Department of English Language

  1. A. English Language
  2. A. Literature in English
  3. D. English Language
  4. D. Literature in English



Department of Anatomical Sciences

  1. MSc Anatomical Sciences
  2. PhD Anatomical Sciences

Department of Human Physiology

  1. MSc Human Physiology
  2. PhD Human Physiology

Department of Medical Biochemistry

  1. MSc Medical Biochemistry
  2. PhD Medical Biochemistry


Department of Community Medicine

  1. MPH Comm Medicine
  2. MPH Sexual & Repro Health


  1. PGD In Education

Department of Educational Management

  1. Ed. Educational Management
  2. D. Educational Management

Dept. of Counse. & Edu. Psychology

  1. Ed. Educational Psychology
  2. D. Educational Psychology


Dept. of Guidance & Counseling Edu.

  1. Ed. Guidance and


  1. D. Guidance and Counseling

Dept. of Arts & Social Science Edu.

  1. Ed. Counseling Education
  2. Ed. Curriculum Studies
  3. Ed. Language Education
  4. Ed. Social Studies Education
  5. D. Counseling Education
  6. D Curriculum Studies
  7. D. Language Education
  8. D. Social Studies Education

Dept. of Science & Env. Edu.

  1. Ed. Science Education
  2. Ed. Mathematics Education
  3. D. Science Education
  4. D. Mathematics Education


Department of Civil Engineering

  1. Eng. Civil Engineering
  2. Eng. Civil Engineering

Department of Chemical Engineering

  1. Eng. Chemical Engineering
  2. D. Chemical Engineering

Department of Electrical/Electronics Engineering

  1. PGD Electrical Engineering
  2. Eng. Electrical Engineering
  3. D. Electrical Engineering

Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

  1. Eng. Mechanical Engineering
  2. D. Mechanical Engineering


  1. Masters of Laws (LL.M)
  2. D. in Laws (Ph.D. Law)


Department of Accounting

  1. PGD Accounting
  2. Masters in Accounting & Finance

Department of Banking and Finance

  1. PGD Banking and Finance

Depart. of Business Administration

  1. PGD in Business Administration
  2. PGDBA Business Administration
  3. Sc. Business Administration
  4. D. Business Administration

Depart. of Public Administration

  1. PGDBPA in Public


  1. MPA Masters of Public


  1. Sc. Public Administration
  2. D. Public Administration


Dept. of Biological Sciences

  1. Sc. Biology (Environmental)
  2. Sc. Botany (Biodiversity)
  3. Sc. Zoology (Parasitology)
  4. Sc. Zoology (Fisheries)
  5. D. Biology (Environmental)
  6. D. Botany (Biodiversity)
  7. D. Zoology (Parasitology)
  8. D. Zoology (Fisheries)

Department of Microbiology

  1. Sc. Food Microbiology
  2. Sc. Industrial Microbiology
  3. Sc. Environmental Microbiology
  4. D. Food Microbiology
  5. D. Industrial Microbiology
  1. Ph.D. Environmental Microbiology

Dept of Chemistry – Physical Chem.

  1. M.Sc. Physical Chemistry

  2. M.Sc. Organic Chemistry

  3. M.Sc. Inorganic Chemistry

  4. M.Sc. Analytical Chemistry

  5. Ph.D. Physical Chemistry

  6. Ph.D. Organic Chemistry

  7. Ph.D. Inorganic Chemistry

  8. Ph.D. Analytical Chemistry

Department of Computer Science

  1. M.Sc. Computer Science (Infor. Security)

  1. M.Sc. Computer Science(Software Engineering)

  1. Postgraduate Diploma in Information System (PGDIS)

  1. M.Sc. Computer Science (Intelligence System)

  1. M.Sc. Comp. Sci. (Distributed Computing Systems)

  1. M.Sc. Comp. Sci. (Networking Communication)

  1. M.Sc. Computer Sci. (Database Systems)

  1. Ph.D. Computer Science

Department of Physics

  1. M.Sc. Solid State Physics

  2. M.Sc. Solar Energy Physics

  3. M.Sc. Applied Geophysics

  4. Ph.D. Solid State Physics

  5. Ph.D. Solar Energy Physics

  6. Ph.D. Applied Geophysics

Department of Mathematics

  1. M.Sc. Financial Mathematics

  2. M.Sc. Pure Mathematics

  3. M.Sc. Applied Mathematics

  4. Ph.D. Pure Mathematics

  5. Ph.D. Applied Mathematics

Department of Statistics

  1. PGD in Statistics (PGDS)

  2. M.Sc. Statistics

  3. Ph.D. Statistics


Department of Economics

  1. MFE Masters in Financial Economics

  2. M.Sc. Economics

  3. Ph.D. Economics

Dept. of Political Sci. & Int. Relations

  1. Postgraduate Dip in Political Science

  2. Masters in int. Relations & Diplomacy

  3. M.Sc. Political Science (Int. Relations)

  4. M.Sc. Political Sci. (Polit. Economy & Dev Studies)

  5. M.Sc. Political Science (Policy Analysis)

  6. Ph.D. Political Science (Int. Relations)

  7. Ph.D. Political Science (Political Economy & Development Studies)

  8. Ph.D. Political Science (Policy Analysis)

Department of Sociology

  1. PGD. in Intercul. Conflict & Comm.

  2. M.Sc. Gender Studies

  3. M.Sc. Development Sociology

  4. M.Sc. Industrial Sociology

  5. M.Sc. Criminology

  6. M.Sc. Demography

  7. M.Sc. Medical Sociology

  8. Ph.D. Sociology

Dept. of Geography & Env. Manag.

  1. Postgraduate Dip. in Env. Plan & Protec.

  2. Masters in Envi. Planning & Protection

  3. M.Sc. Geo. (Popu & Manpower Plan.)

  4. M.Sc. Geography (Geomorphology)

  5. M.Sc. Geography (Biogeography)

  6. M.Sc. Geography (Climatology)

  7. M.Sc. Geography (Environmental Resource Planning)

  8. Ph.D. in Envi. Resources Planning

  9. Ph.D. Population & Manpower Plan.

  10. Ph.D. Geomorphology

  11. Ph.D. Biogeography

  12. Ph.D. Climatology


Dept. of Vet. Public Health & Preven. Medicine

  1. PGD Food Hygiene

  2. PGD Epidemiology

  3. M.Sc. Epidemiology

  4. MVPH Veterinary Public Health

  5. MVPH Veterinary Preventive Medicine

  6. Ph.D. Epidemiology

  7. Ph.D. Veterinary Public Health

  8. Ph.D. Veterinary Preventive Medicine

Department of Veterinary Microbiology

  1. M.Sc. Veterinary Microbiology

  2. M.Sc. Bacteriology

  3. M.Sc. Immunology

  4. M.Sc. Virology

  5. Ph.D. Veterinary Microbiology

  6. Ph.D. Bacteriology

  7. Ph.D. Immunology

  8. Ph.D. Virology

Department of Vet. Pharm & Toxicology

  1. M.Sc. Pharmacology

  2. M.Sc. Toxicology

  3. Ph.D. Pharmacology

  4. Ph.D. Toxicology

Dept. of Parasitology & Entomology

  1. PGD Veterinary Parasitology

  2. M.Sc. Vet Hematology Protozoa & Entomology

  1. Ph.D. Vet Helm Proto & Entomology


  1. PGD in Gender Studies (Part Time)

  2. M.A. Gender Studies (Part Time)


  1. PGD Peace and Security (Professional)

  2. PGD Leadership and Discipline (Professional)

  3. PGD Society and Development (Professional)

  4. Masters in Peace and Security (Professional)

  5. Masters in Leadership & Discipline (Professional)

  6. Masters in Society & Dev. (Professional)


  1. PGD in Education (Part Time)


  1. PGD in Anti-Corruption Studies
  2. PGD in Criminology & security


  1. PGD in Leadership and Discipline


  1. PGD in NGO and Management Studies
  1. PGD in Society and Development Studies
  1. PGD in Social Rehabilitation Studies
  2. PGD in Peace & Security Studies
  3. Masters in Anti-Corruption Studies
  4. Masters in Criminology & security Studies
  1. Masters in Leadership and Discipline Studies
  1. Masters in NGO and Management Studies
  1. Masters in Society & Development Studies
  1. Masters in Social Rehabilitation Studies
  1. Masters in Peace & Security Studies


  1. PGD in Legislative Studies (PGDLA)
  2. Masters in Legislative Studies (MLS)

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