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UDUSOK Catchment Area – List of States Under UDUSOK Catchment Area

UDUSOK catchment area is more important than you can ever know because you to stand a higher chance of being admitted into the Usman Danfodio University if proper diligence is carried our as regards the institution’s catchment area.

Understanding the catchment area of your university makes it much easier to gain admission even with a low JAMB score so long as you score up to the required cut off mark while other candidates with higher UTME score are still facing the rigorous challenges that comes with admission processes in our various states and federal Universities.

For this sake of this post, I will be putting you through the states that falls under the Usman Danfodio University – UDUSOK catchment area. This information is very vital for candidates checking for how to gain admission into UDUSOK but are yet to register for JAMB. However, if you have registered for JAMB already and for one reason or the other the need arises to do a change of institution and fortunately your state falls under UDUSOK catchment area, then this information is for you too.

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Before going into details, I have seen cases where candidates ask these under-listed questions:

A) What is catchment area?
B) What is UDUSOK catchment area?
C) How does catchment area affect admission?
D) How can I find the catchment area of my school?

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I will answer these questions for the sake of those who do know or have vague view as regards what catchment area is all about.

What is a Catchment Area?

Based on the Nigerian educational system, a catchment area is simply the state you’re closest to your university either by geopolitical location or tribe.

What is UDUSOK Catchment Area?

This question is the reason for this post. It has been listed towards the end of the post.

How Does Catchment Area Affect Admission Process?

Let it be known to you that candidates that fall within the catchment area are give special preferences before those outside the catchment area will be considered so long as you meet the UDUSOK admission requirements, except such student outside the catchment area of UDUSOK performs excellently well. Haven’t you wondered why in States and Federal Universities, you tend to see more of the indigenes of the state more than others? When you get to UDUSOK, you will meet more students from Sokoto, Jigawa, Kwara, Kebbi, Katsina and other states that falls under the Usman Danfodio University catchment area. This is a practice in all states and federal Universities in Nigeria. So selecting a university where your state of origin falls under the school’s catchment area makes admission at least 60% easier so long as you score up to the required cut off mark for your course sometimes even less.

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How To Find Your Catchment Area?

Not to worry, I have listed the catchment area for all universities in Nigeria here on this site so all you need do is make use of the search button and type the catchment area of the school you are searching for and you will get your result instantly.

Having discussed the most important areas that has to do with universities and their catchment areas, l will now show you states that falls under UDUSOK’s catchment area. If you are from any of the under-listed states of origin and you selected or intend selecting UDUSOK as your preferred choice of institution in your UTME registration, all I can wish you is best of luck because you are on the right track.

List of States Under UDUSOK Catchment Area for Admission

  1. Sokoto
  2. Jigawa
  3. Kwara
  4. Kebbi,
  5. Katsina
  6. Kano
  7. Kaduna
  8. Nasarawa,
  9. Niger
  10. Zamfara

These are the 10 states classified under the Usman Danfodio University catchment area for candidates seeking admission into this great institution. As said earlier, your admission into UDUSOK is much easier when you are from any of the above states of origin.

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Do you have any questions about UDUSOK’s catchment area? I believe every area as regards the subject matter has been covered extensively, however you could send me your questions via the comment section below should you have any and I will respond swiftly.

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