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Top 20 Hospitality Management Courses In Nigeria: Course Outlines & Benefits

The Hospitality industry is rated as one of the fastest growing industries and contributing about 9% of the GDP of the Nigerian economy. According to reports, out of every ten (10) buildings being constructed, more than 50% are used for hospitality business in Nigeria and the more the hotels, the more human resources are needed and this has in turn increased the need for hospitality management courses in Nigeria.

To stand out from the crowd, the need for these diploma courses have become more important than ever, as part of the requirements by major players in the hospitality business is acquiring a professional certification or diploma course in Hotel management, Housekeeping and the likes.

Hospitality management course is another sector many people want to gain knowledge on. This course teaches you the importance of hospitality and how ways you can impart it to your patients.

Hospitality management is very simple to understand once you learn everything about the concepts, principles, and techniques required by the hospitality industry you find yourself. It would be worth the time and energy if only you give the Hospitality Management Certificate Course a try.

Do you know that Hospitality Management Certificate Courses have been awarded CPD and IAO accreditation? The courses are suitable for individual interested in working in this sector or who simply wants to learn more about the topic. If you’re an individual looking to excel in this sector, then Hospitality Management Certificate Course is the right step for you as we have listed the top 20 trending Hospitality Management courses for you to make your choice below.

Do not get it twisted, the hospitality industry is not in direct relationship with hotels or restaurants alone, casinos, spas, travel, restaurants, events and event venues. The industry is so broad that you cannot be a master at any two at a time. In this post, we will be discussing the top 20 hospitality management courses currently available in Nigeria and globally, also, the course outlines and what you stand to gain from acquiring a certificate in any of the hospitality management courses offered in Nigeria.

As for the top 10 hospitality management school, we are working on proving the best schools of hospitality management that issues certificates at the end of the course programme in order to stand you out from the crowd.

Top 20 Hospitality Management Courses In Nigeria: Course Outlines & Benefits 1

Top 20 Hospitality Management Courses In Nigeria And Their Benefits

Restaurant and Hospitality Management Advanced Diploma

Restaurant and Hospitality Management Advanced Diploma certification is one of the Hospitality management courses that can take you around the world owing to the act that it offers a fast-paced and thrilling environment where you can showcase your skills, techniques and magnificent services to a group of people with common ideology.

One thrilling fact about Restaurant and Hospitality Management Advanced Diploma is that as an individual, you learn and discover the concepts and techniques related to hotel and restaurant operations, food preparation and service, front and back office operations as well as marketing, financial analysis, accounting and intercultural team dynamics, so it’s a 360 degree dynamics. That is, it is all encompassing, you are not left lagging in any area, this course helps you to be completely in control of the whole process from start to finish.

May it also interest you to know that the Restaurant and Hospitality Management Advanced Diploma certificate course has been awarded the CPD (Continuing Professional Development Accreditation) and IAO (International Accreditation Organization) accreditation and is one of the best-selling courses available to students worldwide.

Restaurant and Hospitality Management course is suitable for persons interested in working in the hospitality and Management Industry therefore if you are looking at being successful in this industry then Restaurant and Hospitality Management Advanced Diploma is best suited for you.

Food and Beverage Management

Food and Beverage Management course is one of the most fulfilling branches of Hospitality Management course. It is the most suitable aspects of catering that sees the smooth preparation and management of foods and beverages in an event from start to finish.

As a Food and Beverage manager in an event, you will be helping people celebrate some of the most important events in their lives so the effective management of such event would pit a priceless smile and an unforgettable memory in their minds.

Under the Food and Beverage Management course, you will go through the following topics as this will give you better standing on a wider scope and reach a larger clientele.

  • Food-service management
  • Catering management
  • Product development
  • Beverage management
  • Nutrition

Basic Course on Housekeeping        

Housekeeping is another hospitality and management course that involves the systematic process of keeping hotel rooms and public places clean. Unfortunately, many have overlooked this branch of hospitality management course due to its perceived degrading outlook. Do you know that Housekeeping is the most important function in any hotel? Without proper Housekeeping, customers would switch to other cleaner environment and this would cause a damaging effect on the image of the hotel and have a negative effect on their profitability.

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Housekeeping maintains the standard of the hotel property and in turn gives it that unique look and serene view. In fact Housekeeping is the backbone of any hotel or organization as it can make or mar the success of the hotel or event center as the case may be. This course has been designed for aspirants who intend making a career in the Hospitality industry to properly understand the structural process of housekeeping as a branch of Hospitality management course.

Events Management Course

We are all familiar with events management course. Candidly speaking, this is the most popular area of Hospitality management course. Unfortunately, there are very few certified event managers in Nigeria as many are not aware of any Event management course being available to give their career a further boost.

Event management course begins with an explanation of the role of an events manager. The course teaches you the benefits of strategic management, the importance of implementing the correct budget, and the latest event management software programs available for carrying out your job with less stress.

One of the strategies of being a successful event planner is dependent on your customer service and communication skills, and these are covered alongside a list of the types of events that events managers may be responsible for. Also, the design pattern of your venue, stage design and layout, plus working with seasonal themes are also the determining factor for future call ups.

In this course, you will be tutored theoretically and practically on how to manage budgets and finances, and manage the sales of tickets where necessary. The average event managers lack knowledge on Health and safety tips when carrying out their duties, the Event Management course would imbibe you on ensuring events centers and environments are safe for users, plus how to deal with emergency cases.

Other aspect of this course involves the following:

a) Proper budgeting for the logistics of events which involves the tapping of electricity supplies to various units and troubleshooting problems.

b) Selecting the right venue for the occasion

c) Identifying grey areas when drawing out your budget

d) Most importantly, mastering the skills of negotiating the best deal for clients.

As said above, the event management course is a very broad and interesting one. It involves a lot and most importantly it is very fulfilling if you know your job. You can build a very successful career in this field.

Wedding Planning

This course could as well be classified under Event Management course but to a degree. The need to concentrate of Wedding planning course cannot be over emphasized due to the trends in wedding events nowadays and this has necessitated the need to carve out the course from the umbrella of event management course in order to get the best out of it.

Ideally, wedding days are usually regarded as the most important day in the couples lives. In fact they make sure everything from their event centres, hall designs, wedding dress, foods and drinks are top notch.

To successfully plan a wedding, you need the wedding planning course to give you that professional touch, uniqueness and stand out. The Wedding planning course covers every detail of planning a perfect wedding for your clients and it begins with the responsibilities and duties of the wedding planner, ability to meet client’s expectations, and the reason you should be selected amongst others to take full responsibility of their wedding.

The course also covers the different types of weddings ceremonies and occasions that you are most likely to encounter and the legalities associated with them. Wedding planning is taking a new dimension, there are new sitting styles coming up yearly, most wedding halls are usually arranged in a theater or banquet style as this depends on the number of expected guests.

The wedding planning course would also teach you how to plan the itinerary for the day, advice on the wedding attires of the couple, the techniques of finding and booking the perfect event center or venue.

Amongst others, this course will also intimate you on how to locate the best caterers and bakers to the ideal cake for the wedding, as well as finding florists and knowing how to place the flowers to best effect within the venue.

Last but not the least, the Wedding planning course would teach aspirants on the lay the area of transport. That is, providing available transport options to convey the wedding attendees from church or court to the event center and then to the post wedding party venue.

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Top 20 Hospitality Management Courses In Nigeria: Course Outlines & Benefits 2

Restaurant Management Course

Restaurant business is good business, it is a must visit for stakeholders after rigorous meetings therefore the need for having experts in this field calls for no debates. Aside corporate bodies, individuals, family and friends make have the need to visit restaurants so its a place for all kinds of tribes and religions in the world.

If you feel the need to take a course on restaurant management then you are good to go. Job opportunities in this field are not hard to come by so long as you are certified. Taking a course on restaurant management covers every area of running a successful restaurant either in Nigeria or anywhere in the world.

a) The course starts with an introduction of how the outlook of a restaurant be perceived from the very first glance. the duties, roles and responsibilities of restaurant managers in any outfit anywhere in the world.

b) Also included in this course outline are the different types of restaurants and their layouts.

c) The power of an excellent customer service in the industry and how complaints can be handled are also part of what you stand to gain should you take on this course.

d) Ability to identify the type food and drinks that ought to be available and served at restaurants, this area is very vital because some customers have one health issues or allergies or the other.

e) You will be taught on how to get the license of running restaurant and maintain the laws guiding it.

f) Lastly, how to ensure the healthiness and safety of dishes served to customers plus using the right terminologies used in this line of business.

Hotel Management Course

This is one of the most sought after Hospitality Management courses in Nigeria and globally. The services you benefit from when you lodge in a hotel is part and parcel of the experience and for this is made possible by professionals in the field which is what you are about to get started with.

Hotel management course like all other hospitality courses listed above begins with a summary of your duties and responsibility as a hotel manager and the particular services and items that guests expect to be provided with on a daily basis. In the hotel, you are the go to person for any complaints from customers so this explains how important your role can be.

To take on this job, you must be highly skilled and professional in your dealings with customers as this would determine if they would return or not. In this course you will be taught on the necessary skills needed to function effectively as a manager of a hotel no matter the size. Strategies on how to meet and surpass guest expectations from the the first contact to their final departure will be taught too.

Practical examples on how to best welcome guests, the steps to be take for booking in and checking them (guests) out, not forgetting the effective management of a front desk too. As a hotel manager, you are seen as a leader therefore, oversee the duties of other workers most especially the housekeepers as discussed above. In this course you will be taught on effectiveness of cleanliness and its impacts in a hotel.

Included in the course outline are the terms used in the hotel industry as it helps for better communication with customers and clients.

Most importantly, the will learn the the skills and qualities needed to manage a team of staff assigned to work under you, this includes all necessary documents, paperwork and reporting to the senior management staff. This course is quite broad though career fulfilling if you can gather the basic knowledge required for you to be termed certified hotel manager.

Hotel Reception

Wanna be a certified Hotel Receptionist? this course is for you. Upon undertaking this course remember you are regarded as the face of the hotel. Your customer relationship skills is your most powerful tool and it must be guarded jealously. Since the Hotel Receptionist is the first point of contact for guests, it is necessary to understand your role and job function.

Upon completing the Hotel Management course you stand to gain the following;

a) An insight into the functions, duties and the opportunities in the hospitality industry.

b) Global standards and procedures for running a hotel reception

c) Use of the best communication skills including verbal, non-verbal and written, plus good telephone etiquette towards customers

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d) How to check-in guests who come for lodging

e) The steps needed in taking reservations for halls or hotel room

f) Administrative skills and qualities needed to provide an effective customer service relationship with customers.

g) Updated  computer skills needed for a good property management system plus how to use the OPERA system.

h) Last but not the least, how to provide excellent customer service to customers and clients of the hotel.

As a Hotel Receptionist, you are constantly in touch with all level of staff ranging from junior or senior management staff so being a good team player would determine your success in this field. The Hotel Receptionist course is essential as this would give your career path a boost and put you a step above others because you are seen as a certified professional in the field.

Travel & Tourism Diploma Course

The Travel and Tourism Diploma course is ideal for anyone who is looking to work in the travel industry. Traveling is part of humans, the field has a lot of untapped resources where if you start a course on this industry, you will benefit immensely from it.

You can look up for any school of hospitality and management where this course is being offered and start one today.

Customer Services Course

Customer service is likened to Receptionists, just that nowadays organizations are looking for persons with excellent customer service skills and techniques. You can stand tall amongst other if you enroll in any customer service course online or offline.

The 21st century clients have focused their radar on the  quality customer service your organization can offer. They score organizations based on how they are treated by the customer service executive because they are perceived as the face of the organization. this is to tell the importance this course plays in the over all image of the organization.

In summary, acquiring a diploma certificate in Customer Service means such individual have gained proper knowledge and understanding of the hospitality sector and how to build an exciting career in the industry.

Those interested in this course at the end of the duration of the course must have acquired the skills needed to provide clients the best level of customer service be it face to face or via telephone calls. Other benefits of acquiring a diploma in customer service course are as follows:

  • Identify and master the duties and role of a front desk officer in a Hotel or organization
  • Understand Front Office Organization & its staff
  • Understand function of Guest Relations Department
  • Understand services extended to VIP Guests
  • Know about Bell Desk and its functions
  • Gain knowledge of Concierge Service in Hotel
  • Understand function of Night Auditor
  • Know about various reports of Front Office
  • Discover different Career Options in Front Office

Deaf-Friendly Course

The Hearing impaired finds it difficult communicating with staff of a hotel and this has made it more tasking attending to their needs. This is one area of Hospitality and management course that needs to be tapped into. These set of people are very well paid because they are few who have the Deaf-Friendly certificate.

The ‘Deaf-Friendly Hospitality for Hotels‘ is a course structured for person that currently works or intends working in the hospitality industry. The course has been designed in a systematic manner that makes it possible to learn the basics of helping a Deaf hotel guest to make sure they have a positive deaf-friendly experience at the hotel or environment.

Discover the following if you acquire this certificate:

  1. Discover insight into the issues facing Deaf travelers
  2. Identify areas in your establishment that need improvement
  3. Learn American Sign Language vocabulary to assist you in communication
  4. Apply tips and tricks to become a deaf-friendly establishment

Other Top Hospitality Management Courses In Nigeria Includes

  1. Quality Management in Hospitality Sector
  2. Marketing and Advertising in Hotel Industry
  3. Hotel and Hospitality Management Diploma
  4. Recruitment and Selection in Hospitality Industry
  5. Hospitality Supervision and Leadership
  6. Certified Restaurant Manager
  7. Advanced Certificate in Strategic Hospitality

Hope this article has helped in its own little ways. All the above are the top and trending hospitality and management courses you can enroll for and carve a niche for yourself in the field. Your inputs are very valuable to us to keep updating this content for future readers so if you have any or questions as related to the above topic kindly get back to us via our contact us page or comment section below and we shall respond accordingly.

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