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Toni Tones: Husband, Biography, Age, Father, Married & Networth

Toni Tones whose native name is Gbemi Anthonia Adefuye, is a renowoned Nigerian media personality, actress, and photographer. Whose influence in the movie industry have been greatly felt.

Toni Tones Biography

Adefuye was born the youngest in a family of 5 . Her early education was in Lagos which she successfully completed at Queen’s College. She modeled for Durovo because he was just a friend of the family when she was fourteen.

Toni Tones: Husband, Biography, Age, Father, Married & Networth 1

Her full name is Gbemisola Anthonia Adefuye and she visited the University of Lancaster in the UK where she studied marketing and economics. When the course was complete, she returned to Nigeria in 2009 to explore her interest in entertainment industry . Her brother had been a musician with the band Oxygen and Tones initially decided to be a entertainment industry photographer. Her portfolio caught the eye of D’banj’s reality show, Koko Mansion.

In 2017, she continued to try and do photographic work but was then both behind and ahead of the camera. She has starred as an actor in the web TV series “Gidi-culture”; in many films, including “It’s Her Day” in 2016. She also starred in the movie titled “King of Boys” as the younger Eniola Salami. The movie premiered on 21st of October 2018.

Toni Tones Father

Just as people stay back home to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in the world, people have longer with their relations .

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The “I’m Just A Kid” challenge involves people that recreate their childhood pictures in a new video. This challenge is essentially for relations trying to recreate an old picture.

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While watching these videos, a song titled “I’m Just A Kid” are often heard in the background.

It’s usually funny to observe especially when one watch adults sitting on the laps of their parents or making faces they made as a toddler . This video has gotten tons of recognition worldwide because it’s hard to not appreciate the growth and notable change.

At now , Toni Tones is that the first celebrity to try to to it in Nigeria and that we do hope more video end up great as this one’

Toni Tones Married

Nollywood actress, Toni Tones wants people to know that ladies don’t need to have kids or marry to be considered successful or fulfilled. The actress shared her thoughts on what most girls want in a series of tweet on Thursday as a follow-up to a tweet thread on how not every woman wants marriage from a relationship. consistent with Toni Tones, women don’t need to follow the established order which incorporates waiting till after marriage to have sex, having kids only after marriage and doing what others want them to try and do.

She wrote, “Some people are quick to jump into conclusion that they know what i would like with my life and that’s because I defend the choices of other women. If I say “some women don’t want kids and that’s okay”, that doesn’t mean I never want kids. It means I recognise all women are entitled to form their own life choices. “I have an enormous platform and that i know this. So sometimes i exploit it to talk abreast of behalf of friends, family, or maybe strangers. What I share isn’t always reflective of how I live my life or the choices I make/will make. I just share what i feel must be read or known.

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“Women don’t always need to follow the established order . Women don’t need to have kids or marry . Women don’t need to wait till marriage to possess sex. Women should have autonomy over their own body. Women don’t need to do what you would like them to try. Earlier, Tony had done a thread on how not every woman wants marriage from a relationship. and that’s within the thread, she wrote “It is not all woman that wants marriage from a relationship. At times women just want to be during a relationship with someone they will celebrate with, have fun with, Explore the planet with, cook with, eat with, learn with, grow with, roll in the hay.

Toni Tones: Husband, Biography, Age, Father, Married & Networth 2

Now some don’t want to anymore. “Some women are not ready for marriage but they hold dearly romantic relationships. Others don’t want marriage whatsoever. As long as that’s communicated to the person they’re during a relationship with, who are you to gauge . “I’m getting to stress the communication element because this is often what makes the difference. Entering a relationship with someone and not being clear or honest about your wants is that the problem. That’s once you waste peoples time. Be transparent and truthful. Don’t string people along.”

Toni Tones Movies

What Lies Untold (2015), U-turn, It’s Her Day (2016), Rumour Has It (2016), Head over Heels (2017), 5th Floor (2017), Royal Hibiscus Hotel (2017), ,June (2017). King of Boys (2018), Lara and the Bea and many more

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Toni Tones Age, Birthday & Year

Actress Shan George was born on 20th of July 1985. The Nollywood star is currently 36 years old. She celebrated widely with family, friends colleagues and fans nationwide

Toni Tones Net-worth – $ 2,000,000

The Nigerian actress is one of the most influential with an estimated Net-worth of about $ 2  Million dollars and with a number of exceptional eye catching movies that have received enormous sales.

Actress Toni Tones is one of the few Nigeria actresses that have left her foot print already in the Hollywood industry, considering how influential she has been in recent years. Having said all of these, Actress Toni Tones’s personal life, career and so many other achievements in the past has made her so famous that she is widely known.

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