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Theresa Onuorah: Biography, Age, Family, House, Music and Net Worth 2023

Anybody who knows anything about highlife music knows who Theresa Onuorah is; or has at least heard the name. She is one of the outstanding musicians in that genre; and is notable as the leader of the famous Egedege Troupe, and well known for her voice which is very melodious, and which flows along with the sound of the native flute.

Theresa Onuorah is a hard act to beat when it comes to traditional dance; her prowess comes from a combination of natural talent, and the experience gained over the years. Despite her achievements over the years, there are still so many who hardly know anything about Theresa Onuorah.

For the benefit of those people, this post will be an expose about the life and times of this multi talented personality called Theresa Onuorah.

Theresa Onuorah

Theresa Onuorah

Theresa Onuorah Profile

Full name: Theresa Chizeberum Onuorah

Popularly Known As: Queen Theresa Onuorah

Gender: Female

Date of birth: 9 January 1942

Place of birth: Unubi, Anambra State, Nigeria

Nationality: Nigerian

Religion: Christianity

Height in feet: 5′ 11″

Marital status: Married

Theresa Onuorah Biography

Theresa Onuorah was born on 9 January 1942, in the town of Unubi, Anambra State, Nigeria. Her father was an Egwu Ekpili musician as well as traditionalist, and was well known in Unubi, and surrounding towns. One can therefore say that Theresa Onuorah was born into a musical family, and was therefore groomed as a performer, and she has never done anything else.

She ventured into performance as a teenager; and sang and danced from town to town. She initially accompanied her father with his band as they toured from town to town, performing at local events. Theresa Onuorah then started out on her own, even before she was 20. This early passion for music did not leave much space for educational pursuits; there is no mention of enrolment in any educational institution.

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She released her first album in 1976 at the age of 34, and by 1985, she formed Egedege Dance Troop. The name Egedege is synonymous with wealth and bravery; which explains why she was able to build it into a special niche.

Throughout the Southeast; Theresa Onuorah performs her music for royalty, and for wealthy families. She is regularly invited by Southeasterners living in other areas to play in their weddings, festivals and funerals. Having Queen Theresa Onuorah perform at your event is a thing of pride; it shows that a person belongs to a certain echelon.

Theresa Onuorah: Biography, Age, Family, House, Music and Net Worth [year] 1

Larry Gaaga and Theresa Onuorah

Theresa Onuorah Music

Over the years Theresa Onuorah has been producing some great tunes. Some of her hit albums include:

  • Oba egwu
  • Onwanwa Mu Na Chimo
  • Ogene Ekwubego mu na onye ga-agba egbu
  • Ebelebe egbuonu O

However, she has been repackaging her music; she has been working with new school musicians. For example, she was featured on a replica of one of her hit songs titled Egedege, which was done by Larry Gaga, Flavour N’ abania and Phyno.

Theresa Onuorah Age

Theresa Onuorah was born on 9 January 1942, making her 80 years old at present. One would find that difficult to believe considering how agile she is on stage, and the energy with which she performs her music. She is probably one of the oldest musicians still performing on the continent.

Theresa Onuorah Family

Theresa Onuorah is married to Godwin Igboebisi. Sources indicate that she has children from the marriage. However, she also has a son from a previous relationship with Pericoma; a renowned musician and magician. The son is Speed Darlington; a musician and actor.

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Of course she also has an entire clan who share the same bloodline with her; Theresa Onuorah has brothers, sisters, uncles and aunts, as well as their children, all in their family compound in Unubi, Anambra State.

Theresa Onuorah House

Theresa Onuorah lives in Unubi, where he has a lavishly furnished house. The house also serves as the base of operations for her Egedege Troupe; sources indicate that emissaries from wealthy families who want to book her services for their events always frequent her house.

While the exterior of the house has not been made public; it is well known that aside from residences for herself and family; the building also has an office; as well as a studio, and residence quarters for members of her troupe.

Theresa Onuorah Net Worth

Several sources ascribe a net worth of $100,000 to Theresa Onuorah; although it seems that she could be worth a lot more than that. The money comes from her music productions which she has been selling since the 1970’s. Being such a popular figure; she charges somewhere around 2 million naira for an appearance, and even more when she has to travel a long distance to make the appearance.

Theresa Onuorah is vastly popular; and she gets multiple shows through out the year; such as weddings, funerals, chieftaincy conferments and so on. Towards the end of the year she is always busy with events at social clubs, traditional day celebrations (very popular in Anambra), and other engagements.

Theresa Onuorah: Biography, Age, Family, House, Music and Net Worth [year] 2

Queen Theresa Onuorah and Flavor

Theresa Onuorah Personal Life

During her younger years as a performer; at around the time when she just released her first record; she entered a romantic relationship with Chief Pericoma; who was at the time the biggest and most renowned magician cum musician in eastern Nigeria.

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The pair became associated acts; and perhaps the relationship might have profited her career-wise, because Pericoma was unrivaled as a traditional artist. However, the relationship was fruitful; she became pregnant with a boy, who would later become an artist and actor himself.

Theresa Onuorah Closing Facts

Theresa Onuorah was born in Unubi Town, Anambra State on 9 January 1942. Her father was a traditionalist, and a musician. Following her father’s footsteps, she too became a musician; she joined her father; initially as a dancer, but later went solo, before she reached the age of 20.

She released her first album at the age of 30, and has not looked back since. Theresa Onuorah is known as the Queen of Highlife, and of the popular Egedege Troupe; she tours eastern Nigeria and beyond every year.

Theresa Onuorah was once well known as Pericoma’s lover. In the 80’s and 90’s the pair were famous for their infusation of traditional elements in highlife music. Currently, her associated acts are Larry Gaga, Phyno, and Flavour N’abania.

Theresa Onuorah is Speed Darlington’s mother; she also has at least one other son who is not involved in the entertainment industry at the moment.

Theresa Onuorah is married to Godwin Igboebisi, he too is a native of Unubi in Anambra State of Nigeria. She lives with her husband and family in a big house in Unubi, the same town where she hails from.

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