List of Postgraduate Courses Offered In UNIJOS And Their Admission Requirements

The university of Jos popularly referred to as UNIJOS is widely accepted as one of the best tertiary institutions to further your graduate programmes. There are several reasons for this and one of which is their postgraduate academic performance, tuition fee and speedy academic session.

For the sake of this post, we will be discussing about the list of postgraduate courses that are offered in UNIJOS and their admission requirements for each programme. Let us bring to your notice that each of the postgraduate courses are known to have their distinct admission requirements.

Many candidates for example have the general notion that upon graduation they are automatically eligible to apply for any PG programme in any university of their choices. Also, graduates of polytechnics are also in the habit of asking for requirements for Masters degree programmes.

List of Postgraduate Courses Offered In UNIJOS And Their Admission Requirements 1

In this post we will clear all confusions and answer the most frequently asked questions as regards choosing a postgraduate course in the University of Jos UNIJOS.

First, all graduates of HND are to please note that currently, no university in Nigeria accepts direct admittance into Masters degree courses. In simple terms, HND graduates seeking to study any of the under-listed PG courses offered in UNIJOS must first apply for a PGD (postgraduate programme) and upon completion of this, he or she becomes eligible to apply for a post graduate programme in UNIJOS or any other state or federal university within Nigeria.

NYSC Discharge Certificate

To apply for a post graduate programme in UNIJOS, an NYSC discharge certificate is a must have, for those without one, a certificate of exemption from your institution is acceptable by UNIJOS. Candidates or applicants awaiting the completion of their NYSC programmes are not eligible to apply as they would not be considered for admission.

WAEC or O’Level Requirements For Admission Into UNIJOS

Candidates applying for a PG programme at UNIJOS must meet the following basic admission requirements amongst others.

A) Must have 5 O’Level credits including mathematics and English language and 3 other subjects relevant to their course of study.

UNIJOS PG Admission Requirements For Masters And PGD Programmes.

A) Candidates seeking admission must possess five credit passes including English and Mathematics and other relevant subjects at O’ Level.

B) Candidates seeking Admission into a Master’s Degree or Postgraduate Diploma of the University of Jos must hold a good (First or second class) Honours Degree of this University or of other Universities recognized by the Senate of University of Jos.

In addition to the above, the first degree must be in a discipline relevant to the programme into which admission is being sought.

UNIJOS Postgraduate Admission Requirements For M.Phil And Ph.D Programme

A) This category of candidates seeking admission into an M.Phil/Ph.D programme offered in UNIJOS must in addition possess a Master’s degree in the relevant discipline. M.Phil/Ph.D candidates are in addition required to have returned a Cumulative Score Average (CSA) of 60% and above in the final assessment result for the Master’s Degree as well as 60% and above in the Research Project.

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On admission, M.Phil/Ph.D candidates register for M.Phil in the first instance and on satisfactory performance may be subsequently upgraded to Ph.D registration.
UNIJOS Admission Requirements For Ph.D Programmes

After you are sure your proposed PG course is offered in UNIJOS and have confirmed you meet the admission requirements into the institution, you are then automatically eligible for admission in the school.

Now let’s take a look at the list of Postgraduate Courses Offered In UNIJOS – University of Jos.

List of Postgraduate Courses Offered In UNIJOS And Their Admission Requirements 2

List of Postgraduate Courses Offered In UNIJOS

Departmentof Nigerian Languages and Linguistics

M.Phil/Ph.D. programmes:

M.Phil/Ph.D. Linguistics

M.A. programmes:

M.A. Linguistics

Department of English Language

M.A. English Language

M.A. Literature in English

Department of Foreign Languages


M.Phil/Ph.D. French (African Literature in French)

M.Phil/Ph.D. French (Literature in French)

M.Phil/Ph.D. French (Comparative Literature)

M.A. Programmes:

M.A. French (African Literature in French)

M.A. French (Literature in French)

M.A. French (Comparative Literature)


Department of History and International Studies

M.Phil/Ph.D. programmes:

M.Phil/Ph.D. African History

M.Phil/Ph.D. Economic History

M.Phil/Ph.D. History and International Studies

M.A. Programmes:

M.A. African History

M.A. Economic History

M.A. History and International Studies.


Department of Religion and Philosophy

M.Phil/Ph.D. programmes:

M.Phil/Ph.D. Ethics and Philosophy

M.Phil/Ph.D. African Traditional Religion

M.Phil/Ph.D. Church History

M.Phil/Ph.D. New Testament

M.Phil/Ph.D. Old Testament

M.Phil/Ph.D. Arabic

M.Phil/Ph.D. Interaction of Religion

M.Phil/Ph.D. Sociology of Religions

M.A. Ethics and Philosophy

M.A. African Traditional Religion

M.A. Church History

M.A. New Testament

M.A. Old Testament

M.A. Arabic

M.A. Islamic Studies

M.A. Interaction of Religion

M.A. Sociology of Religions


Department of Theater and Film Arts

M.Phil/Ph.D. programmes:

M.Phil/Ph.D. Play Directing/Production

M.Phil/Ph.D. Dramatic Literature

M.Phil/Ph.D.Play Creating

M.A. Programmes:

A. Play Directing/Production

A. Dramatic Literature

A. Play Creating

Department of Mass Communication

M.Phil/Ph.D. programmes:

MPhil/Ph.D. Mass Communication

M.A. Programmes:

M.A.  Mass Communication

Department of Special Education and Rehabilitation Sciences

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

M.Phil/Ph.D Hearing Handicap

M.Phil/Ph.D Learning Disabilities

M.Phil/Ph.D Visual Handicaps

Department of Arts Education

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

English Education

Phil/Ph.D. History and International Studies Education

Phil/Ph.D. Religion Education

M.A./M.Ed. Programmes:

Ed. English Education

A. Ed. History and International Studies Education


Department of Educational Foundation

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

Phil/Ph.D. Guidance and Counseling

Phil/Ph.D. Philosophy of Education

Phil/Ph.D. Sociology of Education

Phil/Ph.D. Educational Psychology

Phil/Ph.D. Educational Research, Measurement and Evaluation

Phil/Ph.D. Educational Administration and Planning

M.Ed. Programmes:

Ed. Guidance and Counseling

Ed. Philosophy of Education

Ed. Sociology of Education

Ed. Educational Psychology

Ed. Educational Research, Measurement and Evaluation

Ed. Educational Administration and Planning

Department of Social Science Education

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

M.Phil/Ph.D. Social Studies Education

M.Ed./M.Sc. Ed. Programmes:

Ed. Social Studies Education

Sc. Ed. Economics Education

Department of Science and Technology Education

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

Phil/Ph.D. Biology Education

Phil/Ph.D. Chemistry Education

Phil/Ph.D. Physics Education

Phil/Ph.D. Educational Technology

Phil/Ph.D. Mathematics Education

Phil/Ph.D. Science Education

Phil/Ph.D. Curriculum Studies

M.Sc.Ed Programmes:

Sc. Ed. Biology Education

Sc. Ed. Chemistry Education

Sc. Ed. Physics Education

Sc. Ed. Educational Technology

Sc. Ed. Mathematics Education

Sc. Ed. Geography Education

Sc. Ed. Science Education

Sc. Ed. Curriculum Studies


Department of Architecture

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M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

M.Phil/Ph.D Architecture

M.Sc. programmes:

M.Sc. Architecture

Postgraduate Diploma Programmes:

Postgraduate Diploma in Architecture (PGDARCH)

Department of Building

M.Phil./Ph.D. Programmes:

Phil./Ph.D. in Construction Management

Phil./Ph.D. Construction Technology

M.Sc. Programmes:

Sc. Construction Management

Sc. Construction Technology

Postgraduates Diploma Programmes:

Postgraduate Diploma Building (PGD BLDG)

Department of Geography and Planning

M.Phil./Ph.D. Programmes:

Phil./Ph. D Environmental and Resources Planning (ERP)

Phil./Ph. D Population and Man Power Planning (PMP)

M.Sc. Programmes:

Sc. Environmental and Resources Planning (ERP)

Sc. Population and Man Power Planning (PMP)

Department of Urban and Regional Planning

M.Phil./Ph.D. Programmes:

M.Phil./Ph.D. Urban and Regional Planning

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes

M. Phil/Ph.D. Law

M.Phil/Ph.D. Law and Diplomacy

Masters’ Programmes:

Masters in Law (LL.M)

M.A. Law and Diplomacy (MALD)

Department of Accounting and Finance

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmmes:

M.Phil/Ph.D Accounting and Finance

M.Sc. Programmes:

M.Sc. Accounting and Finance

Department of Business Administration

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

M.Phil/Ph.D Management

Master’s Programmes:

M.Sc. Management

Executive Masters in Business Administration

Department of Human Physiology

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

M.Sc. Programmes:

M.Sc. Human Physiology

Department of Human Anatomy

M.Phil/Ph.DHuman Anatomy

M.Sc. Programmes:

M.Sc. Human Anatomy

Department of Biochemistry

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

M.Phil/Ph.D Biochemistry

M.Sc. Programmes:

M.Sc. Biochemistry

Department of Medical Microbiology

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

M.Phil/Ph.D. Medical Microbiology

M.Sc. Programmes:

M.Sc. Medical Microbiology

Department of Community Medicine

Master’s Programmes:

Master Public Health (MPH)

M.Sc. Clinical Epidemiology

M.Sc. Field Epidemiology

Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programme

M.Phil/Ph.D.  Reproductive Sciences

Doctor of Medicine (MD) Obstetrics and Gynaecology

M.Sc. Programmes:

M.Sc. Reproductive Sciences

Department of  Medical Laboratory Science

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

M.Phil/Ph.D. with Areas of Specialization:

  • Chemical Pathology
  • Haematology and Blood Transfusion Science
  • Medical Microbiology
  • Histopathology
  • Immunology and immunochemistry

M.Sc. Programmes

M.Sc. Medical Laboratory Science

Department of Computer Science

M.Sc. Programmes:

M.Sc. Computer Science

Department of Geology


M.Phil/Ph.D. Ore Geology

M.Phil/Ph.D. Geochemistry

M.Phil/Ph.D. Environmental Geology

M.Sc. Programmes:

M.Sc. Mineral Exploration and Mining Geology

M.Sc. Engineering Geology and Hydrogeology

Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Geology (PDEG)

Postgraduate Diploma in Mining Geology (PDMG)

Department of Physics

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

M.Phil/Ph.D. Atomic and Nuclear Physics

M.Phil/Ph.D. Solid State Physics

M.Phil/Ph.D. Acoustics

M.Phil/Ph.D. Atmospheric Physics

M.Phil/Ph.D. Electronic and Telecommunication

M.Phil/Ph.D. Geophysics

M.Phil/Ph.D. Biophysics and Radiation Physics

M.Phil/Ph.D. Solar Energy Physics

M.Sc. Programmes:

M.Sc. Pure Physics

M.Sc. Applied Physics

Postgraduate Diploma Programmes:

Postgraduate Diploma in Electronics Electrical Technology and Physics

Department of Chemistry

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

M.Phil/Ph.D. Applied Analytical Chemistry

M.Phil/Ph.D. Applied Inorganic Chemistry

M.Phil/Ph.D. Applied Organic Chemistry

M.Phil/Ph.D. Applied Physical Chemistry

M.Sc. Programmes:

M.Sc. Applied Analytical Chemistry

M.Sc. Applied Inorganic Chemistry

M.Sc. Applied Organic Chemistry

M.Sc. Applied Physical Chemistry

Department of Plant Science and Technology

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

M.Phil/Ph.D Cytogenetics and Plant Breeding

M.Phil/Ph.D Applied Microbiology and Plant Pathology

M.Sc. Programmes:

M.Sc. Cytogenetics and Plant Breeding

M.Sc. Applied Microbiology and Plant Pathology

Department of Zoology

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

M.Phil/Ph.D. Entomology (with specialization in Entomology (Medical, Agricultural and General),

M.Phil/Ph.D. Parasitology(Medical, Veterinary and General)

M.Phil/Ph.D. Applied Hydrobiology and Fisheries

M.Sc. Programmes:

M.Sc. Applied Entomology and Parasitology

M.Sc. Applied Hydrobiology and Fisheries

M.Sc. Conservation Biology

Department of Microbiology


M.Phil/Ph.D Microbial Biotechnology

M.Phil/Ph.D Food and Industrial Microbiology

M.Phil/Ph.D Environmental Microbiology

M.Phil/Ph.D Public Health and Sanitary Microbiology

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M.Phil/Ph.D Medical Microbiology and Immunology

M.Sc. Programmes:

M.Sc. Microbial Biotechnology

M.Sc. Food and Industrial Microbiology

M.Sc. Environmental Microbiology

M.Sc. Public Health and Sanitary Microbiology

M.Sc. Medical Microbiology and Immunology

Postgraduate Diploma Programmes:

Postgraduate Diploma in Microbiology

Department of Mathematics


M.Phil/Ph.D. Abstract Algebra

M.Phil/Ph.D. Numerical Analysis

M.Phil/Ph.D. Biomathematics

M.Phil/Ph.D. Control Theory

M.Sc. Programmes:

M.Sc. Abstract Algebra

M.Sc. Numerical Analysis

M.Sc. Biomathematics

M.Sc. Control Theory

Department of Pharmacology

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

M.Phil/Ph.D. Pharmacology

M.Sc. Programmes:

M.Sc. Pharmacology

Department of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

M.Phil/Ph.D Pharmaceutical Chemistry

M.Sc. Programmes:

M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Chemistry

M.Sc. Bionformatics and Genomics

Postgraduate Diploma Programmes:

Postgraduates Diploma in Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Department of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

M.Phil/Ph.D Pharmaceutical Technology

M.Sc. Programmes:

M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Technology

Entry Requirements:

For M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Technology, a candidate must possess at least a GPA of 2.40 in B. Pharm. Degree or its equivalent from a recognized Institution.

Department of Clinical Pharmacy

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

M.Phil/Ph.D. Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice

M.Sc. Programmes:

M.Sc. Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice

Postgraduate Diploma Programmes:

Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical Pharmacy and Pharmacy Practice

Department of Pharmacognosy

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

M.Phil/Ph.D. Pharmacognosy

M.Sc. programmes:

M.Sc. in Pharmacognosy

Department of Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

M.Phil./Ph.D. Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology

Department of Pharmaceutical Microbiology

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

M.Phil/Ph.D Pharmaceutical Microbiology

Department of Economics

M.Sc. Programmes:

M.Sc. Economics

Department of General and Applied Psychology

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

M.Phil/Ph.D. Clinical Psychology

M.Phil/Ph.D. Organizational Psychology

M.Phil/Ph.D. Social Psychology

M.Sc. Programmes:

M.Sc. Clinical Psychology

M.Sc. Organizational Psychology

M.Sc.  Social and Terrorism Psychology

Postgraduate Diploma Programmes:

Postgraduate Diploma in Psychology

Department of Political Science

Masters’ Programmes:

M.Sc. Research and Public Policy

M.Sc. International Relations and Strategic Studies

M.Sc. Political  Economy and Development Studies

M.Sc. Public Policy and Administration

Department of Sociology

M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

M.Phil/Ph.D. Sociology

M.Phil/Ph.D. Social Work

M.Sc. Programmes:

M. Sc. Sociology

M.Sc. Social Work (MSW)

Postgraduate Diploma Programmes:

Postgraduate Diploma in Social Work (PGDSW)

Postgraduate Diploma in HIV/AIDS Studies

M.Phil / Ph.D. Programmes:

M.Phil/Ph.D Conflict Management and Peace studies

M.Sc. Programmes:

M.Sc. Conflict Management and Peace studies

Postgraduate Diploma Programmes:

Postgraduate Diploma in Conflict Management and Peace Studies


M.Phil/Ph.D. Programmes:

M.Phil/Ph.D. Women Studies

M.Phil/Ph.D. Gender Studies

Masters’ Programmes:

M.A. Women Studies

M.Sc. Gender Studies


Postgraduate Diploma Programmes:

Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGED)

The PG courses offered in UNIJOS covers a lot in terms of scope of work. Career wise you have a lot of choices to select from whichever suits your career path.

Admission requirements have been duly discussed so we are sure you wouldn’t have any questions related to that area, however should you feel the need to get back to us as regards UNIJOS postgraduate courses, admission requirements and other related questions, kind get back to us via our comments section below and we shall respond accordingly.

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