List of Most Competitive Courses Offered in UNIJOS

University of Jos is one school many students apply in their UTME registration in a bid to gain admission into the school. Before writing your UTME, you might want to go for a professional course that will give you a competitive edge upon graduation, this leads to the question, what are the competitive courses in UNIJOS can I apply for? This is the norm amongst students.

UNIJOS like other universities has competitive courses and competitive courses. Firstly, what do we mean by competitive courses and competitive courses? Competitive courses are simply courses that many students register for during their UTME registration. Non-competitive courses are programmes that are registered by UTME or DE candidates. For example if you go through the list of less competitve courses offered in UNIJOS you will agree with me that courses like Chemistry, Education and History, Geography, Geology, History are amongst the less competitive courses registered by students seeking admission into UNIJOS or other schools in Nigeria.

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List of Most Competitive Courses Offered in UNIJOS 1

In this post, I will be listing all the most competitive courses offered in UNIJOS in all faculties so this can be of help to all students irrespective of whether you are under arts, science, or commercial.

At the end of this post, you should be clear about the following:

List of competitive courses under faculty of Arts in UNIJOS

List of competitive courses under faculty of Science in UNIJOS

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List of competitive courses under faculty of Education in UNIJOS

List of competitive courses under Faculty of Social Science in UNIJOS

List of competitive courses under Faculty of Management Science in UNIJOS

List of Competitive Courses in UNIJOS

  1.       Accounting
  2.       Business Administration
  3.       Anatomy
  4.       Theatre Arts
  5.       Economics
  6.       Civil Engineering
  7.       LAW
  8.       Pharmacy
  9.       Psychology
  10.       Radiography
  11.       Political Science
  12.       Medical Laboratory Science
  13.       Nursing Science
  14.       Medicine And Surgery
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The above is the most competitive courses offered in UNIJOS. Remember that these courses are in not really superior to other less competitive courses, it’s just that they are registered by candidates seeking admission into University of Jos who meet the maximum requirements for their respective courses.

Hope this was helpful? You can send your questions via the comment section below and we shall respond in accordance.


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