List of Courses Offered In NOUN (National Open University of Nigeria)

The approved list of courses offered in NOUN (National open University of Nigeria) has been released by the management and school authority.

We have deemed it necessary to publish these accredited courses offered in NOUN (National open University of Nigeria) as it has become impeccably necessary based on data received as regards the subject matter.

These courses as seen below are the accredited courses according to NUC (Nigerian University Commission) therefore candidates or prospective students are sure of the information gathered.

Usually, upon choosing a course of study, it is usually advised prospective students or applicants go through some of the requirements required to be eligible to study the course in question, see below basic requirements;

List of Courses Offered In NOUN (National Open University of Nigeria) 1

NOUN Admission Requirements

  1. The candidate must be over 16 years of age in the year of admission (Some student swear an affidavit just to increase their ages)
  2. Candidates must possess at least 5 credit passes in relevant subjects which must include English Language and mathematics at GCE O’Level, WASCE, SSCE, NECO or approved equivalents at not more than 2 sittings.
  3. Candidates with Teachers Grade II (TC II) with passes at credit or merit levels in conjunction with credit passes in relevant subjects at GCE, WASCE, SSCE, NECO or approved equivalents may be considered. No subject may be counted at both TC II and GCE O/Level, WASCE, SSCE, NECO or approved equivalents.

Upon meeting these requirements as stated above, candidates becomes automatically eligible for admission into NOUN (National Open University of Nigeria) and their internal screening exercise.

So with the above information, prospective candidates should be clear as regards the requirements for the list of courses offered in NOUN (National Open University of Nigeria)
As usual, we have arranged the all courses offered in NOUN in an alphabetical order for ease of identification for readers.

List Of Accredited Courses Offered In NOUN

Programme CodeProgramme TitleHost FacultyRemarks
7406PhD Management Information System (MIS)ACETEL Programmes
7405PhD Cyber Security (CS)ACETEL Programmes
7404PhD Artificial Intelligence (AI)ACETEL Programmes
7403M.Sc. Management Information System (MIS)ACETEL Programmes
7402M.Sc. Cyber Security (CS)ACETEL Programmes
7401M.Sc. Artificial Intelligence (AI)ACETEL Programmes
7208B.Sc Agricultural Extension and ManagementAgricultural Sciences
7202B. Agric. (Agricultural Extension and Rural Development Option)Agricultural Sciences
7206B. Agric. (Crop Production and Protection Sciences Option)Agricultural Sciences
7205B. Agric. (Soil and Land Resources Management Option)Agricultural Sciences
7201B. Agric. (Agricultural Economics and Agro Business Option)Agricultural Sciences
7301PGD Agricultural Extension and ManagementAgricultural Sciences
7204B. Agric. (Aquaculture and Fisheries Management Option)Agricultural Sciences
7203B. Agric. (Animal Science Option)Agricultural Sciences
7207B.Sc. Hotel and Catering ManagementAgricultural SciencesAdmission Suspended
2406M.A. Islamic StudiesArts
2405M.A. EnglishArts
2016B.A. PhilosophyArts
2015B.A. YorubaArts
2014B.A. HausaArts
2210B.A. IgboArts
2203B.A. Arabic Language and LiteratureArts
2403M.A Christian Religious StudiesArts
2502Ph.D Christian Religious StudiesArts
2305PGD. Christian Religious StudiesArts
2208B.A. Islamic StudiesArts
2207B.A. Christian Religious StudiesArts
2206B.A. FrenchArts
2205B.A. EnglishArts
Access and GSAccess and General StudiesCentre for Entrepreneurship and General Studies (CE&GS)
4215B.Sc. (Ed) Human KineticsEducation
4214BLIS – Library and Information ScienceEducation
4213B.Sc.(Ed) Health EducationEducation
4404M.Ed. Guidance and CounsellingEducation
4301Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)Education
4504Ph.D Mathematical EducationEducation
4503Ph.D Educational TechnologyEducation
4502Ph.D Science EducationEducation
4501Ph.D Educational Administration and PlanningEducation
4403M.Ed. Educational TechnologyEducation
4402M.Ed. Science EducationEducation
4401M.Ed. Educational Administration and PlanningEducation
4212B.Sc.(Ed) Business EducationEducation
4211B.A.(Ed) Primary EducationEducation
4210B.A.(Ed) FrenchEducation
4209B.A.(Ed) EnglishEducation
4208B.A.(Ed) Early Childhood EducationEducation
4207B.Sc.(Ed) PhysicsEducation
4206B.Sc.(Ed) MathematicsEducation
4205B.Sc.(Ed) Computer ScienceEducation
4204B.Sc.(Ed) Integrated ScienceEducation
4203B.Sc.(Ed) ChemistryEducation
4202B.Sc.(Ed) BiologyEducation
4201B.Sc.(Ed) Agricultural ScienceEducation
8306M.Sc Public HealthHealth SciencesActive
8302B.Sc. Environmental Health ScienceHealth Sciences
5206Bachelor of Nursing Science (BNSc)_OldHealth SciencesAdmission Suspended

See New Nursing

8301Postgraduate Diploma in (PGD) HIV/AIDS Education and ManagementHealth SciencesAdmission Suspended
8201B.Sc Public HealthHealth Sciences
8204(BNSc) Bachelor of Nursing ScienceHealth Sciences
6201LLB LawLawAdmission Suspended
3211B.Sc. Transport ManagementManagement Sciences
3414M.Sc EntrepreneurshipManagement Sciences
3312PGD EntrepreneurshipManagement Sciences
8304Ph.D Business AdministrationManagement Sciences
8303Ph.D Public AdministrationManagement Sciences
3209B.Sc Banking and FinanceManagement Sciences
3208B.Sc MarketingManagement Sciences
3207BSc Public AdministrationManagement Sciences
3210B.Sc Business AdministrationManagement Sciences
3415MSc Public AdministrationManagement Sciences
3416MSc Business AdministrationManagement Sciences
3309PGD Financial ManagementManagement SciencesAdmission Suspended
3313PGD Business AdministrationManagement Sciences
3311PGD Public AdministrationManagement Sciences
3205B.Sc AccountingManagement Sciences
3204B.Sc. EntrepreneurshipManagement Sciences
3411Master of Public Administration (MPA)Management Sciences
3413Master of Business Administration (MBA)Management Sciences
3201B.Sc. Cooperative and Rural DevelopmentManagement Sciences
5402Ph.D Information TechnologySciences
5204B.Sc. Data ManagementSciencesAdmission Suspended
5214B.Sc PhysicsSciences
5213B.Sc BiologySciences
5212B.Sc ChemistrySciences
5401M.Sc Information Technology (Internet Options)Sciences
5305PGD. Information TechnologySciences
5209B.Sc. Mathematics/Computer ScienceSciences
5208B.Sc. MathematicsSciences
5205B.Sc. Environmental Management and ToxicologySciences
5203B.Sc. Computer ScienceSciences
5202B.Sc. Information TechnologySciences
2217B.Sc. Development StudiesSocial Sciences
2216B.Sc BroadcastingSocial Sciences
2214B.Sc Film ProductionSocial Sciences
2504Ph.D Peace Studies and Conflict resolutionSocial Sciences
2306PGD EconomicsSocial Sciences
2501Ph.D Mass CommunicationSocial Sciences
2404M.Sc. Criminology and Security StudiesSocial Sciences
2213B.Sc. International and Diplomatic StudiesSocial SciencesAdmission Suspended
2302PGD Mass CommunicationSocial Sciences
2209B.Sc. Tourism StudiesSocial Sciences
2212B.Sc EconomicsSocial Sciences
2211B.Sc. Political ScienceSocial Sciences
2402M.Sc. Peace Studies and Conflict ResolutionSocial Sciences
2401M.Sc. Mass CommunicationSocial Sciences
2303PGD. Peace Studies and Conflict ResolutionSocial Sciences
2301PGD. Criminology and Security StudiesSocial Sciences
2204B.Sc. Mass CommunicationSocial Sciences
2202B.Sc. Peace Studies and Conflict ResolutionSocial Sciences
2201B.Sc. Criminology and Security StudiesSocial Sciences

Hope this was informative enough? if you have any question(s) as regards the list of accredited courses offered in NOUN (National Open University of Nigeria) simply scroll down to the comment section below, post your questions and we will shall respond in no time.

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