Kenpoly Part-time School Fees for Fresh Students 2024/2025 Academic Session

The College for Continuing Education (CCE), Kenpoly part time school fees for fresh students 2024/2025 academic session has been released but at the moment, the exact tuition fee cannot be pinpointed.

Kenpoly part-time tuition fee for full time degree students is well defined but that cannot be said about part time students. However, we have been able to come up with the school fees range payable based on consultations from past and current students.

Kenpoly Part-time School Fees for Fresh Students [year]/[nyear] Academic Session 1

Kenpoly part time degree is an internally run programme and their students are often workers or students who for one reason or the other find it difficult or not chanced, hence the need for part time programme. Nowadays students who could not gain admission after exhausting every means available, seek part time programme as the best way out hence the school fees surfaces.

In this post we will be breaking down the current estimated kenpoly part time school fees for all fresh students as approved by the College for Continuing Education (CCE), kenpoly. In the tuition fee breakdown, you would see that fees payable by part time students is about five thousand naira (5,000) more than what full time students are required to pay.

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Since part time is a programme run by the management of the polytechnic without government funding, tuition fee are more in order to cater for the running cost of the programme. This is a practice applicable in all states and federal polytechnics in Nigeria so this should not come as a surprise to candidates.

If you are interested in polytechnic 2024/2025 admission year part-time school fees then this information is for you, please confirm the fees payable by fresh students in order to avoid change of institution as some candidates do after results are out already.

Upon gaining admission, kenpoly part time acceptance fee is to be paid then screening/registration can follow alongside school fees, we assume this should not also sound new to all newly admitted students as this is a process applicable in all universities approved to run part time programmes in Nigeria, be it private or federal.

Paying the acceptance fee literally serves as a proof of acceptance of the provisional admission from JAMB and non-payment automatically means rejection or forfeiture of the admission.

Please note that late payment of Kenpoly part-time school fees for any of the courses offered by fresh students would attract extra charges and failure to pay the fees on time could lead to the student’s inability to seat for examination or forfeiture of admission.

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Ken Saro wiwa polytechnic like most state and federal polytechnics in Nigeria, does not offer the option of paying school fees in installments, that its, tuition fees are to be paid in one installment. Being a state owned polytechnic, fees are NOT very affordable for parents and guardians.

Like their state polytechnics tuition fees are paid based on whether the candidate is indigene or non-indigene of the state, that is, indigenes pay a subsidized fee when compared to non-indigenes. For federal polytechnics, irrespective of the state of origin of the student or programme offered, all newly and returning students pay the same amount of school fees.

Ken Saro wiwa polytechnic part-time school fees breakdown for freshers in 2024/2025 academic session has been properly outlined in the table below. You are advised to read carefully the information provided

Upon digesting the contents of this post, readers ought to be clear about the following information:

  1. KENPOLY part-time school for indigenes 2024/2025 academic session
  2. KENPOLY part-time school fees breakdown for non-indigenes 2024/2025 session
  3. KENPOLY part-time acceptance fee for all fresh students
  4. Kenpoly part-time School Fees For Fresh Students 2024/2025 academic session.
  5. Ken saro wiwa poly fresh part time indigenes and non-indigenes are to pay equal amount of school fees.
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Ken Poly Part-time School Fees for Fresh Student 2024/2025 Academic Session

LEVELSessionAcceptance FeeSchool Fees/Session
ND 1Payment to be made in full15,000Between N35,000 to N38,000
HND 1Full Payment Per Semester15,000Between N37,000 to N40,500

The above is the estimated amount all Ken poly part time students pay as school fees and acceptance fee part time students pay at the polytechnic. However, you are advised to reconfirm this fee before making payment across the counter at the bank just to be double sure.

I believe this is well understood? Please share with us the exact Ken Poly tuition fee payable for part time students as approved by College for Continuing Education (CCE) upon paying yours so others who are yet to pay could also benefit from this information via the comment section below.