Justice Binta Nyako: Biography, State of Origin, Husband, News & All You Need To Know.

Justice Binta Nyako is one of Nigeria’s most respected lawyers, legal practitioners, and human rights activists. She hails from the northern part of Nigeria, where she has been a staunch voice for peace and justice. She is widely known for her legal expertise in criminal, constitutional, and human rights. Binta’s journey to becoming a respected lawyer has not been easy as she had to battle against all odds, including the challenges of being female. This article will discuss Binta Nyako’s biography, Binta Nyako’s state of origin, and other vital aspects.

Binta Nyako’s Biography

Binta Nyako was born on May 14, 1959, in remawa, Katsina State, to a low-income family. After her secondary school education at Queens College, Yaba, Lagos, she completed her university education. She obtained an LLB degree from Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, and then LLD with merit from the same university. Binta, a member of the Nigerian bar association and Bauchi State Bar Association, had worked at Bauchi State Ministry of Justice, Supreme Court, and Katsina Federal High Court before being employed by Human Rights Center (HRC). At HRC, she rose to become one of the directors in 2001 till 2006 when Bauchi State Governor Bala Mohammed employed her as a commissioner. Binta has also worked in Bauchi State Ministry of Justice (2013-2016), Bauchi State Judiciary (2004-2006), and Bauchi Legal Aid Council. She has partaken and led various international conferences and workshops on Bauchi State Judiciary. Binta also represented Nigeria at the UNHRC in Geneva, Switzerland (2009-2016).

Justice Binta Nyako Profile
Real Name: Binta Nyako
Date of Birth:     May 14, 1959 (64 years)
Place of Birth:    Remawa
State of Origin   Katsina State
Nationality:         Nigerian
Marital Status:   Married
Occupation:        Judge
Net Worth          $350, 000

Justice Binta Nyako: Biography, State of Origin, Husband, News & All You Need To Know. 1

Nyako State of Origin

Binta hails from Katsina state, where her parents are still based, but she grew up in Bauchi and attended school there. She has an elder sister, Safiya Hussaini.

Binta Nyako’s Education & Career History

A lawyer who was born into poverty, Binta had to battle against the odds to be where she is today. Binta’s parents could not afford her education and had to work as a hawker, selling fruits on the streets just so that Binta could go to school. Binta Nyako, born in 1959, has been able to rise above all odds and establish herself as one of Nigeria’s most respected lawyers. She attended Queens College, Yaba, Lagos, where she obtained her West African School Certificate in 1976. Binta then proceeded for further education and attended Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria, where she studied Law and graduated with an LLB degree. Binta also bagged a second degree from the same university after completing her mandatory one-year Youth Service in Bauchi State Ministry of Justice. Binta later proceeded to the Nigerian Law School, where she bagged her BL degree and was called to bar on August 29, 1982. Binta later proceeded for her master’s degree, where she obtained an LLD with merit from the same Ahmadu Bello University. Binta, a member of several legal bodies, including the Nigerian Bar Association, Bauchi State Bar Association, and Bauchi State Judiciary Committee, has worked in various institutions before establishing herself as one of Nigeria’s most respected lawyers.

Binta’s first job was as a research assistant at the Bauchi State Ministry of Justice (1982-1988). Binta then worked as an Assistant Director in Bauchi State Judiciary (1989-1995) and served as a commissioner and director for Bauchi Legal Aid Council, Bauchi (1996-1999 and 2000-2004, respectively). Binta also worked as a Director in Bauchi State Ministry of Justice (2013-2016), Bauchi State Judiciary Committee (2004-2006), and Bauchi Legal Aid Council, Bauchi.

Binta Nyako’s Husband & Kids

Justice Binta Nyako’s husband, Vice Admiral Murtala Nyako (RTD) was the former Adamawa State governor. She is one amongst his 4 wives. Justice Binta had three kids for her ex-husband, and they all reside in Bauchi State with their father. Binta is also a grandmother to at least two grandchildren, most likely more as she keeps her personal life very private.

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Binta Nyako News

She was appointed to serve as the new trial judge of the IPOB leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu. It, however, became a source of controversies as the IPOB rejected her. Binta Nyako is a member of the ruling party, and this raised concerns about her impartiality. Binta was later accused of “conspiring to destroy the peace and unity” in Nigeria by IPOB after she refused to dismiss herself from Kanu’s case. However, Binta did not budge as she insisted that there should be no trial if she were to withdraw from the case.

Nnamdi Kanu’s case is still under trial, and Binta Nyako is yet to give her judgment. However, she was removed from the case on August 20, 2017, after Kanu’s lawyer requested that Binta be replaced with another judge. The latter is due to a conflict of interest. Binta had earlier ruled against his application for bail in 2016. Buhari appointed her on May 25, 2018. Binta Nyako was then appointed as the Chief Judge of Bauchi State by President Muhammadu Buhari on June 26, 2014, and held this position till December 31, 2017, when her tenure ended.

Binta Nyako is widely respected in Nigeria. Her appointment by Buhari has received applause from most Nigerians, including the opposition, which is not fans of Buhari or his ruling party.

Binta Nyako, Bauchi state’s first female Chief Judge, has made history in Nigeria as she was the only woman to head a high court bench. Binta became Bauchi’s chief judge after Justice Abubakar Garba retired, which meant there were no other available judges for her role. Binta was Bauchi’s Chief Judge for almost two years before she handed over to Justice Ibrahim Buba on December 31, 2017. Binta’s tenure as Bauchi Chief Judge was generally peaceful, and she received widespread approval for her work. For instance, Binta Nyako signed off on the Bauchi State judiciary committee’s N65 million annual budget, which will now be used to pay salaries of court staff across the state.

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She has also been commended for ensuring the Bauchi State judiciary committee became a self-funding institution. Binta Nyako was also praised by the Bar Association of Nigeria, Bauchi state branch, as she handled many vital cases as Chief Judge. These include the former Speaker of Bauchi House Assembly and the current Majority Leader, Dr. Haruna Mohammed Liman.

She has been one of Nigeria’s most respected judges, distinguished by her independence and strength of character. She is very popular amongst her colleagues and described as a “caring” and hardworking judge. Binta Nyako is also greatly admired for being an honest person who does not allow corruption to affect her work performance.

Binta Nyako is one of Nigeria’s best Judges. She has established herself as a reputable lawyer who can be trusted to handle sensitive cases with utmost care and professionalism.

Binta Nyako Net worth

Many people assume that most lawyers and judges get rich through adoption and other illicit means, yet Justice Binta Nyako got rich by her honest, industrious, and compassionate life. Binta Nyako has a net worth of $350,000.