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Emeka Ossai: Wife, Age, Biography, Books & Net-worth (2024)

Emeke Ossai is a Nigerian film actor. He won the best Supporting actor award at the 4th Africa Movie Academy Awards. He has made his presence greatly felt in the movie industry.

Emeka Ossai’s Biography

Ossai is a native of Ndokwa from kwale, Utagba-Uno in Ndokwa-West government of Delta State. He studied Food Technology at University of Agriculture, Ogun State. Veteran Nollywood actor, Emeka Ossai, over the weekend, renewed his wedding vows to his wife on the occassion of their 10th year marriage anniversary. The actor and his wife who were spotted in church over the weekend were seen, beautifully adorned as if they were never married before. The Nollywood have made great influence in the Nigerian film industry. which has seen him mentored the younger colleagues who are currently house hold names. The veteran actor will be always known as one of Nollywood’s great.

Emeke Ossai Biography
Real Name:  Emeke Ossai
Date of Birth:     Unknown
Place of Birth:    Delta
State of Origin   Delta State
Nationality:         Nigerian
Marital Status:   Married
Occupation:        Actor
Net Worth          $245,000

Emeka Ossai: Wife, Age, Biography, Books & Net-worth ([year]) 1

Emeka Ossai and his Wife

Emeka Ossai has made good name for himself in the Nigeria film industry . He won the best Supporting actor award at the 4th Africa Movie Academy Awards. He is a graduate of University of Agriculture Abeokuta which is now mentioned as FUNAAB At FUNAAB, he studied Food Technology.
Their are three sorts of wives during this life.

The ones that won’t trade their husbands for a billion dollars, those that wont trade their husbands for 1,000,000 dollars, and also the ones which will trade their husband for Sharwarma and ketchup. The kind of husband you’re largely determines the category your wife falls into. Actor, Emeka Ossai’s wife falls into the primary category, as she revealed recently. Emeka and his wife, Jumai celebrated their 10th anniversary last weekend and Jumai took the chance to reveal the type of wife she is. She shared a stunning photo on her IG page and professed her undying love for him.

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She wrote:  ‘I am in such a cheerful happy place. i will be able to never trade you Booboo, not even for a billion dollars !!! ……..And you’ll take that to the Bank !!!’

A billion dollars issa lot of cash sha, but what do I know?

Folks, do share, what does one think your wife would/would not trade you for? Wives, tell us what you’d or wouldn’t trade your husband for.

Single people…I reserve my comments.

Emeka Ossai’s Books

A Review of Emeka Ossai and the way He Preys on Self-Publishers and Authors
Posted by The Devil’s Hornet on August 14, 2019 Posted in getting published, the way to self publish, indie publishing, self help, self publish, self publishing, self-help, writing Tags emeka, Emeka ossai, the way to get a book deal, the way to get published, ossai, self publish, self publishing, self-help

During a recent search on YouTube while trying to seek out information on the way to sell my self-published books, I found Emeka Ossai, a charismatic young man originally from Canada who now lives in Mexico (I believe). In my opinion, Emeka is also the last person you ought to spend your money with, if you’re taking writing seriously.

Emeka does a series on YouTube on how he lives a passive income lifestyle through publishing on Amazon. He claims that he wants to assist other authors reach an equivalent success he has, and to try to to this, he offers some free guides and courses the author has got to buy .

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During an email conversation during which I confronted Emeka about the errors in his free guide, he wrote, “Why does one think I don’t write my books? I’m not an author, I hire people (ghostwriters) to write down my books on behalf of me and that i publish them under pen names. I’m a publisher not an author.”

Summed up, this is often Emeka’s business plan that he sells to self-publishers: hire a ghostwriter from Upwork or another site, publish your book with great keywords and swap reviews with other writers and sell your books. Basically, if you’re a significant writer like me, Emeka’s course isn’t for you. His course is for people that want to form some quick cash by publishing something they got from somebody else .

Emeka Ossai: Wife, Age, Biography, Books & Net-worth ([year]) 2

Not to be misunderstood, there’s nothing wrong with hiring a ghostwriter. But when your goal is to use double-talk like Emeka and feed on self-publishers, it’s wrong.

For instance, in my recent emails with Emeka, he claimed to possess published over one-hundred books under various pen names. once I challenged him, he named one book that I doubt made any money. once I challenged him on this, he wrote, “I already told you that was my 2nd book ever that book is shit.” He then directed me to observe his videos for the names of other books. I watched a bunch of his videos, but I haven’t heard one name of a book yet.

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Emeka is all smoke and mirrors. He claims to possess had such a lot success self-publishing, yet there’s no proof of it. He gathers self-publishers for his upcoming “annual” Cancun retreat/summit and have them pay a ridiculous sum of cash to participate. He claims to possess the key to self-publishing success, but he’s really just a charlatan employing a bunch of videos to entice self-publishers who want to share their work with the planet and make some money within the process as they deserve.

Emeka isn’t a “successful” self-publisher. All he knows is black hat tactics and rhetoric. Don’t spend your money with him. Everything he’s telling you, other successful self-published writers like Joanna Penn, Sean Platt and Johnny B. Truant tell you for free of charge and that they are often trusted. Joanna Penn even opens her books to point out you her sales.

Steer beyond Emeka Ossai.

Emeka Ossai Age, Birthday & Year

There are currently no past records as regards the veteran birthday, Its is believed by many that the veteran actor is well advanced in Age, but precisely we can’t state.

Emeka Ossai’s Net-worth

We have been able to dig up Emeka Ossai’s net worth. He is estimated to be worth 245,000 USD. This includes all properties in cash and assets.

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