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DELSU Admission: How To Gain Admission Into Delta state university, Abraka

Gone are the days when state universities in Nigeria played second fiddle to the federal counterparts. The bitter truth is that gaining admission into any DELSU  is getting tougher every academic session and in this post, we will reveal to you, the secrete of how to easily gain admission into DELSU without stressing yourself so long as you adhere to the steps below.

Aside revealing how to gain admission into DELSU even with a low JAMB score, you will also learn the steps required in applying for DELSU post UTME and DE form with relative ease with the information provided in this post.

Do you wish to be among the candidates who will finally be admitted into Delta state university? do not worry, we have written in details, the strategy others have followed on how to easily gain admission into DELSU (Delta state university), all that is needed from you is follow the rules and your are as good as already being a DELSU student already.

Nowadays it is a matter of going online and typing on Google, how to gain admission into DELSU and it pops up with different options. So much have been discussed about how to successfully gain admission into DELSU with low JAMB score in recent times but in this post, we are going to break it down from O’level, JAMB registration, post UTME and screening exercise and down to resumption of lectures even for the a first candidate to easily understand.

Many candidates make a big mistake when choosing their choice of University, they chose wrongly not minding their catchment area. The truth many would fail to reveal to you is that you stand a lesser chance of gaining admission into DELSU if you do not fall within its catchment area despite being a Federal University.

DELSU Admission: How To Gain Admission Into Delta state university, Abraka 1

Have you not asked yourself why most students in DELSU are Igbos most especially from Anambra catchment area, Why most students in UI and other southwestern universities are from either Oyo, Osun, Ogun state and the likes. Whether you like it or not, this is not going to stop anytime soon. Universities will admit more candidates from their states and catchment areas before considering candidates from other states so if you want to gain admission into DELSU this academic session and you are from Delta state, Edo state or from the less advantaged states in Nigeria, the first step in actualizing this dream if for you to choose are , choose DELSU as your first and second choice of preferred institution during the UTME registration exercise.

Going contrary to the above paragraph is one of the major reasons candidates say they passed JAMB and post UTME with good scores and yet denied admission, despite admission meant to be based on merit, this does not always happen because catchment area ideology will always influence the admission process.

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You must abide by the rules if you are serious about being admitted into DELSU then we can delve into the core requirements needed for admission into the Delta state university.

DELSU’s Catchment Area: Before choosing the Delta state university (DELSU) as your preferred choice of institution during your JAMB registration, it is advised you are from DELSU’s catchment area to stand a better chance of gaining admission.

Gaining admission into DELSU is made easier when candidates are made aware that admission is also based on Catchment areas, see below for the list of the 6 states classified under DELSU catchment areas;

So if you fall under the above areas, you stand a better chance of gaining admission if you can only pass DELSU’s cut off mark for the current academic session.

Do you want to be listed among candidates who will be finally admitted into DELSU (Delta state university)? as said earlier in we will be breaking it down by providing all the info you need to know about DELSU’s post UTME and how you can successfully gain admission into the school.

DELSU Admission Requirements

Many candidates ask “How can i gain admission into DELSU with ease?” what we tell them is first and foremost, make DELSU your first choice of institution during your UTME registration, it would be disastrous making them your 2nd choice of university because it automatically means your admission is lost even before sitting for JAMB because DELSU do not accept 2nd choice candidates. Please take note.

a) Score Above DELSU’s JAMB Cut Off Mark

If you take a survey how to gain admission into DELSU, many would say if you could just score up to 170 and above, then you can gain admission. They are right because DELSU’s approved JAMB cut off mark is 170 and since that is what they have been made to believe on paper but honestly speaking, if you are serious about gaining admission into DELSU easily, you must score at least 230 and above to stand a chance.

b) Minimum Age Requirements

Candidates that are less than 16 years of Age, you will not be eligible to participate in DELSU’s post UTME. So make sure you meet the age requirement as this would aid your gaining admission into DELSU

Have the mindset that DELSU’s cut off mark is 270 and not 200 so you can work towards achieving that score. As a man thinketh, so is he. See yourself scoring 270 and above and work hard towards it and you will be surprised at this amazing strategy. It has worked for many, it can also work for you.

c) Complete O’Level Subjects:

Another strategy of gaining admission into the Delta state university (DELSU) easily is to make sure your O’Level is complete. You must have a minimum of 5 credit passes which must include Mathematics and English Language and must be only in ONE SITTING as DELSU does not accept 2 sittings in O’Level.

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The higher your grades, the better your chances. Candidates with A’s or B’s in Mathematics and English plus the other relevant subjects stand higher chances than those with just Cs all through. However, all will be considered for post UTME.

d) Correct Subject Combination:

With the correct subject combination, gaining admission into DELSU is made easier. Candidates with the wrong subject combination already have lost 50% of their chances of gaining admission into DELSU. DELSU is a respected state university, admission slot is highly competitive so little mistakes jeopardize your chances of gaining admission into this university. You can check out the list of all courses and their subject combinations as approved by JAMB in order not to fall victim.

The above are the major admission requirements and strategy for gaining DELSU which must be adhered to even before sitting for post UTME.

How To Gain Admission Into DELSU (Delta state university)?

Now in details are the information every candidate who wants to gain admission into DELSU needs to know;

1) DELSU Post UTME Registration:

Upon meeting the above requirements, you are automatically eligible to participate in DELSU’s post UTME registration exercise. DELSU’s online registration fee two thousand naira (N2,000) as mandated by JAMB. You will have to register online by following the underlined registration procedure:


STEP 1: Visit

STEP 2: Click Apply for Admission

STEP 3: Click Start

STEP 4: Select screening exercise

STEP 5: Click Apply and complete the form with valid JAMB Registration Number

STEP 6: Submit the form and generate PIN

STEP 7: Print out the PIN generated

STEP 8: Visit any of the specified banks for payment or Pay online

FINAL STEP: After payment return back to to print acknowledgement slip.

Upon completing the above steps, you are to wait until the proper post UTME screening test date is released.

2) Type of Post UTME Screening Examination:

Many have been asking about DELSU’s post UTME examination format, DELSU post utme examination will be C.B.T (Computer Based Test).

3) Number of POST UTME Questions To Answer

Before knowing the numbers of questions contained in the post UTME screening, take note that the Computer Base Test (CBT) questions would consist of three subjects which includes the following subjects as follows:

  • Mathematics
  • English Language
  • General Paper

4) Common Questions Asked Under General Paper?

Are you writing the post UTME examination for the first time? Then you need to know that the questions contained in the general paper includes current affairs. We advice you get a current affairs book sold for 1,000 naira in book stores inside DELSU.

The total number of questions contained in the post UTME question sheet would be forty (40) questions in all, and here is a breakdown of the numbers per each subjects:

  1. Mathematics – 10 Questions
  2. English language – 15 Questions
  3. Current affairs or general paper – 15 Questions
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The three subjects are applicable to all candidates irrespective of the course being offered and the questions could come in any format so you are advised to prepare adequately for the exams.

5) Examination Time Limit:

When you get into the examination hall, you will certainly be made to wait for some minutes/hours before the exam starts. However, when the exam commences, you will have thirty minutes (30 minutes) to answer all 40 questions so do not spend too much time answering only one question. Since its thirty minutes, you have less than one minute to answer one question.

How To Calculate DELSU POST UTME Screening Score

This stage is for successful candidates who after writing the post UTME want to confirm if they meet their departmental cut off mark. Here we will be describing how to calculate the post UTME score:

Your Jamb score divided by 8 plus (+) your post UTME score divided by 2. Note that DELSU’s post UTME score is over 100.

How To Approach Your Questions: Tips You Must Use In Gaining Admission Easily Into DELSU

a) Prepare Adequately:

Adequate preparation is vital to approaching your post UTME screening examination. Being ready gives you the self-confidence and helps you remember whatever you must have studied for. You have to focus on your strengths and work on improving your weaknesses. There are other proven ways candidates can utilize in passing post UTME easily. The methods are tested and trusted, go through, many secretes on how to pass post UTME have been revealed there.

b) You Must Be Time Conscious:

When writing your post UTME screening test, please time is of essence. When you time yourself properly as failure to allocate equal minutes to each question can prevent you from attempting even other easier questions.

Most schools are in the habit of setting harder questions in order to waste the candidate’s time. It is best to attempt the easier questions and skip the difficult ones and upon finishing, you can attempt the harder questions because they all attract the same points.

c) Be Positive

Here the power of positive mindset works for you. Be positive towards the outcome of the post UTME result and be optimistic about it and you would be surprised at how this works.

In conclusion, candidates who are serious about wanting to know how to gain admission into DELSU (Delta state university) can make use of the above information and you would be amazed at seeing your name on the next DELSU’s admission merit list.

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