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How to Calculate UI Aggregate Cut Off Mark 2023/2024 Academic Session

How to calculate UI (University Of Ibadan) aggregate cut off mark should be something that every candidate applying to for admission in the university must know. UI is one of the most prestigious universities in Nigeria and arguably the top Federal University in Nigeria.

However, the university is known to be quite strict with its admission process which makes it every important for every candidate to have information on how to calculate UI aggregate cut off mark to know if his chances of admission into the course of his choice.

UI Admission 

UI releases a departmental cut off mark every year which every candidate must meet before being admitted into the university. If you apply for admission into the university, you can simply calculate your aggregate score and check if it is up to the departmental cut off mark. However, it is advisable you score higher than the departmental cut off mark as UI is a very competitive university and you would be competing with other candidates.

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How to Calculate UI Aggregate Cut Off Mark For 2023/2024 Session

It is quite easy to calculate UI Aggregate cut off mark, however, you must have knowledge of your JAMB and Post UME score before proceeding.

The University of Ibadan has a formula for calculating its total aggregate score which totals at 100%. Before going ahead to calculate your aggregate cut off mark, it is important to note that the university has a JAMB cut off mark you must meet before you can be eligible for Post UME. The JAMB cut off mark changes every year and is sometimes different for every department. However, it is your Post UME score that plays the most important role when calculating your aggregate score as it provides you with more points.

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JAMB exam offers a total of 400 marks or points to every candidate. To calculate you would need to know your JAMB score.

UI Post UTME provides you with a total of 100 marks or points. You will need to get your actual score, once that is done you can follow the calculation process below.

To calculate your aggregate cut off mark, simply divide your JAMB score by 8.

Then divide your UI Post UME score by 2

Sum up the resulting figures


JAMB/8 = 50%

Post UME/2 = 50%

Total = 100%


Assume a candidate named Mr. Alabi has 280 as his JAMB score and 70 as his Post UME score. His UI Aggregate cut off mark could be;

JAMB = 260/8 = 32.5

Post UME = 70/2 = 35

Total = 32.5 + 35 = 67.5

Mr. Alabi’s total aggregate cut off mark is 67.5%.

As stated above, it is important to know your aggregate cut off mark to enable you know if you meet the departmental cut off mark. While Mr. Alabi’s total aggregate cut off mark is 67.5%, it is not enough to get him admitted to study medicine in the University of Ibadan. This is because UI’s departmental cut off mark for medicine is around 70%.

However, Mr. Alabi might not still be able to get admitted to study medicine and surgery even if he is able to get 70% as his aggregate cut off mark. This is because medicine and surgery is quite a competitive course in UI and most candidates who get admitted score even higher than 70%.

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UI Departmental Cut Off Mark

Every year, UI releases a departmental cut off mark which every candidate must meet before being considered for admission. If you are unable to meet the departmental cut off mark for your preferred course, you will be pushed to another department. To avoid this, it is important you plan ahead and score really high in both JAMB and Post UME to ensure that your aggregate cut off mark surpasses the departmental cut off mark.

Below is UI’s Departmental Cut Off Mark


Agricultural Economics – 51

Agricultural Extension And Rural Development – 52

Agronomy – 54

Animal Science – 51

Crop Protection And Environmental Biology – 54


Anthropology – 56

Arabic Language And Literature – 58

Archaeology – 51

Classical Studies – 60

Communication And Language Arts – 67

English Language And Literature – 65

European Studies – French (62)

European Studies – German  (58)

European Studies – Russian  (55)

History – 60

Islamic Studies – 53

Linguistics – 63

Linguistics – Yoruba (55)

Music – 59

Philosophy – 61

Religious Studies – 52

Theatre Arts – 63

College Of Medicine           


Dentistry – 66

Human Nutrition And Dietetics – 58

Medical Laboratory Science 60

Medicine And Surgery 70

Nursing Science -63

Physiology – 63

Physiotherapy – 63


Adult Education 52

Early Childhood Education  (52)

Edu/Arabic                (50)

Edu/Biology              (50)

Edu/Chemistry          (54)

Edu/Cla                      (50)

Edu/Economics         (62)

Edu/English   (68)

Edu/French               (50)

Edu/Geography        (57)

Edu/History   (57)

Edu/Irs           (52)

Edu/Mathematics      (53)

Edu/Physics   (59)

Edu/Political Science            (61)

Edu/Rel St      (59)

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Edu/Yoruba               (50)

Educational Management     (55)

Guidance And Counseling    (57)

Health Education       (51)

Human Kinetics         (52)

Library, Archival And Information Studies            (57)

Special Education      (51)


Law (70)

Renewable And Natural Resources

Aquaculture And Fisheries Management (50)

Forest Production/Products (50)

Wildlife And Eco-tourism Management  (50)

Social And Environmental Forestry  (50)


Anthropology (55)

Archaeology  (50)

Botany            (52)

Chemistry       (50)

Computer Science     (61)

Geography     (51)

Geology          (54)

Industrial Chemistry (56)

Mathematics  (52)

Microbiology (57)

Physics           (51)

Statistics         (50)

Zoology          (53)

Social Sciences            

Economics      (65)

Geography     (53)

Political Science         (64)

Psychology     (56)

Sociology        (62)


Agricultural And Environmental Engineering (52)

Civil Engineering (64)

Electrical And Electronics Engineering (68)

Food Technology (52)

Industrial And Production Engineering (62)

Mechanical Engineering       (64)

Petroleum Engineering – (61)

Wood Products Engineering  (54)

Veterinary Medicine            

Veterinary Medicine  (60)

Once again, it is important to note that the departmental cut off mark listed above are only valid for the year it was released and a new list of the departmental cut off mark will be released every year. However, UI follows a pattern in which medical courses have the highest departmental cut off marks including Law.

If you wish to study any medical course or Law then your total aggregate should not fall below 70%. Nevertheless, it is advised you score even  higher to increases your chances of getting admitted.

That concludes the article on how to calculate UI (University Of Ibadan) aggregate score for all courses offered in the institution.

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