How To Calculate ABU Zaria Aggregate Score 2024/2025 Academic Session

After going through JAMB and the Ahmadu Bello University Post UTME exams, most admission seekers find themselves at a loss as to how to calculate ABU Zaria aggregate score for 2024/2025 academic session. The aggregate score represents the total points or percent (as used by some universities) scored by a candidate after taking the JAMB and ABU Post UTME exams.

The final score will determine if you will get admitted to into the university to study the course of your choice. This is why it is important to know the departmental cut off mark of the course you wish to study and ensure that you get an aggregate cut off mark that is higher than the departmental cut off mark.

Why Is It Important To Know Your Aggregate Score or Cut Off Mark

It is important to know your aggregate score or cut off mark because it affects your chances of admission. As stated above, every candidate must meet the departmental cut off mark before being admitted into the university and it’s the aggregate cut off mark that determines whether or not you meet the departmental cut off mark.

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How to Calculate ABU Zaria Aggregate Score/Cut Off Mark

To calculate ABU Zaria Aggregate score is quite easy and all you would need is knowledge of your JAMB score and ABU Post UTME score. However, ABU uses a formula that is different from other federal universities.

Before proceeding, you should ensure that your JAMB score is way above the cut off mark chosen by ABU and your Post UTME cut off score is also good enough. ABU decides on a cut off mark for both JAMB and Post UTME. For JAMB it would be 200 or 180 depending on the course. Its Post UTME cut off mark would be 40% or 50% depending on the course chosen by the candidate. Ensure you are eligible before calculating your aggregate score.

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JAMB UTME offers a total of 400 marks to every candidate. You will need to know your JAMB score before you can calculate your aggregate score as the ABU formula makes use of the JAMB score.

ABU Post UTME offers a total of 100 marks in different subjects. Before you can calculate the aggregate score, you must have received your Post UTME result.

If you have your JAMB score and Post UTME score handy you can follow the calculation procedure below.

To Calculate ABU Aggregate Score

Simply multiply your Post UTME score by 4

Add up your JAMB score to the result

Then divide everything by 2

The final result is your aggregate score


(Post UTME x 4 + JAMB) / 2 = Aggregate score


Let’s assume that a candidate Mr. Bello applying to study in ABU Zaria has a JAMB score of 260 and a Post UTME score of 60. His aggregate cut off mark will be;

(60 x 4 + 260) / 2 = 250

Thus Mr. Bello’s aggregate cut off mark is 250

While 250 would put Mr. Bello at a good position to get admitted, he might find himself sidelined if his aggregate score does not meet up with the departmental score. Another issue is that he might not still be offered admission even if he meets the departmental cut off mark. This is possible if other candidates applying for the same course are able to score higher than Mr. Bello, therefore they will get admitted first.

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ABU Zaria Departmental Cut Off Mark

The departmental cut off mark of the course a candidate wishes to study should be the ultimate focus of the candidate. This is because no matter how well a candidate performs in the both JAMB and Post UTME exams, the candidate will not be admitted he/she fails to meet up with the departmental cut off mark.

ABU Zaria releases a cut off mark for every department every year which every candidate should focus on. Courses like Medicine and Surgery, Pharmacy, Law, Dentistry, amongst others have the highest departmental cut off marks, thus candidates opting for these courses should ensure they perform very well in both JAMB and Post UTME.

However, these courses are also among the most competitive courses in any university in Nigeria thus you wouldn’t only need to score at least the departmental cut off mark but surpass the departmental cut off mark to ensure you are chosen over other candidates.

Why Students Fail To Get Admitted After Meeting the ABU Aggregate Cut Off Mark

There are several factors that affect the admission chances of a candidate in the university. While the well-known factors are the JAMB, Post UME, and departmental cut off marks, there are other factors which are not well-known among every candidate.

Competition: if you are going for any of the competitive courses like the ones listed above, then you should only score high marks or you will not be considered. ABU has a number of students they will accept into a certain department and you might find yourself sidelined if you are not able to score higher than other candidates. This could happen even if you meet the departmental cut off mark.

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Origin: Another factor that affects a candidate’s chances of getting admitted to ABU is his/her origin. Ahmadu Bello University is located in Kaduna State in the North-West of Nigeria. Candidates who are indigenes of Kaduna state will be held in high regard compared to candidates from other states.

Candidates from states within the North-West Zone (otherwise known as catchment area) will also be considered before non-indigenes and other candidates outside the catchment area.

If you wish to apply for admission in this university as a non-indigene then you need to ensure that your aggregate cut off mark surpasses the departmental cut off mark and make sure it is high enough to get you considered above other candidates whether they are indigenes of the state or from the catchment area.

O’Level Result: Your O’Level result could also play a big role in your admission process. Candidates who are able to make all the 5 required credits in one sitting will be considered above other candidates who apply with two sittings.

That concludes the article on how to calculate ABU Zaria aggregate score therefore if you have any question, kindly reach out to us via the comment section below and we shall respond as quickly as possible.