Application Guide For Transcript Online In EBSU (Ebonyi State University)

Ebonyi State University EBSU is one of the best state universities in Nigeria. University parades itself as the most respected and articulated state school in Nigeria though there are glimpses of these attributes owing to the number of graduands from the university every academic session.

Most graduands upon convocation do not being the immediate processing of their Transcript application online because the need never arises except for graduates who intend going directly for PGD or Masters abroad. As soon as the need arises, questions like “how can i apply for my transcript at EBSU?” What are the requirements needed to apply for Transcript at Ebonyi State University (EBSU)? How much does it cost to apply for my transcript at EBSU? and many more related questions that borders around EBSU transcript application.

Times have changed, the world is fast becoming a family unit rather than a global village, you can sit at your comfort zone or on the move to access any information you need so long as you are Internet enabled. The good news for all EBSU students is that unlike in the past where Transcript applicants needed to be physically present to apply for transcript, now EBSU transcript application can be duly done online. That is, you can carry out your application online, make payment and submit online without having to physically visit the school. Isn’t that great?

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Now to further concretize this, we will be putting you through the step by step approach and guidelines on how to apply for your transcript at Ebonyi state university, EBSU as this would empower you intellectually to do it by yourself and teach colleagues on how to apply for theirs too.

Application Guide For Transcript Online In EBSU (Ebonyi State University) 1

Application Guide For Transcript At EBSU – Ebonyi State University

In order to apply for your transcript at EBSU, you must follow the laid down guidelines below for ease of your application process, any other method aside the steps below will invalidate your application procedures.

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Step 1: Visit the school portal (

Step 2: Click on Transcript Application to visit the Transcript portal.

Step 3: Click on Get Started

Step 4: General Payment invoice and proceed to any Bank of your choice for Payment or pay with any Master Card, Visa card or ATM verve card as long as the card has been enabled for web transactions by d issuer Bank.

Step 5: After a successful payment, Visit the portal again, click to verify payment code and fill d Transcript form.

Final Step: Submit the form and print the acknowledgement slip/Evidence of Application.

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Important Note:

  1. For fast and easy delivery of your Transcript, the FULL Name, Address of the Institution, Country, Postal code and Reference Number MUST be well stated. Be guided.
  2. The University and the delivery company E-JUS Global will not bear responsibility of any loss or damage caused to anyone who patronize touts or imposters who claim to facilitate Transcript Applications.

As seen from the above information, it is clear that the process of applying for transcripts at EBSU is quite easy, you can reach out to us if you have any difficulties in applying for EBSU transcript online and we shall assist to our best abilities.