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Revealed! 20 Hidden Facts About Guys You Never Knew

Did you know that guys spend a good part of their lives just looking at girls? This collection of did you know facts about guys will probably leave readers with more questions than answers because it proves false many previously held beliefs about men.

Men are often portrayed in society as tough, daring, and rugged creatures, and having been conditioned to think that way, young men go about living their lives to prove that point to society.

However, there is a side to men that is only seen by their mothers and wives. Surprised to see this other side of the men, most women search out topics like these in order to find out more.

Revealed! 20 Hidden Facts About Guys You Never Knew 1

20 Did You Know Facts About Guys

Guys Like To Sleep In

Yes, most of them are hard working and always busy. Nevertheless, they enjoy sleeping until the sun is up and the children are playing.

You Have To Take Care Of Them

Any woman who has been in a serious relationship will tell you that you have to take care of them in much the same way that you have to take care of children. They are hopelessly untidy and disorganized.

You have to do their laundry, and fight them to arrange their clothes. Men are no good when it comes to dishes either. Many men don’t even know that their beddings, towels and socks have to be washed regularly.

Guys Have Emotions Too

It is sad that we have to say this, but society has sold an unrealistic image of men as unfeeling creatures. Men have emotions too. They feel sad, discouraged, and depressed, just like anyone else. Therefore, it is important to be careful about what we say to them, and how we behave towards them. Mothers understand this.

They Love Their Mothers

Young wives have frequently complained about their men being too attached to their mothers; even to the point of ignoring their wives. A major cause of this attachment is the fact that mothers know how to encourage their sons. Mothers remain a source of mental and emotional support to their sons

Men Like A Thrill

Men like sports, hiking, jumping, or anything that can give them excitement. Even when they are too lazy to do the sports themselves, they like to watch it at the stadium, or on TV. Understanding this can prevent a lot of tension. The game doesn’t even take 2 hours, after which he is all yours to do whatever you want.

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It can even do some good if you watch the game with him. And please do not taunt him when his team loses a game.

Men Don’t Talk Much

Men don’t talk half as much as women. Researchers say women say around 7000 words every day, while men say around 2000 words. Understanding this can lead to great results; at least you know he is tired of you, he is just doesn’t talk that much.

Men Don’t Waste Time On Nonsense

“Nonsense” in this context refers to things like hanging up the towel on the rack, or fixing the toilet paper on the roll. They argue that it takes too much time, and that it is not necessary.

Men Don’t Like To Ask For Directions

That may be a part of their macho make up, but they can waste thousands of dollars in fuel just driving around, not knowing where they are going. It seems like asking for directions makes them feel insecure or stupid. In such a case, it could be better if you offered to ask for directions in his stead.

Guys Eat A Lot

Mothers have known this since the time of Adam; men eat a lot more than women. There is some science to this; they have faster metabolisms, and do a lot of moving around. These activities put together combine to make them hungry almost all the time.

Most mothers don’t mind this; they always cook a little extra to compensate for his appetite. A woman who loves her man would therefore put his food requirements into consideration.

Guys Retain More Body Heat

That explains why they can take off their jackets and put them around their women when they are cold. The scientific answer to this is that men have more muscle mass in their bodies, and this makes them hot, or at least less susceptible to the cold.

Guys Like To Hear You Sing

Most guys have terrible singing voices (don’t tell them that), but they like to hear singing. Even if they don’t like the particular song, they like to hear you sing. This is partly because they love you, and also because they like the way singing lights up the house.

Men See Differently

Have you ever wondered why most men wear dull colors? Well research has shown that men see differently. That means they see fewer colors, and generally appreciate colors somewhat less. That means they don’t get the point of your floral dresses, and the colorful patterns on your clothes. This is true even if they try to pretend otherwise.

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Men Have A Hero Instinct

This may be part of society’s conditioning of young men’ minds to accept the role of the person who gets things done. As a result, men have an instinct to be the one who does that thing that everyone thought was too difficult or too risky.

It could be beneficial when it comes in the form of fighting off something that threatens the family, or doing something for the benefit of the family.

Men Are Jealous

Even if a man assures you that he has no problem with seeing other guys around you, the truth is that he is still going to be jealous. Men are somewhat territorial creatures, and they will resent having another man occupy your time.

Men Can’t Handle Pain

Men can take a hit, and they can also throw a punch. But they handle physical pain so badly. Women on the other hand can handle pain at least three times better than men, which is why women sometimes call men “man baby.”

Men Tell an Average of Lies

This may be an instinctive issue, but men tell an average of 6 to 8 lies every day. The sad thing is that women always find out. If not immediately, then soon enough. And yet men refuse to learn, which is why 50 percent of marriages crash before 10 years. Thankfully, though many women have learned to ignore this particular unpleasant trait.

Men Find It Hard To Ask For Help

This is probably another problem caused by society’s conditioning over the years. Nevertheless, men have found it hard to ask for help because it batters their ego. Furthermore, research has shown that many women find men who ask for help unattractive and unappealing.

A smart woman would find a way to offer that help without him asking. That would show him that the two of you are a team, and that his ego is safe with you.

Men Get Injured By Their Zippers

And yet they stubbornly cling to the design. Nobody knows the real cause, but men frequently reject trousers with buttons in favor of those with zippers. The result is that you can regularly hear them scream in the bedroom when getting dressed.

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Men Commit Suicide

There is no better way to put it; men tend to quit more easily. In fact, men are three times more likely to commit suicide. It does not mean that suicide is the sole specialty of men; women also attempt suicide, just that men are more likely to succeed.

Men Taste Differently

That is a very polite way of saying that men have very little taste. That explains why the majority (by far) of complaints at restaurants are made by women. Men just don’t know the difference between curry and ketchup. Anything thing goes!

Men Never Give Up

This cliché has been over-flogged in the movies, and yet it remains true. In pursuit of a goal, long past the point at which women are ready to call it a day and move on with their lives, man have the tendency to stick to the plan and fight for what they believe in.

This can pay off in some instances, and in other cases it can lead to complete financial ruin.

Men Need Friends

Men thrive in social settings. Men need friends a lot more than women. They tend to get lonely without friends. However, some women are able to play that role quite well, and so their men have very little need to have so many guy friends.

Men Like To Offer Praise

It comes naturally to most men, when you dress well or smell nice, men appreciate it, and offer praise accordingly. Men also like it when they get praise in return for a nice hair cut or doing something for their better half.


This has been an interesting collection of did you know facts about guys. This is not nuclear science; any woman with a brother, a boyfriend, or a husband must have noticed some of these things, although most would be wondering the reasons.

Hopefully, now that the reasons are known, everyone can have a better understanding of men, and how to relate with them.

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