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FUPRE Intra & Inter-university Transfer Form 2024/2025 Session: How To Apply

FUPRE intra and inter-university transfer form has been on the rise for many reasons which shall be explained here today. Admission into higher institutions in Nigeria is a big deal, YES you heard me right, why is it so? because of the admission process every secondary school leavers are mandated to undertake in furthering their education. In this blog post, we will be giving out information as regards FUPRE inter-university transfer form and the step by step procedure on how to go about the application process.

The term ‘inter’ means open systems among groups with common interests, while Intra is a prefix used to form words that means ‘on the inside, within’. For example, Inter University simply means, between two or more different universities, while intra simply talks about within the university as a closed system.

FUPRE inter-university transfer form comes into play where students for one reason or another decide to switch institutions. That is, from a university to another university only, the form does not cover for transfers from one polytechnic to another university.

FUPRE Intra & Inter-university Transfer Form [year]/[nyear] Session: How To Apply 1

What You Stand To Gain From This Post:

  1. How to apply for FUPRE inter-university transfer form
  2. Steps and procedures for applying for FUPRE inter university transfer form
  3. The top 7 reasons student request for inter university transfer form
  4. All you need to know about FUPRE inter faculty transfer forms and how to apply
  5. Who is eligible to apply for FUPRE transfer form and why

There are 7 major reasons students change or rather request for an inter university transfer form from their current university to another university:

You should be familiar about students wanting to transfer from one university to another, you might be wondering why such move is needed judging from the rigorous processes these students must have undergone before gaining admission into their current institution. Below are some of the top 7 reasons students request for inter university transfer forms.

1) The course offered has been dis-accredited by the NUC in d case of a university.

2) The course they were supposed to offer wasn’t given to them and since there is no slot for their preferred course in the department in their current university, they request for an inter-university transfer form from the school they are switching to and start the process. For example, if the course given to Mary isn’t what she registered for in her JAMB due to her cut off mark or post UTME score not high enough, she would most likely be given another course if there are available slots in other departments within the same faculty. Mary definitely would prefer to transfer to the department after 100Level but if there is no slot in the department, Mary would rather request for University of Benin inter-university transfer form or any other University that is offering the course she desires and apply by going through the process as discussed below.

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3) Cost of tuition fee in their current university can necessitate a student to transfer to another school. There have been cases where school fees are increased by 100% and students with financial challenges would rather take either a FUPRE inter university transfer form or any school with cheap school fees that offers their course and follow the process. The only issue here is that if such student is above 200 level, an inter university transfer will not be possible.

4) Cult related issues are one of the factors many student switch to another school. They either go and write JAMB over again or purchase the FUPRE inter university transfer form and any university of their choice and follow the process required.

5) Some student pick up the transfer form based on the school environment. Some just request for FUPRE inter-university transfer form because of the news and information they must have heard about life in Federal University Of Petroleum Resources Effurun.

6) Social influence and peer pressure is also a factor for request of FUPRE inter university transfer form.

7) Persistent sexual demands by lecturers from female students and other related factors is another major reason students change institutions, hence FUPRE inter university transfer form becomes necessary.

The good news is that FUPRE accept students from other recognized universities so long as such student meet the institution’s admission requirements.

Before an inter or intra university transfer form to Federal University of Petroleum Resources Effurun can be completed, the management of FUPRE shall investigate the reason for your transfer and confirm that your admission into the school you are transferring from is genuine and you meet the standard requirements.

FUPRE Inter University transfer form is readily available every academic session for students from other recognized universities in Nigeria who must have gained admission via UTME or Direct entry mode.

The management recently reviewed the rules guiding the intra and interuniversity transfer for FUPRE.


1. INTER-UNIVERSITY TRANSFER (Transfer from other Universities)

i. The CGPA for candidates seeking transfers to the College of Technology shall be 4.0

ii. The CGPA for candidates seeking transfers to the College of Science shall be 3.5

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iii. Applications for transfer from state-owned Universities shall be considered.

iv. Applications for transfer from Federal Government recognised foreign Universities shall be considered.

v. Private Universities, either foreign or local, shall not be considered.

2. INTRA-UNIVERSITY TRANSFER (Transfer within the University)

A. Inter-Collegiate Transfer

i. Transfer from College of Science to College of Technology.

  • Students must have a CGPA of 3.5.
  • Student must not have more than 2 carry over courses.
  • Transfer is to 200 level only.

ii. Transfer from College of Technology to College of Science.

  • Student must have a CGPA of 1.00.

B. Inter-Departmental Transfer

i. College of Technology

  • Student must have a minimum CGPA of 1.00 if on probation during the previous session.
  • Transfer at 200 level shall be lateral.
  • Students transferring from a department after 300 level shall be required to repeat 300 level in the new department. This is because, a student is required to spend a minimum of (3) years in a department before he/she can graduate from that department.
  • All core/compulsory courses not taken in the previous level must be written and passed before graduation.

ii. College of Science

  • Student must have a minimum CGPA of 1.00 if on probation during the previous session.
  • Transfer shall be to 200 level only.
  • All core/compulsory courses in the new department must be written and passed before graduation.


  1. Interested students shall write an application letter for transfer to the Registrar, through their Department and College. Thereafter, such students shall collect and complete the appropriate transfer form, obtainable from the Academic Division with a non-refundable application and administrative fee of Ten Thousand Naira (N10,000) only, payable through the remita platform. Completed application forms shall be submitted to the students’ Heads of Department to commence the process.
  2. Application for transfer shall be open during the second semester and close on the last day of the second semester examinations.
  3. Consideration of applications shall be concluded during the end of session holidays and successful students duly communicated to facilitate resumption with other returning students during the next session.
  4. No department shall release more than 5% of a class on transfer in any session.
  5. No student shall be allowed to transfer more than twice after matriculation in the University.
  6. There shall be an official letter from the Registrar, communicating the transfer to the student.
  7. These rules are subject to review in accordance with changing circumstances.


  • O’level Certificate
  • Jamb Result Slip
  • Jamb Admission Letter
  • Transcript Of Immediate Previous Academic Session
  • Payment Receipt

FUPRE Inter University Transfer Form Process

STEP 1: All candidates seeking admission into University of FUPRE through transfer from other universities must purchase the prescribed form from the academic office after paying and obtaining a bursary receipt for the fee paid.

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STEP 2: A duly completed form will be submitted along with the transcripts of academic records to the admission office at least 2 weeks before a matriculation date for that session.

STEP 3: Upon receipts of the forms, the admission office processes and send them to the appropriate Dean of faculty or head of department for their consideration our recommendation to the secretary University admissions board, who then commits and forwards them to the University Admission Board for consideration.

The admissions office must ensure that all transcripts are properly verified and confirmed authentic and that no students coming from other University is a cult member or of questionable character.


1) Please note that FUPRE inter University transfer form are only allowed for students up to 200 level as any students above 200 level studying a 4 year course shall not be considered for transfer.

2) FUPRE will allow for transfer from other universities for students in 300 level studying Law (LLB), Medicine, Nursing (B.NSc.) programmes that have a duration of 5 and 6 years

FUPRE Inter-faculty and Intra Faculty Transfer Form Application Procedure

Students wishing to transfer from one faculty to all departments to another must satisfied University and faculty departmental requirements. In addition, they must have taken at least three courses India 100 level in the case of intra-faculty transfer. When such transfer is eventually affected the students must register all the remaining 100 level courses in addition to their 200-level courses.

Please note that inter-faculty and intra faculty transfers may not exceed 10% love the student population in either case for a given session. That is, the total number of students that would be given transfer forms shall not exceed 10% of the total population in a department. This is the ideal figure applicable in all Universities in Nigeria.

For any student who wish to transfer from their current university to FUPRE must make sure he or she follow the above steps and procedures for a smooth and easy transfer process.

Hope the information provided is well understood? do you still have questions as regards FUPRE inter-university transfer form, and inter faculty transfer forms for those who wish to change faculties? please reach us via the comment section below and we shall respond accordingly.

Best of luck in your application process.

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