Filling Station Manager Salary in Nigeria: See How Much They Are Paid In 2023

The Nigerian downstream sector of oil and gas industry boasts as one of the biggest in Africa. The sector boasts of over 300billion USD, an amount worth more than some African countries annual budget. Filling stations are classified under the downstream sector of the oil and gas industry and this alone tells you how lucrative working in a petrol station can be.

Working in a petrol station or filling station in Nigeria can be stressful and at the same time rewarding. Gone are the days when graduates shy away from applying for the role of a filling station manager. Before now, the job function of a filling station manager used to be seen as menial until the job crunch in Nigeria started to rise before all manner of graduates started eyeing the juicy position. A petrol station manager’s salary in Nigeria varies, that is, it depends on the location of the filling station. However, there are ranges job seeker applying for the position of a petrol station manager should expect. I know you are eager to know what you are likely to earn should you clinch the job.

Filling Station Manager Salary in Nigeria: See How Much They Are Paid In [year] 1

In this post, I will break down the expected monthly salary of a petrol station manager as well as how they are paid because some filling station managers are not paid a particular amount monthly, rather, a certain percent is given to them from sale of fuel, diesel, cooking gas and kerosene.

Requirement for Applying for the Job of a Filling Station Manager in Nigeria

  1. You must have obtained at least an HND or BSC in relevant field plus have a minimum of 5 years of working experience in a filling station, tank farm or relevant field.
  2. Applicants must live within the axis of the filling station. This is required for early resumption and cost minimization.

Daily we are faced with some of the most unexpected questions from different individuals most especially fresh graduates seeking employment in a filling station and questions like; how much does a petrol station manager earn monthly? what is the salary range of a filling station manager with 3 years and above experience? these and many other related questions as regards the salary structure of a filling station manager will be discussed here today.

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Managers of filling stations make good sums of money when the station is strategically placed as well as when they are paid based on commissions per liter per product. Not many are aware of this, the general assumption is that they are paid monthly like most companies do.

Please note: If you are called for a job interview to fill the role of a filling station manager, make sure you carry our proper findings about the location and the average number of vehicles and human traffic that buy fuel from the station before going for the interview as this would help you in determining whether to opt for the commission based payment or monthly salary mode of payment. If the human and vehicular is high, please opt for the commission based but if otherwise, please go for monthly salary.

Working in the filling station can be very rewarding in Nigeria especially during fuel scarcity. Most filling stations tend to hoard their products and collect around 50 to 100 naira extra per gallon from individuals who come to get fuel especially. During these period, they cash out more than 400% of their monthly salaries. Since all businesses have their downs and peak periods, of which petrol stations are known for especially during festive periods, the filling station manager during these periods smiles constantly to the bank.

How To Negotiate the “Question on What is Your Expected Salary?

From experience, most job seekers are scared of mentioning a high salary figure knowing that they do not possess the required experience for the job especially for positions that require more than the number of years of experience they have. They feel more comfortable with calling amounts that are way lower than the industry rate just to stand a higher chance of getting the job. You will be short changing yourselves at the end. To better negotiate your salary as an applicant to occupy the position of a petrol station manager, make sure you are kept abreast of the industry pay scale. Also, you can do research on how to calculate your time based on the hours you are expected to work as this would help you in ascertaining what amount you can negotiate. Take for example you can make use of the US state calculator as an illustration to further enlighten you on the subject matter. Don’t worry, this post will help you answer correctly, the exact range of figure you should say.

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Based on statistics, between 70% to 80% of job seeker tend to price themselves lower than their actual worth in order to stand a better chance of being called for the job and in the long run, this will have a retrogressive effect on their jobs and overall performance of the staff because job dissatisfaction sets in based on the salary scale being placed on.

How Much Does A Filling Station Manager Earn in Nigeria?

Upon gaining employment as a graduate in a filling station, you will be required to attend a compulsory 3 months training. This would help you understand the modus-operandi of the company as well as their branches and staff.

Being a petrol station manager is a mixture of theoretical, practical and real life training. You get to meet people of diverse tribes and religion as well as the unscrupulous suppliers of your products who often seek the slightest opportunity to cheat or play on your smartness especially as a rookie in the industry hence you are expected to prepared for the task ahead and adjust with the internal and external workings of the industry.

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Now we are here, the crux of the article where we are about to reveal what the salary structure of a filling station manager in Nigeria takes home monthly. Those who have friends or relatives as working as a manager in a filling station would find this very interesting to know, don’t worry, keep calm as we are about to wet your appetite.

Filling Station Manager Monthly Salary Structure – 2023

So as discussed above, working as a filling station manager is worth every stress if you known how to play your game and keep all senses active. The table below shows how much a manager of a petrol station is paid monthly based on salary and commission.

Management LevelExpected Monthly Salary ScaleCommission Based Salary
ManagerBetween N60,000 to 120,000 based on the size of the filling stationBetween 30kobo to 40kobo per litre on all ranges of petroleum products  sold at the filling station.

The above is the industry pay scale for a petrol station manager in Nigeria as at 2023. We hope this was informative enough and should you be in a position where you are quizzed how much a filling station manager earns, your contribution would be of great importance based on the above information so far.

Kindly note that your opinion as regards the above matters to us, also, any information at your disposal related to the salary structure of a petrol station manager would be much appreciated from other readers and individuals seeking information related to the salary expectation range for the above positions.

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