FGC Okposi School Fees For New Students 2024/2025 Session

Federal Government College, Okposi is among the first set of unity schools in Nigeria established in 1956. The school has a rich historical background that has since placed it among one of the best post primary educational institution in Nigeria till date. Before now, parents and guardians used to assume that FGC Okposi school fees for new students, when summed up, amounted to huge sums until we made this information available online for all stakeholders.

Though when we compared the knowledge, extra discipline and other extracurricular activities these students are introduced to, we came to a conclusion that the tuition fee for FGC Okposi which is also a part of the list of Unity Schools in Nigeria is quite cheap and very affordable when compared to other mushroom private junior and senior secondary schools in Nigeria.

Please note that the Federal ministry of Education in Nigeria has unified the school fees for all unity schools in Nigeria hence the school fees payable by FGC Okposi is the same with the fees payable at other UNITY schools in Nigeria. To further clarify the above, tuition fee into FGC Okposi is FREE! however, some fees and charges are made compulsory for fresh and returning students especially for students in JSS 1 and SS1.

FGC Okposi school fees have been arranged in a tabular format for parents and guardians to have an idea of the fees that are to be paid for their wards upon gaining admission into Federal Government College Okposi. From the school fees schedule below, we can literally conclude that FGC Okposi school fees for fresh students is free. However, there are some compulsory fees and charges which must be paid by parents and guardians for their wards in JSS 1 and SS 1. School fees for returning students that is, JSS 2 and JSS 3, SS 2 and SS3 will be slightly lesser than fees payable by fresh students at FGC Okposi because items like Uniforms and some others will not be paid for by old students.

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LOCATION: Federal Government College Okposi is located Off Amaso- Amseri Road, Okposi, Ebonyi, Ebonyi.

Federal Government College Okposi falls under the category of UNITY School since it is a federal government post primary educational institution, it is managed by the Federal Ministry of Education. It would be worthy to note that all Federal Government Colleges in Nigeria are also classified under the term ‘UNITY SCHOOLS’ hence they follow the same approved scheme of work with other secondary schools in Nigeria.

UNITY Schools in Nigeria till date stands as one of the most popular secondary schools in Nigeria. More so, being a Federal government post primary education establishment, the slot for admission is always surpassed yearly, this is due to its standard of education, the prestige of being associated with not just FGC Okposi but other unity schools nationwide.

FGC Okposi School Fees For New Students 2024/2025 Session 1

Please note that the newly admitted students, that is, JSS1, their fees are generally more than students in Junior Secondary School two (JSS 2) reason being that they would be required to pay additional fees for the following underlined items:

  • Club and Societies fee
  • Blazzers
  • Exercise books
  • Stationery
  • Uniforms
  • Text book deposits and other items as seen in the table below.
Though many parents and guardians are against the approved FGC Okposi school fees below, many attributed the fees as a deception by the federal government to further squeeze parents off their hard earned money while a few saw this as a welcome development attributing it the quality of education and disciplinary measures imparted in their wards.

 We have published FGC Okposi tuition fees for 2024/2025 academic session as approved by the federal ministry of Education in the table below for interested parents or guardians who wish to know how much FGC Okposi current school fees for their wards for the academic session.

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Parents and Guardians are to take note of the following requirements for Admission Into Federal Government College, Okposi:

  1. Candidates must be at least 11 Years of age and maximum of 17 years for him to be eligible for admission into FGC Okposi.
  2. Candidates must pass the general common entrance examination and score above FGC Okposi cut off mark.
  3. Pay all necessary fees and must be ready to abide by the rules and regulations of FGC Okposi.

Please note that the table below contain boarding fees, if you do not want your wards as Boarders, you are free to exclude the amount.

FGC Okposi School Fees For Fresh Students 2024/2025 Academic Session

1Boarding Fee15,00000
2Caution fee1,00000
5I.D. Card50000
6Medical Fee1,00000
7Club and Societies50000
10Vocational Subjects1,00000
13Bed (Bunk) & Classroom Furniture16,00000
14College Exercise Books3,00000
15School Uniforms14,00000
16Text Book Deposit12,00000
17Extra Lesson2,00000
GRAND TOTALN 83,000                00