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CRS Lesson Note for JSS1 (First Term) 2023

CRS lesson note for JSS1 First Term is now available for free. The State and Federal Ministry of Education has recommended unified lesson notes for all secondary schools in Nigeria, in other words, all private secondary schools in Nigeria must operate with the same lesson notes based on the scheme of work for CRS.

CRS lesson note for JSS1  First Term has been provided in detail here on

CRS Lesson Note for JSS1 (First Term) [year] 1

For prospective school owners, teachers, and assistant teachers, CRS lesson note is defined as a guideline that defines the contents and structure of CRS as a subject offered at SS level. The lesson note for CRS for SS stage maps out in clear terms, how the topics and subtopics for a particular subject, group works and practical, discussions and assessment strategies, tests, and homework ought to be structured in order to fit in perfectly, the approved academic activities for the session.

To further emphasize the importance of this document, the curriculum for CRS spells out the complete guide on all academic subjects in theory and practical. It is used to ensure that the learning purposes, aims, and objectives of the subject meant for that class are successfully achieved.

CRS Lesson note for JSS1 carries the same aims and objectives but might be portrayed differently based on how it is written or based on how you structure your lesson note. Check how to write lesson notes as this would help make yours unique.

The JSS1 CRS lesson note provided here is in line with the current scheme of work hence, would go a long way in not just helping the teachers in carefully breaking down the subject, topics, and subtopics but also, devising more practical ways of achieving the aim and objective of the subject.

The sudden increase in the search for JSS1 CRS lesson note for First Term is expected because every term, tutors are in need of a robust lesson note that carries all topics in the curriculum as this would go a long way in preparing students for the West African Secondary Examination.

This post is quite a lengthy one as it provides in full detail, the CRS approved lesson note for all topics and sub-topics in CRS as a subject offered in JSS1.

Please note that CRS lesson note for JSS1 provided here for First Term is approved by the Ministry of Education based on the scheme of work.

I made it free for tutors, parents, guardians, and students who want to read ahead of what is being taught in class.

JSS1 CRS Lesson Note (First Term) 2023

C R S    JS 1

First term Scheme of Work

1.Sovereignty of God

2.Creation story

3.The creation of man i.e. why God created human beings.

4.Man’s power in creation

5.Marriage ,meaning & types

6.Marriage , functions,  responsibility, how to prevent STD, HIV/Aids etc

7.Midterm Break

8.Disobedience, biblical account of first human disobedience. Consequences of Adam & Eve disobedience Gen 3:14-69

9.Call to repentance




Week 1


God is the Supreme Being because He alone created the entire world and human beings. In Gen 1:1 the bible says: in the beginning God created heaven and earth” also Jeremiah 10:2 says it is He who made the earth by His power, who established the world by His wisdom, by His understanding stretched out the heavens.



An attribute can be refers to the quality, nature or characteristic of someone, or something God as the supreme being has many attributes some of his attributes are:

1.He is the sovereign creator

2.God is omnipresent. He is present every where

3.God is omniscience: nothing can be hidden from Him

4.God is omnipotent ( powerful) Ps 62:11

5.God is invisible John 2:24

6.God is love John 3:16

7.God is holy I Peter 1:16


Names of God indifferent Languages

People Name of God Meaning

Yoruba Olodumare


OlorunEledaObaair,iOrise Almighty Supreme being the owner or lord of heaven. The creator he is the invisible king

Igbo ChinekeChukwuObasi-di’nekeOnyeOkileeOlisabuluwa, Eze-Enu The creator, the great spirit

Edo Osanobuwa The source of all being and substance of the world

Hausa/Fulani Ubangiji The supreme being .

Urhobo OgbereIku, OshorwarsOmonomohone The great one the creator the moulder

Utienyo Utainyo The one who the multitude must hear when he speaks

TIV Aon do yehovaaoodo Almighty and merciful God creator the owner of the world

Ijams Egbesu The supreme protector make of souls the creator

Efik/Ibibio Abasi The God who directed the universe from heaven

Birour Dagusi Father of the sun, source of being



1.God is the Supreme Being because He created the world and man. We should always learn to praise God because we are part of the work of His hands

2.God is the Sovereign Creator of the whole world who alone have authority and caution over it

3.God is Holy, He is willing that we should be holy because He is holy

4.Different Nigerian languages have names for God, you must learn some of the names in different languages

The different name of God in different languages helps us to know some

of His attributes.



In your own explanation, who do you think God is?

List five names of God and their meaning in different Nigerian languages.

What do you understand by the attributes of God?






Week Two

Topic: Biblical account of creation Gen 1 & 2

In the book of Genesis and 2, Bible gives the accurate account of the creation of the world. Before creation there was nothing in existence.


The earth was without form and void. Then God spoke and the things he wanted to create appeared. He used six days for the creation and each day was devoted to the creator of a particular aspect of nature.




1.The first day: God created light because there was total darkness Gen 1:1-5)

2.Second day: God created the firmament

3.Third day: God created the sea land and vegetation Gen 1:9-13. He also created the trees, grasses and other forms of vegetation

4.Fourth day: God created the heavenly bodies i.e. Sun, Moon, and starts and other planets. The sun was positioned to shine by day and the moon by night

5.Fifth day: God created the sea animals and birds (Gen 1:20-23) all kinds of fishes in the sea and the type of birds of the air

6.Six day: God created Land, Animal and man Gen 1:24:2:1 on the last day of creation, God created all the kinds of lands animals that exist on all continents. Finally God created man in his own image and put in him above of everything he created.

7.Seventh day: God rested (Gen 2:1-3) God rested the seventh day of creation and called it Sabbath.

Some churches observe Saturday as their Sabbath while the rest observe Sunday as their Sabbath the Muslim observe Friday as their day of worship.


1.The world was created by God’s power. He is the owner of the world therefore everything that is in existence is created by God’s authority

2.God created an aspect of nature each day God created the whole world in an orderly manner therefore God is a God of order

3.God created a beautiful world for us to live in. the bible says all thing that God created were very good



Mention 10 things that God created.

Draw the heavenly bodies that God created

State five reasons why God created all things.





God created the first set of human beings and made them from the dust of the earth.  He created man by taking clay and mounding it to form man then God breath into his nostrils and the breath of life and life entered into man and he became a Living being and God named him Adam.


Adam was all alone in the garden of Eden where God put him then God found out that it was not good for him to be alone. Therefore he caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam as Adam slept God took one of his ribs and used it to create a woman.  God then brought the woman to Adam. When Adam woke up and saw the woman he said “This is now bone of my bone and flesh of my flesh she shall be called woman because she was taken out of man




The purpose of God in creation of human beings

1.God purposely created human being to worship Him, serve  Him and know Him as the source of all things.

2.God created human being to be together as husband and wife. When Adam was first created he was alone, God then created Eve for him as his wife for companionship, to play together as playmates and help each other as helpmate

3.God love man equally. God created all man equal, man and woman black and white, poor and rich he demonstrated his love for us all.


If God the creator can see us equal and treat us so, it will be an offence to God for anyone or group of people, race or nationality to see himself or themselves as otherwise for any reason. God expect us to help one another and to be the bearer of the burden of one another.


Bear one another’s burdens and so fulfill the love of Christ Gal 6:20.  God does not want us to cause problem for one another but want us to see ourselves as doing the work of God.



1.State two reasons why God made human being

2.What is the glaring truth that God loves us and cares for us more than other creators?

3.Narrate how God created man in a unique way.








Man was made in God’s image and likeness of God. God gave man power to continue the work of creation.  God said to them “Be fruitful and multiply till the earth and subdue it, have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living things that moves on the earth (Gen 1:28)


Man has been mandated to continue the work of creation. God does not only want man to share in the work of creation. He want man to develop the already created creatures, right from the time of creation till today man has been renovating, developing, and creating new things. Man has since then discovered and invented many important and useful things. However man did not develop the world as it is today witting one year. The development took place slowly from the primitive stages till this present level of civilization.

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Man invented many things making use of his creating ability

1.Man developed tractors, plants and harvesters to do their farm work

2.Early man used to travel by walking, no matter the distance latter he made use of animals like horses, donkeys, camels and cattle. Man developed bicycles, motorcycles, cars and Lorries as other means of transportation. Man did not stopped there. He went further to develop railways, canoes, sailing boats, steamship, aeroplane. e.t.c

3.Man invented printing  machines for books, magazines, newspaper etc. communication become more easy when man developed the telephone, radio, television and other means of communication

4.Man had developed to that level of wearing good clothes, shoes, watches, and costly wooden materials

5.Early man used stone, sticks and hands to defend themselves against wild and dangerous animals.  Later they made use of spares, arrows, axes, cutlasses and dangerous other weapons.  But now those ones are not used again instead sophisticated weapons like guns, armored cars, bombs and missiles are being used.


1.State three functions of man in God’s creation.

2.Mention God’s instruction to man in the continuation of the work of creation?





Marriage is defined as the union of man and woman. It is the legal relationship in life partnership. It is expected to last for life. They remain husband and wife. God does not want what he has joined together to be separated by any means for any reasons. Only death can separate the bond of the marriage

“What therefore God has joined together let no man put asunder” Mark 10:8-9



Function of Marriage Gen 2:18

(1)Companionship: God saw that all other creative’s had companion except man. And man could not live happily as it should be because of loneliness. And God decided to make a partner or companion for him God said it is not good for man to be alone I will make a helper for him Gen2:18

(2)Procreation: procreation is in the plan of God that is why the existence of man does not come to an end after the death of the earliest man. God had the plan of filling the earth with man and to make them to have dominion over it. God said to Adam and Eve be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the birds of the air and over everything that moves upon the earth Gen1:28.

(3)Holy living the first marriage that took place on earth was blessed by God marriage is an institution of no fornication and adultery if one married and faithful to the vows of the marriage the spread of STDS, HIV, AIDS viruses will be prevented.

(4)“let marriage be held in honour among men and the marriage bed undefiled; for God will judge the immoral and adulterous


Moral lesson

1.Reproduction bearing children is another very important aspect of sharing in God’s creative activities

2.Man pay gratitude to God for giving him wisdom and knowledge to participate in Gods creative activities

3.It is the responsibility of the younger generation to study hard to equip themselves to participate fully in God’s creative activities

4.Brilliant and intelligent scholars work hard to improve upon earlier discoveries and inventions in order to make life better for people

5.Having children as part of sharing in God’s creative activities is good but it is worth waiting for.


  1. Define  marriage.

2.State three functions of marriage.

Week 6: Mid Term Break

Mid Term Exam






Disobedience means breaking the rule or refuses to obey the law of the land. When we do what the law says we should not do we are disobedient. E.g. when the law say we should not commit fornication, kill, cheat, tell lies etc and we do it. God gave us his laws to obey he gave it to us inform of ordinance, commands and status. The laws reveal what God wants us to do and what he expect we should not do. Any time we do what God expects us to do; we have obeyed him and become righteous. But any time we do contrary we have disobeyed him and become sinners. A sinner is somebody who disobey God’s law (words)


After God created Adam and Eve he put them in the garden of Eden to take care of it and everything in the garden. But the serpent saw what man enjoyed and how man enjoyed the fellowship with God and he decided to deceive man and cause man to disobey God.

God had instructed man to eat every of the fruit in the garden except for the fruit of the tree of life which was at the centre of the garden, but man was deceived by the serpent and followed the deceit of the devil ate of the fruit and God was displeased with what Adam and Eve did and they were driven out of the garden, Adam and Eve were cursed also the serpent. The bible revealed how Adam and Eve disobeyed God he put them in the garden he planted for them called the Garden of Eden. They were to oversee God’s creations everything there was to ruled over the animal in the garden and take care of the garden as well. They were naked and were not ashamed.

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God planted many things in the garden and he commanded them to eat from the fruits of every tree except one. That one is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. God said if they ate of the fruit of the tree they would die. When Adam was not around the devil came to Eve in the form of a serpent and told her that if she eat the forbidden fruit, she would not die, instead she would become wise like God himself and would have the knowledge of good and evil. Eve behold the serpent and wanted to be wise she therefore eat some of the fruits of the forbidden tree. She gave some of the fruit to Adam and also ate it by this act they were disobedient.  God purposely gave them this command to give man the freedom to choose what is right and also freedom to choose what is wrong.


As they finished eating the fruit there eyes opened immediate and they realized that they were naked because they were ashamed of their nakedness they took leaves and joined it together to cover their bodies after this they heard the voice of God and were afraid and went to hide because they were naked. When God asked Adam, Adam blamed Eve for the disobedience. Eve also blamed the serpent. God was not happy that they disobeyed Him. There disobedience broke the relationship that previously existed between them and God.


Consequences of Adam and Eve’s disobedience

(1)The sense of guilt Gen 3:6-7

(2)Suffering (Gen 3:14-19) they were sent out of the garden the land of comfort. God said the woman would suffer Pain at child birth why man would earn his living by struggling. The serpent will be there enemy

(3)Wickedness Gen 4:1-12 sin brings wickedness Cain killed Abel

(4)The breakdown of law and order Gen 6:5-7 As the children of Adam multiply on earth evil was also multiplying.


1.What do you understand by disobedience?

2.Narrate the biblical account of first human disobedience.

3.State three consequences of disobedience.






Saul was made king of Isreal at the request of the people of Israel. They felt they needed a king that would always lead them to war also other nations around them had kings, so this led to agitation for a king. Soon after the appointment of Saul as king, he was given an assignment from God through Samuel to destroy the Amalek, their king Agag, the entire city and everything in it including man and animals. He actually carried out the assignment but not according to God’s instruction. Rather than destroying everything as he was instructed, he took the best of the things and destroyed the worthless ones and also spared Agag and brought him home.

This was the major disobedience of Saul and God regretted making him king over Israel. When Samuel confronted him he lied that he carried out all the instructions not knowing that God had already revealed to Samuel his act of disobedience.



1.He was removed as king.

2.Evil spirit from God possed him.

3.He died in a battle with his son at mount Gilboa.


1.God will not be happy with anyone who is disobedient to him.

2.Such a person will lose fellowship and relationship with God.

3.There will be unanswered prayers.

4.Sometimes it could lead to death

5.God’s presence will be withdrawn from such a person.




Narrate the story of Saul’s disobedience.

Sate three consequences of Saul’s disobedience.












Hope you got what you visited this page for? The above is the lesson note for CRS for JSS1 class. However, you can download the free PDF file for record purposes.

If you have any questions as regards CRS lesson note For JSS1 class, kindly send them to us via the comment section below and we shall respond accordingly as usual.



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