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Civic Education Lesson Note on Constituted Authority (SS1 – SS3) 2024

Meaning of Constituted Authority: This may be described as a lawful and constitutional power given to individual or groups to manage a particular place, town, local, state or federal government. The authority is vested in a person recognized by law to exercise such authority; in other words, the person has the legal and constitutional power . Whatever such person or group does is backed by the constitution of the federal republic because the law guarantees everything he or she does in the course of exercising that power.

Civic Education Lesson Note on Constituted Authority (SS1 - SS3) [year] 1

Types of Constituted Authority

Family: In the family setting there is the father, mother, and the children. The father is the head of the family who is the position of authority. He must be accorded the required respect.

Schools: There are different types of schools. These include the primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. However, each of this level of institution is headed by a person vested with authority or power by the laws or regulation of the school to be in that position. For example, primary schools are headed by Head Teacher, while secondary schools are headed by Principals. In higher institutions, the University is headed by the Vice Chancellor, while polytechnics are headed by Rectors.

At the Local Government Level: The local government area is headed by the Chairman. He is the head and the man in the helms of affairs to manage the local government as well as delegate responsibilities. In other words, he is in a position of authority.

At the State Levels: All states in Nigeria are headed by the executive Governor of that state. They are the people vested with authority.

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At Federal Level: The president is the head of government at all levels. He is the commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. The bulk stops at his table. The President of Nigeria is the person the constitution of Nigeria gives the authority to manage the affairs of the country.

Ways of Respecting Constituted Authority

  1. Obedience: If we obey the constituted authority, it shows that we respect them. We have to respect them because our constitution recognizes them as constituted authority.
  2. Courtesy: We should treat our leaders, that is, those in that position of authority with courtesy and respect.

Importance of Constituted Authority

  1. They promote the growth and development of the country
  2. They give directive to the followers in the society
  3. They help to foster good relationship with other nations of the world
  4. They provide jobs and social amenities to the citizenry
  5. They make provisions for security of lives and properties in the country.
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Practice Revision Questions on Constituted Authority

a) Define constituted authority

b) Mention and explain the 5 types of constituted authority

c) State 5 importance of constituted authority.

Constituted Authority as a subtopic under Civic Education as a subject for students in senior secondary school When students are able to answer the above questions conveniently gives you confidence on the topic. This note is an added learning material for the topic of focus here.