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Blessing Onwukwe: Biography, Age, Husband, State, Movies and Net Worth 2023

Looking around the Nigerian movie industry, there are not many like Blessing Onwukwe who is big, bold and beautiful. This plus sized actress and model has been around, and featured quite prominently in the movie industry over the years.

She has established herself in the industry through her talent and tenacity. While most actresses in the country rely on their beauty to get them roles, Blessing’s selling points include her versatility, her courage, and the natural way with which she portrays her characters.

As against the popular belief that big ladies find it hard in the entertainment industry; blessing is one of the few who have thrived, seeming because of their big stature.

Blessing Onwukwe: Biography, Age, Husband, State, Movies and Net Worth [year] 1

Blessing Onwukwe’s Profile

Real Name: Blessing Ngozika Chikaogwu Onwukwe

Also Known As: Blessing Onwukwe, SINO

Occupation: Actor, Model, Voice Over Artists

Date of Birth: Not Available

Place of Birth: Port Harcourt, Rivers State

State of Origin: Abia State, Nigeria

Net Worth: 25,000USD

Blessing Onwukwe Biography

Blessing Onwukwe is a Nigerian actor, model, and voice over artist. She is known for her role as Lisa in the 2013 movie When Dreams Fall Apart. She made her debut in 2009 when she played a cameo role in a movie, and then followed it with an appearance in the 2010 movie Bursting Out.

Since then she has established herself as a consistent feature in the Nigerian film industry; she has acted in more than 100 movies with a good number of them being shot within the last 3 years.

She is also a voice over artist, model, and social media influencer.

Blessing Onwukwe has managed to keep a private life full of mystery, there are more questions than answers. Nevertheless, with enough digging, the following facts about her have been discovered.

Blessing Onwukwe Early Life

Blessing Onwukwe was born on the 2nd of July, sometime in the late 70’s. She was born in Port Harcourt to the family of Mr. and Mrs. Onwukwe who are business people from Abia State in eastern Nigeria.

She grew up in Port Harcourt in the midst of several siblings, with a normal routine of school on weekdays, and church on weekends.

She attended primary and secondary school in Port Harcourt; the secondary school being Government Girls Secondary School, Rumueme, Port Harcourt. After her secondary education she proceeded to the University of Uyo, where she bagged her degree in Physics.

She then moved to Lagos so as to get some work experience before finding herself back in Asaba in order to participate in the film industry.

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Blessing passed through the normal rungs of stardom; registration with the Actors Guild of Nigeria, and then showing up for auditions wherever and whenever they were held.

Her efforts yielded fruits when she was featured in Bursting Out by Emem Isong.

Blessing Onwukwe Career Development

Blessing Onwukwe was fortunate to feature in the right film under the right Director; Bursting Out really catapulted her to stardom because the film was a hit, and its acceptance inadvertently meant that those involved would see career advancements.

That was exactly as it happened for Blessing Onwukwe; her stellar performances in that movie meant that she was embraced by the audience, and respected by directors.

She received different offers, and carefully plotted her next move.

It came in the form of A Private Storm (2010), which was also a successful movie. It was at that point that she cemented her position as one of the top talents in Nollywood, and with the added advantage of being big in size.

Blessing Onwukwe is now known as one of the artists that are called upon by top Directors and film houses in the country, when they have the kind of projects that they expect to go international. Naturally those kind of projects demand top talents.

Some of her movies and appearances are listed below.

Blessing Onwukwe Movies

  • Alone with Love
  • She played: Lucy
  • Big Bro
  • Perfect Imperfection
  • She played: Therapist
  • The Three of Us
  • We Found Love
  • She played: Chinedu’s Mom
  • Anchor (2023)
  • All I Ask (2023)
  • She played: Mrs. Eugene
  • Peace, Be Still (2023)
  • Speechless Affection (2023)
  • She played: Aunty Uru
  • Holy Trouble (2023)
  • Now, Always and Forever (2023)
  • East Meets West (2023)
  • She played: Mama Nduka
  • Oh No! Santa (2022)
  • She played: Mama
  • Law of Love (2022)
  • She played: Mrs. Bassey
  • Not Her (2022)
  • She played: Ekwutosi
  • Modern Love (2022)
  • She played: Mum
  • 4:4:44 (2022)
  • She played: Ndidi
  • A.Jay (2022)
  • She played: Pastor Kike
  • Lost (2022)
  • She played: Mrs Williams
  • Emotional Ripple (2022)
  • She played: Vicky’s mother
  • Perfect Deal (2022)
  • Passport (2022)
  • She played: Mrs. Achike
  • Twist of Fate (2022)
  • She played: Uju
  • Love Don’t Cost a Dime (2022)
  • She played: Gina
  • Survivors (2022)
  • A True Blue June (2022)
  • Mirror Image (2022)
  • She played: Caroline
  • Boothang! (2022) Short film
  • I am Nazzy (2022)
  • Laura’s Bubble (2022)
  • Rising Sun (2022)
  • Enkindle
  • She played: Nancy
  • Emem (2022)
  • Killing Eva (2022)
  • A Dead Man’s Tale (2022)
  • Her Son (2021)
  • Her Mother’s Daughter (2021)
  • She played: Mama Chisom
  • In the End (2021)
  • She played: Enaharo
  • Hope Springs Eternal (2021) TV Series
  • Out of Love (2021)
  • She played: Funke
  • The Mismatched (2021)
  • True Caller (2021)
  • She played: Aunty Maggy
  • Wrong But Found (2021)
  • She played: Abi
  • The Therapist (2021)
  • She played: Mrs. Ogene
  • Ex with Benefits (2021)
  • The Housekeeper (2021)
  • She played: Funmi
  • Concession (2020)
  • She played: Aunty Adana
  • Bad Ideas (2020)
  • She played: Aunty Maggie
  • The Politician’s Wife (2020)
  • Payback (2020)
  • A Piece of Me (2020)
  • She played: Mrs. Oha
  • Camouflage (2020)
  • She played: Jessica
  • Two Wrongs (2020)
  • Greyish (2020)
  • Family at War (2020)
  • She played: Mrs. Bucknor
  • From a Distance (2020)
  • She played: Mrs Horsefall
  • Blind Voice (2019)
  • She played: Ebiye
  • Package Deal (2019)
  • She played: Aunt Pam
  • Elevator Baby (2019)
  • She played: Madam
  • The Recipient (2019)
  • She played: Kisha’s Mum
  • No Way Out (2019)
  • She played: Mama Vina
  • Two Wrongs (2019)
  • Black Lake (2019)
  • She Is (2019)
  • She played: Sis Sarah
  • Seducing Mr. Perfect (2019)
  • She played: Mrs. Okafor
  • House 69 (2019)
  • Zuriel’s Diary (2018)
  • She played: Mummy
  • Taken (2018)
  • Wo.Men Are Scum (2018)
  • She played: Lolo
  • My Name Is Ivy (2018)
  • She played: Kate
  • King of Boys (2018)
  • She played: Madam Aunty
  • For DJ’s Sake (2018)
  • She played: Nwanwa
  • The Conductor (2018)
  • Mr. Not So Perfect (2017)
  • She played: Sandra
  • Pebbles of Love (2017)
  • She played: Mirabel
  • American Boy (2017)
  • Dance to My Beat (2017)
  • She played: Emelda
  • For My Girls (2017)
  • Stranger in My Bed (2017)
  • Impossible Relationships (2016)
  • Colourless (2016)
  • She played: Pat
  • Meet the In-Laws (2016)
  • She played: Okoro’s Wife
  • Lekki Wives (2013)
  • TV Series
  • She played: Hajia
  • When Dreams Fall Apart (2013)
  • She played: Lisa
  • Ill Conscience (2012)
  • She played: Rose
  • Kiss and Tell (2011)
  • She played: Mrs. Aina
  • A Private Storm (2010)
  • She played: Aunty Ada
  • Bursting Out (2010)
  • She played: Mrs. Ekene
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Blessing Onwukwe Other Activities

Blessing Onwukwe is also a voice over artist, a model, and a brand influencer. She has worked extensively with fashion and cosmetics brands in the country to promote their brands and to draw attention to their brands.

On her Instagram page she regularly posts pictures of herself wearing well designed attires; most of them being promotional posts for the designers of those gowns and dresses.

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Blessing Onwukwe is also a bit of a comedian; she carries her sense of humor with her wherever she goes. She shares light content on instagram and also on tiktok.

Blessing Onwukwe Age

Blessing Onwukwe has not shared any details about her age or date of birth. This is obviously in a bid to remain mysterious and to keep people guessing. It has worked to some extent, but it is not always possible to deceive a trained eye.

From her looks, one can estimate that Blessing Onwukwe was born in the 70’s which would put her between 45 and 47 years old.

Keep in mind that this has nothing to do with her size; she could lose all the weight today, but still retain her maturity. She is therefore a young woman with much to offer the industry, and the country in general.

Blessing Onwukwe Husband

As at the time of writing this post, Blessing Onwukwe is not married. It is not clear whether she is in a committed relationship because there is no post on her social media that indicates that she has a sweetheart to whom she is attached.

Furthermore, she has not showed up at any event with her arms wrapped around a man in a manner that would suggest that she is deeply in love, or even at any public place in a way to suggest that she is special friends with any man.

She is therefore single and available for any man who is able to sweep her off her feet.

Blessing Onwukwe’s State of Origin

Blessing Onwukwe is from Abia State, although she was born and raised in Port Harcourt, and now lives in Asaba, Delta State.

How To Contact Blessing Onwukwe

The easiest way to contact Blessing Onwukwe is on instagram; her handle is

She can also be contacted via email; her email address is


That is the story of Blessing Onwukwe; the Nigerian actress, voice over artist, and fashion model. It has been interesting following her career, and how she came to feature in over 100 films. We know the best is yet to come, and we wish her all the best.

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