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List of International Scholarships For African Students (2023)

There is this misconception about scholarship, Scholarships aren’t necessarily for people seeking financial assistance but rather Scholarships are centered around education; and with the cost of achieving the best form of education, financial aid isn’t a bad idea. What I mean is – No help is ‘too much’ help. Hence, there isn’t and shouldn’t be any form side-eye directed at students studying in campuses on scholarships. Many questions have been asked as regards international scholarships for African students, we will be focusing on scholarships strictly for African students which many Nigerian students would be willing to tap from.

Scholarships from inception has done more good than you can ever imagine, it has assisted students in achieving their dreams effortlessly, attain levels of education that are generally or feasibly beyond their reach, broaden their minds and explore their creativity in their respective career line in some of the best learning environments.

In this post, we would briefly be mentioning international scholarship opportunities for African students. As a matter of fact, scholarship opportunities are educational incentives every student must be on the lookout for.

A scholarship by definition is simply an award (not a grant) of financial assistance for students to further their studies. It is a noteworthy point to understand that scholarships are awarded based upon various criteria. This criterion is usually in line with the purposes or values of the founder/sponsor/donor of the scholarship (for instance: Shell Annual scholarships are strictly meant for students studying engineering and nothing else. That is the purpose/value of Shell as an engineering based firm).

Scholarships also aren’t grants and the money is not in any way expected to be repaid (at least not in cash (although in some cases, the student may be required to work with the firm/donor after successful completion of the academic period). Scholarships are a big part of college financial aid in various countries all around the world. Apologies for the long intro; that just needed to be clarified so people fully understand the meaning and purpose of educational scholarships. With that said, let’s quickly check on the scholarship opportunities that are available to you as an African student.

Aside this list of international scholarships for African students, there are other scholarships sponsored by multinational companies in Nigeria which includes the PTDF Scholarship, NDDC Scholarship, Shell, Agip and a host of scholarships granted to Nigerian students by other giant corporations.

List of International Scholarships For African Students ([year]) 1

List of International Scholarship Opportunities for African Students

Scholarship to Study in Belgium

VLIR-UOS Awards Scholarships

Graduate scholarship to study in Belgium, for students in Africa to study in Belgium on a development-related master’s degree or training program is one of the international scholarship opportunities for African students

Wells Mountain Foundation Scholarships

International scholarships for African students from developing countries (including African nations) to gain funding for university at home and abroad.

Borlaug LEAP Fellowship Program

Agriculture related masters or PHD scholarships for USAID-assisted countries for African students.

Scholarship to Study Anywhere In The World

Aga Khan Foundation Scholarship Programme

This is another international scholarship opportunities for African students which gives you the opportunity of studying anywhere in the world. You can do your findings and see how real it is.

Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships

International scholarship within Commonwealth countries for African students to study a master’s degree from selected universities in the UK and worldwide by distance learning.

The Beit Trust Scholarships

International master’s degree and PhD scholarships for African students from Malawi, Zambia or Zimbabwe to

Africa London Nagasaki (ALN) Fund

This is for African scientists to get financial assistance in obtaining a master’s degree in an area related to health and disease control in Africa. Winners of this scholarship can choose to study in the Nagasaki University in Japan or London’s Institute of Tropical Medicine, the London School of the Hygiene and Tropical Medicine.

Scholarship to study in Netherlands

Netherlands Fellowship Programme (NFP)

Scholarship for African students to study in the Netherlands for a master’s degree and PhD.

Scholarship to Study in Germany

DRD-DAAD Merit Scholarships

Scholarship for African students from Sub-Saharan African countries to study a development-related master’s or PhD program in Germany.

Scholarship to Study in the US

  • MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program
  • 7UP Harvard Business School Scholarship

Scholarships for Nigerian students to study MBA program at Harvard University’s business school (HBS).

Fulbright Foreign Student Program

International scholarships for artists, young professionals, and graduate students, to study in the US for a year or more.

Zawadi Africa Education Fund for Young African Women

This Scholarships here has a gender bias for female students from Uganda, Ghana, and Kenya to study in the US.

Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders

Scholarship to study in the US and gain business and leadership skills. For African students from students from sub-Saharan Africa.

Stanford Africa MBA Fellowship at Stanford University

Scholarships for Africans wishing to study at Stanford University’s Graduate School of Business on the MBA program.

Scholarship to study in the UK

Below are also some scholarship meant for African students to study in the UK

The Ibrahim Scholarship Programme

Scholarship for aspiring African leaders to study for a master’s degree in the UK at London Business School, SOAS or the University of Birmingham.

Lalji LSE PfAL Scholarship Programme

Scholarship for African students with leadership potential to study any Economics related course for masters’ degree at the London School of Economics (LSE).

IOE – Commonwealth Scholarships

Commonwealth scholarship for African students from Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya to study a development-related master’s degree in the UK.

African Graduate scholarships at UCL

Scholarships for Africans to study in the UK at UCL (University College London) on a master’s degree program for Global Health.

Commonwealth Scholarships at SOAS

Commonwealth scholarship for African students from commonwealth countries to study at SOAS (London) on a development-related master’s degree.

Tullow Group Scholarship Scheme

Postgraduate scholarships for African students from the Ivory Coast and Mauritania to study in France. Students from Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya and Uganda to study in the UK at selected universities.

African Postgraduate Scholarships (Edinburgh Napier University)

Merit-based scholarship for Africans to gain partial funding to study in the UK at Edinburgh Napier University.

Southern African Scholarships (The University of Edinburgh)

Scholarship open to African students from the southern part of Africa to study at the University of Edinburgh (Scotland) on a masters’ or PhD program. Countries eligible include: South Africa, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, Tanzania, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Angola, Botswana, the Congo, and Lesotho.

Oppenheimer Fund Scholarships (Oxford University)

Scholarship for African students who have previously studied at any South African universities to study at Oxford University in the UK.

There are other scholarship opportunities open to African students you can do further research on.

  1. Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
  2. Fulbright Foreign Student Program
  3. Rhodes Scholarship
  4. Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Program
  5. Commonwealth Scholarships
  6. Gates Cambridge Scholarship
  7. African Union Scholarships
  8. Erasmus Mundus Scholarships
  9. Knight-Hennessy Scholars Program
  10. Aga Khan Foundation International Scholarship Program
  11. DAAD Scholarships for African Students
  12. Chevening Scholarships
  13. Canada-Africa Research Exchange Grants
  14. Harvard University Scholarships for International Students
  15. AIMS NEI Fellowship Program for Women in Climate Change Science
  16. OWSD PhD Fellowships for Women Scientists
  17. Australian Awards Scholarships
  18. Swiss Government Excellence Scholarships for Foreign Scholars and Artists
  19. China Government Scholarships
  20. Japanese Government Scholarships
  21. Korean Government Scholarships
  22. Netherlands Fellowship Program
  23. Finland Government Scholarships
  24. Belgium Government Scholarships
  25. Irish Aid Fellowships
  26. New Zealand Development Scholarships
  27. Czech Government Scholarships
  28. Slovak Government Scholarships
  29. Swedish Institute Study Scholarships
  30. Rotary Peace Fellowship
  31. Schwarzman Scholars Program
  32. UWC Scholarships for International Students
  33. World Bank Scholarships for Developing Countries
  34. Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship Program
  35. Commonwealth Shared Scholarships
  36. Erasmus+ Scholarship for African Students
  37. The Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Fellowship
  38. The Joint Japan World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program
  39. The Orange Knowledge Programme
  40. The Scottish Government Scholarship Scheme
  41. The Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals
  42. The United Nations University Scholarships
  43. The World Press Institute Fellowship Program
  44. Utrecht Excellence Scholarships
  45. The Wellcome Trust International Master’s Fellowships
  46. The World Health Organization Internship Program
  47. The Rotary Scholarships for Water and Sanitation Professionals
  48. Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships in South Africa
  49. The Australia Awards Africa Short Courses
  50. The Joint Japan/World Bank Graduate Scholarship Program for African Students

To get details about any one of these scholarships and the criteria and details involved, visit their sites via the Google search engine. You could also visit the website of the school you’re applying to check for any scholarship opportunities.

If there are any ones you know and would like to share as regards list of international scholarship opportunities for African students, kindly state them in the comment section below.

See you at the top!

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