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ANSU JAMB Cut Off Mark For All Courses 2021/2022 Session

Anambra State University (ANSU) JAMB cut off mark for all courses 2021/2022 academic year has been released, by the school management. The cut off mark cuts across all departments therefore beating the cut off mark gives the student an ample chance of going for ANSU internal screening exercise.

Cut off marks are calculated set figures which a student must beat in his or her UTME in order to stand a chance of gaining admission into any university in Nigeria, i used the word chance because passing the JAMB cut off mark is not a guarantee that the candidate must gain admission into the university of his or her choice as other criteria must be met as stipulated by the school authority.

“What is ANSU cut off mark for 2021/2022?”  This has been the questions on the lips of every student that put ANSU as their preferred choice of university during the UTME registration, see below for ANSU cut off Mark for all courses.

ANSU JAMB Cut Off Mark For All Courses 2021/2022 Session 1

Please note that passing the JAMB cut off mark and post UTME screening exercise is not enough, candidates must meet the required cut off point for the course being applied for before admission can be given. You may want to find out how you can know if you meet ANSU cut off point? All you need to do is calculate your aggregate score or aggregate cut off mark which is a combination of your JAMB score and post UTME score after you must have divided your JAMB score by 8 and post UTME by 2 and summing up both (JAMB and Post UTME) together. You can read up on how to calculate ANSU’s aggregate score as the practical example would give you a clearer understanding.

Please note that candidates would go through the internal screening which involves submitting original documents that is, WAEC and NECO certificates, original JAMB results, passport photographs and most likely go through an oral assessment and if he or she scales through, it means an automatic admission into Anambra State University (ANSU) Uli.

Candidates who selected Anambra state university (COOU) have always asked the following questions about ANSU cut off mark for this academic session and it is high time we answered their questions as it may also fall in line with the question you may have been wanting to ask. Please refer to the table below;

What is ANSU current cut off mark? ANSU’s cut off mark is 170. Any UTME candidate that scores 170 and above is eligible for ANSU post UTME screening exercise.
Does ANSU Accept second choice candidates? ANSU accepts both first and second choice candidates.
Can ANSU accept me if I score 150? No. Only candidates that score 170 and above are eligible to apply for ANSU post UTME.
What is ANSU cut off mark for Nursing? Candidates with 220 and above and score at least 65 in their post UTME have higher chances of studying Nursing in ANSU but please confirm if Nursing is offered in ANSU.
If I score 190 in jamb and still use ANSU as second choice can I gain admission? Anambra state university (COOU) accepts first and second choice UTME candidates irrespective of your JAMB score.
How can I change my university to ANSU because I passed their cut off mark? Simply purchase a change of course form from JAMB, it costs about 2,500 naira. Fill the necessary details and submit. You will be informed when your application is successful via the registered email or you can verify via JAMB CAPS.
I got 8 credits in my O’Level but my JAMB score is 181 and I am applying for Banking and Finance. What are my chances of gaining admission in ANSU? With 181 JAMB score and 8 credit passes, you still stand a chance of gaining admission into ANSU but your post UTME score must be high.
What is ANSU JAMB cut off mark for Medicine and Surgery? We will advise you score at least 250 and above in your JAMB to stand a chance when calculating your aggregate score.
I am an indigene of Anambra state, can I be considered for admission if I score below the cut off mark? The minimum cut off mark for ANSU is the same for all candidates irrespective of the state of origin of the candidate.
What is the cut off mark for Electrical and Electronics Engineering in ANSU? We advise that you score at least 240 and above in your JAMB so when your aggregate score is calculated, you will stand a better chance of gaining admission into ANSU.
I scored 198 in jamb is there any chance of me gaining admission into medical biochemistry? First you need to confirm if Medical Biochemistry is offered in ANSU. However, the answer to the question is No. Notwithstanding, you are eligible to participate in the post UTME. I would advise you change your course to a less competitive one.
I am an indigene and I scored 183 in JAMB, can I secure admission in ANSU? The answer is YES you can because you scored higher than the minimum cut off mark for ANSU. However, gaining admission would also depend on the course you selected.
I score 197 in my JAMB, can I gain admission to study English?? Am an indigene and in my O’level result I have 7Bs 1A and 1C. Can I be admitted into ANSU with this O’level result? Yes you can be admitted.
Can someone with 185 In Jamb gain admission into ANSU to study accounting? You can gain admission into ANSU but definitely not to study Accounting. Accounting is a professional course hence high JAMB cut off mark. You need at least 240 and above with a good post UTME score to study Accounting in ANSU.
Does ANSU accept Transfer students from other universities? Yes ANSU accept transfer students so long as you meet their requirements.
What is ANSU’s cut off mark for LAW? With a JAMB score of 260 and above you can study Law in ANSU. Law requires a good JAMB score because of the strong competition.
What JAMB score can I get in order to study Pharmacy at ANSU? Firstly, go through the courses offered in ANSU to confirm if Pharmacy is studied in the institution, if YES. You will need to score at least 260 in JAMB in order to gain admission into ANSU to study Pharmacy.
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The above are the most frequently asked questions and best possible answers for ANSU JAMB cut off mark. Please go through them thoroughly as they would be very useful in helping you know your course and required cut off mark.

If you were not able to meet the approved Anambra State University (ANSU) cut off mark you are automatically advised to do a JAMB change of course and institution since there are universities that accepts below 180 for admission.


The Anambra State University (ANSU) cut off mark for 2021/2022 academic session is 170 for all courses, to get for information, you could also visit their website.

  1. 250 and above – Medicine (O’ Level result with one sitting only) and Nursing
  2. 240 and above – Mass Communication, Common Law, Pharmacy, Anatomy, Physiology
  3. 200 and above – Computer Science, English Language, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Geology, all engineering courses except Agricultural and Bio-system Engineering.
  4. 170 and above – All other courses
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Accounting 240 and above
Agricultural Economics and Extension 220 and above
Agricultural Economics and Farm Management 220 and above
Anatomy 250 and above
Animal Science 230 and above
Architecture 230 and above
Banking and Finance (Mgt) 240 and above
Biochemistry 250 and above
Biological Science(s) 250 and above
Business Administration 250 and above
Business Education 170 and above
Business Management 230 and above
Civil Engineering 250 and above
Computer Science 230 and above
Crop Science And Horticulture 230 and above
Economics 240 and above
Education and Biology 170 and above
Education and Chemistry 170 and above
Education and Computer Science 170 and above
Education and Economics 170 and above
Education and English Language 170 and above
Education and Igbo 170 and above
Education and Integrated Science 170 and above
Education and Mathematics 170 and above
Education and Physics 170 and above
Education and Political Science 170 and above
Electrical / Electronic Engineering 250 and above
English Language 220 and above
Entrepreneurial Studies 170 and above
Environmental Management Technology 230 and above
Geology 230 and above
Guidance and Counseling 170 and above
History 200 and above
Human Kinetics 170 and above
Igbo 170 and above
Industrial Physics 220 and above
Information Resource Management 220 and above
Law 250 and above
Marketing 230 and above
Mass Communication 240 and above
Mathematics 220 and above
Mechanical Engineering 250 and above
Medicine and Surgery 270 and above
Microbiology 230 and above
Music 170 and above
Philosophy 220 and above
Physics 220 and above
Physiology 250 and above
Political Science 200 and above
Primary and Elementary Education 200 and above
Psychology 200 and above
Pure and Industrial Chemistry 220 and above
Religious Studies 170 and above
Sociology 200 and above
Soil Science 230 and above
Statistics 230 and above
Theatre Arts 230 and above
Urban and Regional Planning 200 and above
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Hope this was informative enough, Kindly share with friends via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You could also send your comments as regards ANSU cut off mark for 2021/2022 academic year via the comment section below and get a swift response.



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