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Anambra State University Uli Cut Off Mark For All Courses 2017/18

Anambra state university cut off markAnambra State University (ANSU) Uli cut off mark for all courses 2018/19 academic year has been released, by the school management. The cut off mark cuts across all departments therefore beating the cut off mark gives the student an ample chance of going for ANSU internal screening exercise.

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Cut off marks are calculated set figures which a student must beat in his or her UTME in order to stand a chance of gaining admission into any university in Nigeria, i used the word chance because passing the JAMB cut off mark is not a guarantee that the candidate must gain admission into the university of his or her choice as other criteria must be met as stipulated by the school authority.

“What is ANSU cut off mark for 2017/18?”  this has been the questions on the lips of every student that put ANSU as their preferred choice of university during the UTME registration, see below for ANSU cut off Mark for all courses.

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Please note that candidates would go through the internal screening which involves submitting original documents that is, WAEC and NECO certificates, original JAMB results, passport photographs and most likely go through an oral assessment and if he or she scales through, it means an automatic admission into Anambra State University (ANSU) Uli.

If you were not able to meet the approved Anambra State University (ANSU) cut off mark you are automatically advised to do a JAMB change of course and institution since there are universities that accepts below 180 for admission.


The Anambra State University (ANSU) cut off mark for 2017/2018 academic session is 180 for all courses, to get for information, you could also visit their website.

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  1. 220 – 240 – Medicine (O’ Level result with one sitting only) and Nursing
  2. 180 and above – Mass Communication, Common Law, Pharmacy, Anatomy, Physiology
  3. 200 and above – Computer Science, English Language, Biochemistry, Microbiology, Geology, all engineering courses except Agricultural and Biosystem Engineering.
  4. 180 – All other courses

Hope this was informative enough, Kindly share with friends via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You could also send your comments as regards ANSU cut off mark for 2018/19 academic year via the comment section below and get a swift response.


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  1. can I study any science course my jamb score is 158

    1. No you can’t. All courses come with their cut off Marks. If I may ask, what science course exactly are you talking about

    2. i score 168 can I study pharmacy school

    3. i score 168 can I study pharmacy

      1. You cannot study Pharmacy with a cut off mark of 168 at ANSU

  2. Please is this cut off mark for Anambra state university real? Please answer me

    1. They new cut off mark for Anambra state university is now 120 According to the latest update from JAMB few days ago. We shall update this information asap

  3. okeke chiamaka vivian

    pls can i study Accountancy, my jamb result is 173 .

    1. Sure you can with the new JAMB cut off mark

  4. hi can i study law with 192 in Ansu

    1. What am sure of is the fact that you are eligible for admission into ANSU with the new JAMB cut off mark, but LAW faculty is yet to set their own cut off mark due to the discrepancies involved in the new general JAMB Cut off mark.

      1. can I study environmental management technology with this score 153

        1. Yes you can with the new cut off mark

  5. pls my score is 171, will I get pharmacy with that my score in ansu? secondly,are we going to take post utme this year or screening?

    1. Hi Ada, all i know for no is that you are eligible for admission into Anambra state university Uli with this JAMB score. As for the Post UTME, it is not yet certain but there is every possibility of writing the exam due to the new JAMB cut off mark. So i would strongly you start preparing for it.

  6. good day,

    please can I study political science with 196.

    1. With ANSU new cut off mark, you are very eligible for admission so long as you pass your post UTME

  7. Has ANSU officially accepted 120 to be their cutoff mark? Because I scored 178 in my jamb and wanted to study biochem there, I want to know if it will be possible so that I can do change of institution

    1. At the moment they have not officially published the acceptance the 120 cut off mark but they do not have a choice as JAMB has given directive to all schools and would deal decisively with any that fails to comply. So be calm, all you need do is try and pass your post UTME/Internal Screening exercise.

      1. Alright thanks very much. But do you know if they are still doing change of course and institution?

        1. Yes you still can do a change of course and institution. I would advice you do that as fast as possible before it closes

  8. I get 201 on jamb but 2 sittings on o’level result,can i get admission into de university. Course law

    1. Yes, ANSU accepts O Level results with a maximum of 2 sittings so you are eligible for admission, Just make sure you do well in your post UTME in order to be granted admission to study Law

  9. please can I study banking and fiance with 171

    1. Yes you can. you are very much eligible for admission into ANSU Uli

  10. ufiobor Sarah ofejiro

    is the screening form out? old inform me….

    1. ANSU screening form is not out yet

      1. Pls my jamb score is 179 and I chose biological science can I make it to the university

  11. pls how sure is the uli 120 cutoff mark

    1. They will accept the cut off mark of 120. It is a directive from JAMB

  12. my cut off mark is 171, can i get admission to study mechanical engineering

    1. You are eligible for admission into Ananmbra state University Uli quite alright but to study engineering, you need to make a very good score in order to beat Engineering cut off mark in ANSU. Though it has not been officially set by the school authority but it is not going to be as low as social science and management courses as usual. Good luck Bro

  13. Pls can i study public administration wit 160

    1. Sure you can. Just be sure to make a good grade in your post utme/internal screening exercise

  14. please can I study Accounting with 173

    1. You are eligible for admission into ANSU but until you pass your post-UTME with good score, we have to wait for ANSU cut off mark for accounting

  15. is the screening form out

    1. It is not out yet

  16. Will ANSU accept 202 for pharmacy?

    1. ANSU would accept 202 for Pharmacy if you pass your Post UTME with a very good score.

      1. pls is it a must you will Write post UME if u get 220 in jamb fir PHARMACY

        1. Writing Post UTME is at the discretion of the institution

  17. Can ansu accept 184 for law

    1. Yes ANSU can accept 184 but it also depends on ur post utme score

  18. Please when is the date for screening in anambra sate university for jambites.

    1. it has not yet been released, subscribe to our blog to get an update as soon as we update on that.

  19. pls when is the screening form coming out?

    1. Subscribe to our blog so as to get the update on ANSU screening form

  20. ufiobor Sarah ofejiro

    uli was my second choice will they give me admission?

    1. Yes they will. They accept being chosen as second choice

  21. solumtochukwu Eloka

    please can i get pharmacy with this score 196.

    1. It depends on the post utme score

  22. With JAMB score of 160, your chances of clinching admission is quite slim but you still stand a chance

  23. pls I scored 173 in jamb and I want to study mass communication will I be able to get admission in Ansu?

    1. If ANSU decides to stick with the 120 cut off mark then your chances of gaining admission into ANSU is high but if otherwise, then i doubt if you have a chance

  24. is screening registration on

    1. ANSu screening registration form is not out yet.

  25. but pls is the screening form out?

    1. ANSU screening form is not out yet. It is not out yet. Subscribe to our blog to get updated as soon as it comes out

  26. Please I scored 178 in jamb and I want to study computer science.
    Will I be able to get admission

    1. You are eligible for admission but i cannot guarantee that you would be granted admission to study computer science at ANSU

      1. why?am also going for computer science. and I scored 175 in jamb.please tell me reason

      2. pls I scored 197 to study computer science will ansu give me admission

        1. You are eligible for admission since ANSU JAMB cut off mark is 180

      3. Can I study Economics with the new cut off mark,my jamb score is 187

        1. Sure you can if you make a good grade in your post UTME exam/screening exercise

  27. ansu uli aspirant chat me up for ur accomadation via watsapp 08186560099

    1. Pls do not use this medium to extort innocent prospective students willing to gain admission into ANSU.

  28. ufiobor Sarah ofejiro

    I heard no post utme again is it true?

    1. With the new cut off mark, most schools have gone back into post UTME as directed by JAMB. DELSU and some other state universities just completed their Post UTME examination.

  29. I got 185 in jamb and also i got d7 in english and account pls what cn i study with dis result?

    1. This is a bit difficult. Mathematics and English are usually a must have with a minimum of Credit in both subjects. What course did you apply for in your UTME registration? i think we start from there so i know how to come in. Thanks

  30. Plz with 211 in my jamb can I study pharmacy in ansu

    1. You need a very good score in JAMB to study Pharmacy, i would suggest either you opt for a change of course if ANSU cut off mark does not change from the usual 180, if it does change to 120, then you stand a chance. Thanks


    1. If they stick with the old cut off mark then you cant be admitted into ANSU to study micro biolglogy but if ANSU agrees with the new cut off mark, then you stand a chance though your post utme score would go a long way in helping you clinch a spot

  32. is ansu post ume going to be an exam or a oral test

    1. It would most likely be an exam, not oral test

  33. firstly I want to say kudos! Nice blog…
    I had 202 in jamb and my waec result are mostly C’s would uli accept it for Mech.Eng?

    1. Thanks Bro! This will be pretty difficult. Engineering courses comes with a high cut off mark plus the competition for admission is usually tensed, you need a good JAMB score, WAEC result and good post UTME exam score to scale through. With the introduction of this new JAMB cut off mark, most schools are re introducing post utme as a means of cutting the number of students to be admitted in one academic session.

  34. pleas can I study electrical engneering and I got 143 in my jamb

  35. Pls I scored 215 in jamb and I want to study medicine and surgery can ansu give me admission

    1. 215 is quite low for Medicine and Surgery. If they stick to the new cut off mark then you are good to go. if not, you will have to opt for another course

  36. please what’s ur school cut off for this year

    1. ANSU cut off mark for 2017/18 Academic session has always been 180 but due to the new JAMB cut off mark, they are yet to make a final decision on whether 120 will be used as the benchmark or not.

  37. pls can I study mechanical engineering. my jamb score is 177

  38. Is one qualified to study business administration with jamb score of 167 at anambra state university uli

    1. Yes if ANSU sticks with the new cut off mark

  39. I’m an indigen too

  40. Is the form out on sale and when will the final conclusion be made for Ansu cut off mark

    1. Form is not out yet. We’ll notify you on that, just make sure you subscribe to our blog in order to get the news as it comes.

      1. scored 173 , Ansu as second choice to study philosophy any luck.

        1. Yes ANSU they accepts second coice

  41. hello,please can I study mass communication with 164?

    1. If they adhere to JAMB’s new cut off mark then you stand of gaining admission.

  42. Gud pm pls can I study microbiology with 167

    1. It is difficult considering your cut off mark

  43. Andy real cutoff mark for 2017

  44. plz is post utme form out

  45. Please I got 211 can I get into medicine and surgery

    1. Yes you can if you do exceedingly well in your post UTME/Screening

  46. Plz when is the cut off mark going to be out

    1. Just work with the cut off mark of 180 to be on the safe side.

  47. Plz do u offer Theatre act

    1. Yes ANSU offers Theartre arts

  48. Ansu is my second choice university , my score is 178 and my choice course,pharmacy.Am l eligible for admission?

    1. We are yet to fully confirm if ANSU is sticking with the 120 cut off mark or 180. If they Stick with the 120 cut off mark, ten you are eligible for admission but if not, then you are not.

  49. plz I score 159 in my jamb, can I study theatre art in uli

    1. We cannot confirm the actual cut off mark yet. But JAMB has ordered all universities to work with 120 cut off mark

  50. my wace result is 4As,4Bs and 1c

    1. Wow.. Very impressive result you stand a very good chance of gaining admission just hope ANSU sticks with the new cut off mark of 120

  51. Sorry when will post utme exam starts pls i want to know

    1. ANSU Post UTME screening form is not out yet

  52. I need ansu Wasap link
    what’s ansu cutoff this year

    1. ANSU cut off mark is 180. It is official now.

  53. Pls when is the admission form going to be out
    Because I score 162 in JAMB so I would like to know if I can use it or not. …think u

    1. ANSU Cut off mark is 180. It is official now. So you are not qualified. They have resolved to main the cut off mark of 180.

  54. Ok thank you

  55. Can i get law with 211

    1. Sure you can gain admission if you do well in ur post UTME/Internal Screening exercise.

  56. Pls i scored 167 in jamb will ANSU give me admission for computer science

    1. Sorry bro, you didn’t make ANSU cut off mark.

      1. I scored 212 in jamb , my waec result is mainly c and I put uli as my second choice to study biochemistry do I stand a chance

        1. Yes you still stand a chance of gaining admission into ANSU Uli

          1. But when is the selling of the form and how much is itpls ?

          2. The form isn’t out yet. But be rest assured it won’t be above 3,000 naira.

  57. I got 209 in Jamb, can I study philosophy without economics in ansu?

    1. Sure you can study philosophy without Economics in ANSU

  58. I scored 142
    Can I get admission in Ansu #Course Economics

    1. Sorry you can’t gain admission into ANSU since you did not meet their cut off mark of 180

  59. Is there no form of luck for someone who scored 178?

    1. It is pretty difficult. Admission into ANSU is based on merit, don’t work your admission based on luck by using the back door to avoid having admission issues in your final year.

      1. Can I study English language with 159

        1. You did not meet ANSU cut off mark to make you eligible for admission.

  60. Please i scored 173 in jamb so am I eligible for admission in Ansu uli for microbiology.. And is the post utme form out yet.. Thanks

    1. Am Sorry Ella you are not eligible. ANSU cut off mark is 180 and above.

  61. Pls cn I study pharmacy with a jamb score of 219

    1. Your chances are slim but yourpost UTME internal screening could help you scale through if you get a good score

  62. any hope of pharmacy with 183?

    1. Hi Cece.. Yeah there is but it is pretty slim. A glimpse of hope would be if your WAEC result is excellent plus you perform above average in your post UTME

  63. Sir…pls is it still gonna b post utme…or just internal screening… Like oral questions???

    1. You are adviced to prepare for a post UTME to be on the safe side. Most schools are reverting to post UTME due to JAMB’s new policy

  64. Pls can I study English language but my cutoff mark is 159

  65. My jamb score is 179 and my course is biological science can I make it to the school
    Pls i need a reply

    1. You did not meet the cut off mark.

      1. Do u mean the jamb cut off mark

      2. Pls my jamb score z167should go ahead on ANSU post utme for computer science

        1. Even if you register for ANSU post UTME, and you go ahead, your name will not come out on the list of candidates to write the post utme. Except ANSU Cut off mark is reduced to 120.

  66. But i heard jamb is 120

    1. The truth is ANSU has not confirmed if they would stick with the new JAMB cut off mark. For no the 80 cut off mark still stands until we get information as regards their post utme screening exercise, then we can confirm the actual cut off mark.

  67. Pls is the screening registration on now

    1. Not yet. We are still waiting to get an update on that.

  68. I pray Ansu reduces their cut off mark to 150 or 160 please….God help us o

    1. Hopefully they would. We are waiting for their post UTME registration portal to be opened then we can confirm the final cut off mark.

  69. Please i had 198 in jamb …can Istudy physiology in the school.
    And I can’t find pharmacy in the school’s courses…

    1. Yes you can study physiology in ANSU with 198. Good luck

  70. ufiobor Sarah ofejiro

    pls what is asuu cutoff mark now?

    1. For now, ANSU still maintains the cut off mark of 180. When there is a change before the post UTME, we shall notify you. just subscribe to our blog to get a notification to that effect.

  71. can i write post utme my jamb score is 168

    1. At the moment, it is not possible. ANSU cut off mark for 2017/18 is 180. Am sorry about that

  72. Please do you have any idea when the screening form would be out..

    1. Between now and October ANSU screening form will definitely be out

  73. I did change of course and change of institution…and I chose Anambra uli in my change of institution while my change of course is biological science…I went to the cyber cafe and its showing me dat my jamb reg number does exit on the jamb list …does that mean my change of institution and change of course hasn’t reflect yet

    1. That should be the case. Report the case to the JAMB CBT Centre you did the change of course

  74. Does not exist

  75. plz will ansu bring down the cutoff mark

    1. Most probably. That is one reason you should exercise a bit of patience

  76. i score 179,should i loss hope in ansu?

    1. Do not lose hope yet. Just exercise a little patience for their Post UTME admission screening update

  77. but did you think dey will cut it down?

  78. When would Ansu finally conclude on their cut off mark..

    1. Very soon Daniella. Just a little patience

  79. pls wot z de cutoff mark

    1. ANSU’s Cut off mark is 180 for now

      1. Please I did change of institution to Ansu but they are telling me that jamb hasn’t forwarded the names yet…is it possible?

        1. Yes it is possible. JAMB forwards names in batches.

          1. I heard Ansu screening has started but my name has still not been forwarded to the school..please why is that?

          2. You must have done your change of institution to ANSU quite late

          3. So does that mean I don’t stand a chance of admission..

          4. The truth is, you are in a tight situation. Same problem a lady discussed with me as regards how her child lost out on sitting for post utme simply because she did a change of institution and her name did not come out on the list of post utme candidates before JAMB sent her name.

  80. Ansu are delaying on their final cut off mark. We need to know so if any candidate wishes to change in.. u can do that earlier bcos most schools are ending their registration nd even started screening. I really need to know if there’s any hope for us or not

    1. The ASUU strike is the cause of the delay. Most schools have postponed their Post UTME Screening/examination due to the ongoing strike.

  81. is ansu form out?

    1. ANSU form for what exactly?

  82. i belive the cutoff mark is 180,i dont tink dey can cut less than dat

  83. why has’t Ansu say their cut off mark,its getting late don’t you think so.almost a month now since jamb said their cut off mark. Pls help us.

  84. Candidate who made Ansu their second choice are they eligible for the school?

  85. since ansu post ume form is out,that means the cutoff mark is 180

    1. Yes Eucharia. Now we are certain that it is 180. This has answered all questions regarding ANSU Cut off mark for 2017/18

  86. My question have not been attended to

    1. What is your question Mr Anderson?

  87. ho no God Pls HELP ME& THE POST UME STILL end on 29 of this month.

  88. .when is ansu 2nd choice for 2017/2018 post ume stating.

  89. .when is ansu 2nd choice for 2017/2018 post utme stating.

    1. First and 2nd choice are to write in batches. Go through this link ANSU Post UTME Registration Form 2017/18 Is Out
      and get better clarification

  90. Please do I have a chance to study business administration in ansu with 197 in jamb

    1. with a very good post utme score, you stand a chance.

  91. can i study medicine with jamb score of 208

    1. It is practically impossible because your cut off mark is not enough to pull you through

  92. Pls I chose ansu as 2nd choice and they are inviting first choice candidates for p-utme. Does this mean there wouldn’t be any slight chance of 2nd choice candidates writing the utme or gaining admission? Reply please.

    1. ANSU post UTME is strictly for candidates who chose them as first choice. ANSU does not accept Second choice candidates

  93. Ansu realised their cut off mark late nd made many candidates who waited for it loose the chance of changing to another institution cos by the time u people finalised on ur cut off mark change of institution already ended. So sad cos am a victim too. Why do this though? Nw i missed on a chance by changing institution

    1. That is really painful. So sorry about this. What was your JAMB score?

  94. Okwuonu patricia oluchi

    Pls do anambra state university accept second choice, and s the form out

    1. No, ANSU accepts candidates that chose them as their First Choice.

  95. i heard that ansu will stil bring the cutoff mark down

    1. ANSU has already published their post utme screening exercise so there is no way their cut off mark would go below 180 for now

    1. Sorry you did not meet ANSU’s cut off mark of 180

  96. Pls sir this there hope of bringing it down from 180 to 160/170

  97. Pls sir this there hope of bringing it down from 180 to 160/170 nw d strike is off

    1. ANSU cut off mark remains at 180. For now, no going back

  98. Is post utme registration still going on and changing of course Pls reply me now because i want to apply my score is 192 ad uli is my second choice

    1. ANSU is not accepting second choice candidates. Moreover, change of institution and course have closed.

  99. How much is the school fees for post graduate students (msc)

  100. Pleas can i study computer engineering with 168 as my jamb score

    1. It is not possible. You did not even meet ANSU’s cut off mark how much more studying an Engineering course with 168.

  101. will dey give invoice to those that chose them but 175 score

  102. Good morning dear, I choose anambra uni as my second choice and am to study biochemical, I scored 228 in jamb and one sitting in waec of which I have Bs and Cs . will there be chance for those who made the sch their second choice

    1. ANSU stated categorically that their post UTME is meant for only candidates that chose them as 1st choice during their UTME registration. You could try but your chances are very slim

  103. Please, can I gain admission into Ansu to study medicine with my jamb score of 236. ?

    1. Yes you can. You are well above ANSU cut off mark of 180. Good luck George

  104. so no hope for second choice in ansu. why not pls

  105. can 1 read English with 177 in ansu

    1. No. You did not meet the required ANSU JAMB cut off mark of 180

  106. but ansu is among the first and second choosen by jamb, like if you chose them in first or second you can gain adm. once you make their cuf off mark. saw on line.


  108. He’llo dear, i am an aspirant in coou with a score 204 as a second choice seeking for pol science, i had that they are not accepting second choice candidate and i have registered please, advise me urgently.

    1. Well, they stated categorically that they do not accept second choice but you could give it a try because some schools also made the same statements but went ahead to allow candidates who made them second choice to sit for Post UTME

  109. please what are the o’level required subjects for mass communication I scored 243 in my utme

  110. When will Anambra state start their registration for second Choice 2017/2018

    1. ANSu stated specifically that their post utme is strictly for 1st choice candidates only

  111. Ughanze Kosisochukwu

    Please I scored 196 in jamb score is there any hope of me studying law in Ansu

  112. Ughanze Kosisochukwu

    I scored 196 is there any hope of me studying law in ansu

    1. Your chances are slim. Law requires a high score in JAMB and post UTME score

  113. Please what is the procedure for those that took coou as second choice

  114. With 215 can i get law in ansu

    1. You chances are still slim.

  115. Will ansu still take post utme screening exam for 2017

  116. can I study English with 173

    1. you did not meet ANSU (COOU) JAMB cut off mark

  117. plz I scored 218 in my utme,but I picked the school as second choice.

    1. ANSU is strictly for candidates with First choice

  118. Good evening sir /madam please can I get admission into ansu with 167 in respect to study pharmacy. And what is the final cutwo off for jamb this year.Thanks.

    1. No. ANSU Cut off mark is 180

  119. Does ANSU accept two sittings in WAEC for law? And why is it taking them so long to publish the date and time of the post utme exam?

    1. The accept two sittings for all courses

  120. Pleas Sir/Madam, I score 147 in my Jamb,can I study public Administration

    1. Sorry you cant. ANSU cut off mark is 180 therefore you did not meet up the required cut off mark to be eligible for admission into ANSU

  121. I choose Ansu as second choice is the screening still on Pls I need a reply tnxs

    1. I choose Ansu as second choice is the screening still on Pls I need a reply tnxs

      1. ANSU accepts just 1st choice according to the information posted on their website

  122. Hi,please any idea on when their first list will be out. Thanks.

    1. In less than 3 weeks

  123. Pls can I get medicine in Ansu with 236 as my cutoff mark and 2 waec sittings. And is there still post ume

  124. I scored 199 in jamb. Can I study biochemistry in ansu?

    1. Not with this score

  125. pls any hope of admission with 219 for physiology and second choice

  126. The not sure you said is it for post ume or for my admission

    1. What was the question again?

      1. I said pls can I get admission with 236 and 2 waec sittings. Also I asked is there still post ume. So I didn’t know the one you answered

        1. Sure you can. And YES there is supposed to be post UTME

        2. Sorry I meant if I can get medicine with 236

  127. Plz..hope ansu still accepts candidate cos I was advised to make it my first choice..since jamb said the change of institution is still on

  128. Sorry pls don’t be offended I meant if I can get medicine with 236

    1. I think you need to wait and see your post UTME score before we can draw an informed conclusion on this

  129. pls does d university accept transfer student? l mean someone that have passed his MBBS exam?

      1. How long does it take to effect the transfer to 400 L MBBS?

  130. How long does it take to effect the transfer to 400 L MBBS?

  131. Can I study medicine n surgery with a Jamb Score of 244 with one sitting in waec(nine credits)?

    1. Thats a tight call. It is going to be difficult but you could give it a try

  132. pls can they give me microbiology with 236

    1. Not very good. Your chances are slim

  133. Sir plz can I get medicine with 234

  134. with what score can you get medicine with

      1. pls is Ansu giving admission through this jamb caps stuff

      2. pls oo is the list out

        1. It is not yet out. Compilation is still on-going

  135. I choose Ansu as my second choice but I did not do their postutme do I have a chance of entering the school

  136. please can i study psychology my score was 170

  137. please what should I do, I was given admission by jamb but the school have not given me yet. Help me please

    1. Just be a not patient for another admission list

  138. Can I Study Mechanical Engineering With Jamb Score Of 182

  139. can I study law,i score 180 in my jamb

  140. what related Course can Ansu offer to a mechanical engineering student that scores 183 in his jamb

  141. Can I gain admission with a pass in English language

    1. No. Minimum of a Credit pass

  142. criminalogy studied in ANSU n d u guys take second choice candidate

  143. I just got admission into anambra state University to study English. Can I still resume.

      1. I was given English language admission. Pls can I change over to Law from English and pls what is the process? My jamb score is 230.

        1. You actually can but that would most likely be in your 200 Level

          1. Pls what is the process of paying the acceptance fee? Can I pay it from any where or do I have to come over to the school? Also who do I contact for hostel accomodation?

          2. You can pay it online or the designated banks. And yes it can be paid anywhere

  144. Melikam Chukwuemelie

    I scored 229 in my 2017 JAMB but the problem I have is that I didn’t write the school’s Post UTME Examination.Please do I have any opportunity of gaining admission in your school.

    1. Did you write any post utme at all?

      1. Melikam Chukwuemelie


        1. Melikam Chukwuemelie

          I wrote one but the course was changed form Law which is my ambition and desire to political science in another university.

  145. Melikam Chukwuemelie

    I scored 229 in my 2017 JAMB but the problem I have is that I didn’t write the school’s Post UTME Examination.Please do I have any opportunity of gaining admission in your school.
    If Yes ,how

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