6 Steps On How To Gain Admission Easily Into A Nigerian University or Polytechnic

As the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board has commenced the start of this admission process, there are many nitty-gritty as a candidate seeking for admission into a higher institution you need to do so as to gain admission successfully into any university of their choice.

This is that time of year again: thousands of school leavers across the country are submitting applications to get accepted into a polytechnic or university of their choice to study sciences, business, economics or engineering. We will be furnishing you will special tips on how to gain admission easily in any Nigerian university, polytechnic or college of education.

Some of these tips you might be aware of, some might be new, nevertheless it would do you more good than harm to pay special attention to them if you are serious about having a successful admission year.

6 Steps On How To Gain Admission Easily Into A Nigerian University or Polytechnic 1

Nonetheless, this journey you’re about starting is a short one that will produce a positive or negative result as you know. There are many tasks and protocols you need to complete to ensure a successful admission.

6 Steps On How To Gain Admission Easily Into A Nigerian University or Polytechnic 2

6 Things You Must Do To Gain Admission Easily In Nigeria

1) Know Your Stand

Knowing your stand entails these things:

a) Does your course suits your cut off mark? You have probably been reading something on cut off mark, it is the minimum mark set by the university on all their courses.

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B) Take for instance your university sets 230 as the JAMB cut off mark for your course, and you were lucky to score 196 in your UTME, Would you be considered for admission? The answer you know.

2) How Competitive is Your Course?

This is another hindrance to most candidates admission in past years. This always affects when the candidate seeking for admission is going to a competitive course like Mechanical engineering with a low score hoping to be admitted.

3) Choose The Right Course

Today, many young people apply to college or university just because everyone else is doing it even if they don’t want to or it is expected of them once they complete their secondary studies. In other words, you’re spending large amounts of money on courses you’re not really interested in, only because your mates, family and instructors expected you to. That’s not the way to go through life.

As you consider going into a particular field, you need to determine that you have selected the right courses that match your career objectives. If you’re studying Bantu philosophy or The History of Obafemi Awolowo for the heck of it, then you’re wasting time and money.

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4) Ensure You Are Prepared For The Post-UTME Test

Some candidates always have the fear to write test, thats why few years ago when the Federal Government of Nigeria scrapped Post-UTME Aptitude Test many were happy with the development. Up until this point, all you have done is testing. From the time you entered primary school to the moment you finished secondary school, it has been all about tests, quizzes, exams and anything in between. Is it any surprise that more students are suffering from test anxiety?


By first, you must be determined to study the course you’re applying for. Just think about after your ‘stressfull’ study, you will be living a good future ahead. Also remember to pray for your God to be on your side cos ‘it’s not an easy road’. Be prepared to stand out among thousand other candidates seeking admission with you.


The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board has its own way of giving admission. The current and critical ‘rules’ of the body concerning admissions are:

i) Upload your O level?

To many these may seem to be a light thing, but it’s a serious thing. This issue nearly caused thousand of candidates to miss their admission last year.

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Just imagine the scenario of you getting 316 UTME score to study Mechanical Engineering and you wait long not being admitted to hear that you would’ve been offered admission but because of you not uploading your O level, you were declined.

ii) Make Use of The Right Subject Combination

Other things you need to check whether they’re in place is your subject combination, and whether your WAEC or NECO results meets the requirements of your aspiring course. If all these are in place, you are definitely sure of gaining admission into the university of your choice.

Taking into cognizance the above makes gaining admission into any university or polytechnic of your choice easy. The 6 action plans that must be taken by a candidate who intends gaining admission successfully this academic session must be put into action for him or her to have successful admission this year.

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Best of luck to you all.

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