Weruche Opia: Husband, Biography, Age, Parents, Movies & Net Worth (2022)

Reanne Weruche Opia professionally referred to as Weruche Opia. She’s a British-Nigerian film and stage actress and entrepreneur. She currently serves as CEO of her clothing line, Jesus Junkie Clothing as well.

Werche Opia Biography

Weruche Opia: Husband, Biography, Age, Parents, Movies & Net Worth ([year]) 1

The Movie star moved to south east London from her birthplace in Lagos, Nigeria with her father when she was 14 years of age. Her dad is a Professor, though she spent her holiday in the Uk before, as sje often talked about how different the culture and life style is. Admitting to ‘going a bit mad’ when she first started school in the UK, Opia fell into regular Cannabis use as a teenager, which came to a head when she realised ‘it could have derailed my life.’ She quit and found solace in her faith, extending it into a side hustle by creating clothing brand Jesus Junkie.

At some point, she has philanthropic aspirations in the field of drug rehabilitation and supporting people affected by addiction. Acting wise, it’s important to Opia for her career to straddle both Hollywood and the Nigerian film industry.

Best known for starring as Cleopatra Ofoedo in the TV series Bad Education, Weruche was in 2015 nominated in the “Nollywood Actress of the Year” category at the 2015 Nigeria Entertainment Awards. In 2018, Opia starred alongside Steve Pemberton and Reece Shearsmith in the sixth and final episode of series 4 of Inside No. 9 titled “Tempting Fate”. Opia Featured as Terry Pratchard in the BBC series I May Destroy You, which first aired in the month of June 2020. Opia holds a degree in Drama and Sociology. The Movie star is the daughter of the female Nigerian broadcaster and tv host whose name is Ruth Benamaisia Opia.

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Weruche Opia Husband

The Movie star is yet to be married which implies she doesn’t have a husband yet. On several occasions she has talked about been single but she’s seems to be fully committed to a career and this has helped a lot. She also stressed on the fact relationship sometimes causes lots of attraction as she aired the negative side of it during an interview she had.

Weruche Opia On “I May Destroy You”

Black Narratives And Sticking To Your Guns

Weruche Opia’s life has undergone such a drastic transformation during lockdown, that she has had to dedicate a specific area of her London home to Zoom press interviews.

Though her first TV role on The Bill was a decade ago – with subsequent castings in Top Boy and Jack Whitehall’s Bad Education – none of it prepared her for the way that I May Destroy You has suddenly becaame the dominance of the well Known culture. Michaela Coel’s groundbreaking consent drama has been hailed by critics as ‘the best drama of the year’, ‘riveting’ and ‘essential viewing’. And the enormously positive reception hasn’t just happened on this side of the Atlantic – Seth Rogen is a fan too (‘I was like “Oh My God!”‘, exclaims Opia).

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‘I’m glad the show hasn’t been cheated by [the pandemic] and is getting recognition,’ Opia tells ELLE over Zoom. ‘I think it also has worked in our favour. With the pandemic, and the unfolding of the Black Lives Matter movement after George Floyd’s death, it means everyone’s more attentive, open and aware. A show like this, at this time… it’s worked out to be wildly beneficial for the series.’

‘I didn’t understand I was Black,’ Opia explains. ‘I didn’t quite understand the concept of Blackness because I grew up in Nigeria where the majority of people are Black. When I moved to London, I realised people tended to stay in their own communities which was interesting, I didn’t quite comprehend it. But at that age I quickly got into it, I learned all the music and slang,’ she laughs. “I’m just trying to create my own path” she admitted.

Citing role models from the UK, US and Nigeria (Naomie Harris, Sophie Okonedo, Viola Davis and Genevieve Nnaji), Opia says with a smile: ‘I’m just trying to make my own path in the world with inspiration from all over.’

With a springboard like I May Destroy You, integrity and evident drive, we don’t doubt she will.

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Weruche Opia

List of Weruche Opia Movies

The Bills, Top Boy,  Bad Education, When Love Happens, Hot Pepper, Suspects, Banana, Prey (IV), When Love Happens Again, Thereafter, Just a Couple, Inside No.9, Sliced, I May Destroy You and lot more.

Weruche Opia Age, Birthday & Year

Actress Weruche Opia was born on born 11th of April 1987 . The Movie star is currently 34 years old. She celebrated widely with family, friends colleagues and fans nationwide.

Weruche Opia Net Worth (2022) – $1,000,000

The Nigerian actress is one of the most influential with an estimated Net-worth of about $1Million dollars and with a number of exceptional eye catching movies that have received enormous sales.

Actress Weruche Opia is one of the few Nigeria actresses that have left her foot print already in the Hollywood industry, considering how influential she has been in recent years. Having said all of these, Actress Weruche Opia’s personal life, career and so many other achievements in the past has made her so famous that she is widely known.

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