University of North Carolina (Charlotte University) Acceptance Rate

Charlotte University, as it is colloquially called, is actually the University of North Carolina at charlotte. As the name implies, it is located in charlotte, which is a city in North Carolina, USA. Charlotte University is part of the university system of North Carolina.

Charlotte University was established on September 23, 1946, although the city had been trying to establish such an institution for decades prior to that. On establishment of the university, it quickly rose to prominence.

The university is closely associated with research; in fact one of its best known landmarks is the charlotte university research park, where there is the famous Sonesta Select. This is a university that has become quite popular because of the quality of education, and the extensive research. But the university is quite selective.

University of North Carolina (Charlotte University) Acceptance Rate 1

Charlotte University Acceptance Rate

Charlotte University has standards like all other universities. However, it is fair to say that this university’s acceptance standards at not prohibitively high. This may come as a surprise because the university has a lot to show for its work.

Charlotte University has an acceptance rate of 80%, and a graduation rate of 64%. Most students who get into this university have SATs between 1120-1320 or an average ACT score of 21-26.

The important considerations when applying at this university include; High School GPA, High School Transcript, and College Prep Courses. A good high school rank may be valuable, but it is not generally considered important. Recommendations may be considered, but they are also not important.

The deadline is usually February 1. Interested applicants are advised to apply around November, so as to complete the process before February.

Charlotte University has a high acceptance rate, meaning that most students who apply will get into the university. This means that you have a high probability of entering this university. Furthermore, students have often commented that the admission process is helpful, and that it seemed like the institution cared about them.

This indicates that the university is increasing in popularity; it received 20,000 applications in the previous year, and most of the applications were successful.

To apply, visit the school website; and then complete the registration form. Please note that the admission fee of $75 must be paid to complete the application. The fee is non-refundable.

Popular Courses At Charlotte University

Charlotte University has 29,551 students studying for 79 Bachelor’s Degree, 66 Master’s Degree, and 24 Doctoral degree programs. However, all the courses are not equally popular across the institution.

The most popular courses at Charlotte University include; Computer Science, Healthcare Management, Psychology, Finance, Communications, Biology, Criminal Justice, Marketing, Mechanical Engineering, and Nursing.

Of course, those are not the only programs offered by this university; there are many more. Below are some of the high ranking programs offered at Charlotte University.

Engineering (undergraduate)

Social Mobility

Education (offered online – Masters)

Curriculum & Instruction (offered online – Masters)

Instructional Media (offered online – Masters)

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Special Education (offered online – Masters)

Engineering (offered online – Masters)

Nursing (offered online – Masters)

Nursing Education (offered online – Masters)

Part-Time MBA





Biological Sciences

Clinical Psychology

Computer Science

Healthcare Management

Local Government Management



Social Work


Public Affairs

Public Health


Other Important Courses At Charlotte University Include:



Drama and Theatre Production

Graphic Design

Music Performance

Studio Arts





International Business

Management Sciences and Information Systems

Managerial Economics


Operations Management


Elementary Education (Offered Online)

Kindergarten and Preschool Education

Middle School Education

Physical Education Teaching and Coaching

Special Education and Teaching

Health Professions

Exercise Physiology

Healthcare Management

Health Professions (Offered Online)

Nursing (Offered Online)

Public Health

Respiratory Care Therapy (Offered Online)

African American Studies


Art History



French Language and Literature


German Language and Literature

International Studies

Japanese Language and Literature

Latin American Studies

Music History and Literature


Engineering Technician

Political Science and Government (Offered Online)

Professional and Technical Writing


Religious Studies

Social Work and Youth Services

Sociology (Offered Online)

Spanish Language and Literature

Civil Engineering Technician

Criminal Justice and Safety Studies




Civil Engineering

Computational and Applied Mathematics

Atmospheric Sciences and Meteorology

Computer Hardware Engineering

Computer Science

Electrical Engineering

Geology and Earth Science

Information Technology


Mechanical Engineering


Systems Engineering

Electrical Engineering Technician (Offered Online)

Manufacturing Engineering Technician

Mechanical Engineering Technician

Having seen such a long list of programs offered by the university, many students want to know how the academics are organized.

Organizational Structure of The Institution

As mentioned earlier, Charlotte University offers 171 majors that lead to 79 bachelor’s degrees, 66 master’s degree programs, as well as 24 doctoral programs. The institution is organized into various colleges which offer tuition of the various programs.

The 10 colleges are:

College of Humanities & Earth and Social Sciences

College of Science

College of Arts & Architecture

Cato College of Education

College of Health and Human Services

William States Lee College of Engineering

College of Computing and Informatics

Belk College of Business

University College

Honors College

Graduate School

What Is The School Environment Like?

The school environment is a great place to step out of the mold into which one has been born. This is a place where one is met with different political, racial, economic and religious ideologies. The student body is quite diverse; it is 55% White, 16% Black, 12% Hispanic, and 9% Asian. There are also a few foreign nationals.

This makes the campus a hotspot for interesting debate, a great place for understanding economics in its practical sense, and melting pot for culture.

As stated earlier, the institution has a policy of accepting as many students as it can; thus the high acceptance rate of 80%. However, the school environment is quite tedious; this is because the university strives to prove itself among the top learning institutions in the country.

Perhaps this leaves most students unprepared for the rigorous work awaiting them, which makes many students to struggle with their studies.

The university has a graduation rate of 64%, meaning that as high as 36% percent of students do not finish their studies at this university. Keep in mind that financial aid is available, and also that the majority of students who register at this university are from affluent backgrounds. Therefore, money cannot be the reason why most of these students do not complete their studies.

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Regardless of this apparently tedious school environment, there is a positive side to school life at Charlotte – there are many things to look forward to.

University Life At Charlotte

Life at Charlotte University is not just about running from class to class; there are several other fun, and mindful activities on campus. These activities can help students build a social circle, make connections, and expand their horizons beyond the four walls of a classroom.

Some of the organizations that exist at Charlotte University include Honor Societies, Sports Organizations, Political Organizations, Secret Societies, and so many more. They are too many to list out, but some of the most important are highlighted below.

Alpha Kappa Psi

This is the oldest business fraternity in the USA, it was founded in 1904, at the New York University. This group is on the lookout for prospective students who look like they have what it takes to have stellar business careers. Students gain by having connections which can go a long way in life.

Gamma Iota Sigma

This is a fraternity that is geared towards students in the areas of insurance, risk management. It was founded in 1966, at the Ohio State University.

Young Entrepreneurs Association

A group dedicated to promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship among students; helping to sustain the passion for entrepreneurship, and for doing business. The group also provides technical assistance to students looking to start their own ventures.

Society of Women Engineers

This is a professional body that provides professional and technical assistance to women engineering students; helping them achieve their goals of becoming engineers so that they can contribute to society.

Potter Watch

This is the official Harry Potter fans club; one of the fastest growing fans clubs in literature or movie series in the world.

Chi Omega

Chi Omega is a women’s fraternity, and a member of the National Pan Hellenic Conference. It is a fraternity that uses plenty of Greek symbolisms.

Triangle Fraternity

Triangle Fraternity is a male fraternity that is only open to engineering students. It teaches about how natural concepts are interwoven into science – especially in engineering.

Important Landmarks At Charlotte University

Charlotte University has many important landmarks which collectively define the university as an institution – these landmarks can help intending students who want to apply at this university better understand what the university is about.

J Murrey Atkins Library

This is the central library of the University of North Carolina at charlotte. This library includes a 10 storey tower, and a huge reading complex. It has over 1 million volumes, although most of the books are in the electronic form. This library is one of the most important buildings in the university, and also one of the busiest because students from all departments flock there to carry out research.

Bonnie Cone’s Tomb

This is the final resting place of Miss Bonnie Cone, the founder of this university. The woman made the establishment of this university her life’s work, and she dedicated the better part of her life towards making that dream a reality.

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Jerry Richardson Stadium

This is a college football stadium located on the campus of Charlotte University. This is the home ground of the charlotte 49er – the team of Charlotte University, representing the institution at college competitions. The stadium has a capacity of 15000 people, which can be expanded to 40,000 people.

Charlotte University Research Park

Although not located on the campus, this is becoming the most popular landmark associated with the University of North Carolina – it makes the news regularly, and gets a lot of attention. This is a small city within the city; one that is dedicated towards attracting research and researchers from all over the world.

This will also create a lot of business as research is often geared towards producing products which will also make sales, and possibly establish big businesses. The park has already started attracting big businesses, such as the Sonesta Select hotel in the park – it is one of the most famous landmarks of this research park.

Key Takeaways – What To Remember

Charlotte University has an acceptance rate of 80%. The university is very popular at the moment; it has seen its profile rise dramatically within the last ten years, and now it gets an increasing number of applications every year.

Main requirements for acceptance into this university are: SATs between 1120 and 1320 or an average ACT score of 21-26. A good High School Rank may be a secondary consideration, and also a recommendation from a trustworthy source may be of some help.

Applications are done online at the university’s application website which has been provided above. Applicants must pay the application fee which is small and non refundable.

However, the university of north Carolina at charlotte seems to be quite a tedious institution – it has a graduation rate of about 64%, meaning that around 36% of its students drop out mid-way through their studies, and not because they lack money for tuition. This means it is not the application or acceptance that one should be worried about, but the chances of finishing the program.

The school has around 29,599 students, and they come from various backgrounds mostly in America, and also from other countries around the world.

Attending the University Of North Carolina at Charlotte makes one a member of a large educational organization – a member of large community. One automatically becomes a member of the Alumni Association, and one is expected to further the interests of the university. The Alumni association is not a fee paying organization, but one is expected to participate in making the school great – this includes financial contributions if one is able.

One is also expected to behave in a manner that befits the institution; former students are expected to behave with the knowledge that their actions will reflect on the institution.