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Top 3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Choosing a Homeschool Curriculum

As the 2020 pandemic wreaked global havoc on the education system, the lines dividing homeschooling and traditional schooling faded out. The conception of a physical classroom as the leading centre for education gradually ceased as more parents rooted for homeschooling programs.

It must be considered that continuing schooling at home is one of the most trending things today. New parents take the onus for educating their children at their home. Companies like Euka Future Learning and their tools, resources, and curriculums only pave the way towards that.

According to reports, home education has grown phenomenally in Australia in the last couple of years. By 2022, the total registered number of homeschooled students is estimated to be close to 40,000. The numbers directly reflect another stat that shows how homeschooled students have better average graduation rates of 67% over 57.5% of traditional ones.

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Parents looking to choose home education curriculums need to be careful. Things that need to be questioned are as follows –

1.  Do you know about your child’s learning style?

This is undoubtedly the first consideration that needs to be made when choosing a homeschool curriculum. Not to exaggerate, but it is almost the same as choosing a shoe that fits properly. Therefore, if the learning style chosen doesn’t calibrate with the student’s learning pattern, it might be frustrating for both parents and students.

Finding this out is not that tough, though. Parents need to ensure they interact with kids while they study to evaluate how they perform. Does the kid prefer sitting at a place and completing all at once? Or is she more of a visual and auditory learner? Before being sure about these, parents should not choose any academic curriculum randomly.

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2.  How many hours can you dedicate to your child’s learning?

Once parents understand what fits their children, they need to evaluate what fits them. It is crucial because some curriculums require a lot of parental dedication. These curriculums typically include prep work from parents and teachers. On the other hand, there are also open-and-go curriculums.

Therefore, it is crucial to consider how much time parents can spend working with or without their children for their education. That also leads to the question of whether or not parents want the study materials to do all the teaching.

3.  How much screen time should the children have?

It is pretty tempting to choose an all-inclusive online program for kids. But that requires prolonged hours of staring at the screen, which is not suitable for children. Firstly, it drains their energy. Secondly, kids having eye problems might not be allowed to sit in front of the screen by their doctors.

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Therefore, this is another question to ask yourself before choosing a curriculum. Make sure that this counting includes the required time daily for kids to complete their assignments or tasks. Besides these, kids might also want to watch cartoons or play video games.

Final Thoughts

One thing parents need to choose accordingly is the service provider. Companies like Euka Future Learning have plenty of engaging programs and curriculums for homeschoolers. Their collection of tools and resources makes learning fun and interactive for students. Besides, choosing a reputed company is also the best way to ensure that the price you pay is justified.