Primary 2 Scheme of Work For Religion & National Value (1st, 2nd & 3rd Term) (2024)

Religion and national value is a subject that is not just offered in primary 2 but at all level under primary school.
The scope of Religion and national value Scheme of work is quite broad because it covers both religious and ethics at the very elementary stage.

In this post discussion about a complete primary two (2) scheme of work for religion and national value. This scheme of work would go a long way in assisting educationists in primary school level that teaches this subject.

Primary 2 Scheme of Work For Religion & National Value (1st, 2nd & 3rd Term) ([year]) 1

The scheme of work contains the list of expected topics to be covered for the entire session which includes first term, second term and third term.

In the area of religion scheme of work for first term covers topics like meaning of prayer, reason for prayer, the right attitude towards prayer, Jesus teachings on how to pray, Jesus power over natural forces another biblical record of Jesus Christ. While under national value the topics covered include meaning of social studies why study Civic education, importance of Civic education to national development, community understanding the type of community and our physical environment.

Second term talks about Jesus power over diseases and death, people whom Jesus healed and people whom Jesus rose from the dead. Members of communities, rules in a community, greetings and respect to elders in our culture and meaning of greetings and how it promotes good neighbourliness in the environment.

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The primary 2 scheme of work for religion and national value cover topics bordering on Israel in bondage in Egypt, meaning of drug abuse and dangers of drug abuse, duties of community leaders, list of security agencies and their primary duties, ways of preventing intake of harmful substances and many other topics that must be covered within a space of 11 weeks for first term, second term, and third term respectively.

Primary 2 Scheme of Work for Religion and National Value (First term, Second term and Third term)

Week 1: revision of last term’s work

Week 2: the meaning of prayer reason for prayer (Matthew chapter 7: 7-11) right attitude to prayer

Week 3: why study Civic education, importance of Civic education to national development.

Week 4: meaning of scope of social studies.

Week 5: Sources of danger and insecurity, how to keep away from danger.

Week 6: Meaning of community and types of community

Week 7: Our physical environment
Jesus teaching on how to pray (1 thesas. 5:7) pray in faith without doubting (Matthew 6:9-15)

Week 8: Food rich in culture as family member, consequences of eating together as a family.

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Week 9: Jesus power over natural forces, public records of Jesus (Mark 4; 35-41) (Matt. 14: 22-27), list of some natural forces in our environment.

Week 10: Importance of food to all growth.

Week 11: Revision and examination

Second Term

Week 1: Revision of last term’s work

Week 2: Jesus power over disease and death, people whom Jesus healed, people whom Jesus raised from the dead (Matt. 8:14-17) (Luke 17:26) (Luke 8:40-42) (Luke 40:56) (Luke 7:11-17), (John 11: 1-44)

Week 3: Members of community, rules in the community.

Week 4: Britain’s and respect to elders in our culture, meaning of greeting, forms of greetings. Routines promotes tolerance, good neighbourliness and courtesy.

Week 5: How to keep away from danger

Week 5: Jesus power over evil people, story of Jesus welcoming those who wanted to hurt him. (Luke 4:16-30) Cain and Abel (Gen 4:1-12)

Week 6: Roles of members of community

Week 7: Ways of keeping our environment clean

Week 8: The call of Abraham and God’s promises and fulfillment (Gen 12:1-9) (Gen 17:15-27), (Gen 21:1-7).

Week 9: The idea of community leadership in Nigerian traditional setting example Yoruba – Oba

Week 10: Accident in the school/home karma meaning of accidents, causes of accident in the school/home. Steps of caring for accident victims.

Week 11: Meaning of drugs, categories of drugs

Week 12: Revision and examination.

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Third Term

Week 1: Revision of last term’s work

Week 2: Israel in bondage in Egypt (exodus 1: 8-22). Deliverance of Israel from Egyptian bondage, the birth of Moses (exodus chapter 2: 1- 2). (Exodus 4. 1-7)

Week 3: Meaning of drug abuse and dangers of drug abuse.

Week 4: Duties of community leaders
Security agencies and their primary duties example the Nigerian police force, FRSC NDLEA, SSS, ICPC NSCDC Military, Prisons and NAFDAC.
Israelites cross the red Sea (Exodus 14:1-22) (Exodus 29:31). The Egyptians perished in the red Sea.

Week 5: Meaning of harmful substances, examples of harmful substances

Week 6: Qualities of community leaders, appreciation and rewards
Israelites passed through river Jordan to the promised Land (Joshua 3:1-17)

Week 7: Ways of preventing intake of harmful substances.

Week 8: The 12 stones carried out of the river Jordan (representing the 12 tribes of Israel) (Joshua 4 1-5) Joshua 9:24)

Week 9: Revision and examination.

Hope this is well understood? Do you have any questions as regards the primary 2 scheme of work for religion and national value? Please feel free to reach us through our comment section below and we shall respond accordingly.