O’Level & JAMB Subjects Combination And Requirements For Studying Law

Candidates most time tend to ignore the importance of having the correct subject combination and O’level requirements for their selected course during their UTME registration. Making use of the correct and approved WAEC and NECO subject requirements plus JAMB subject combination for Law makes the admission process much easier for candidates seeking admission to study Law in their various institutions.

Not many are aware that one of the major reason for the increase in purchase of change of university and institution is because before embarking on the UTME, most candidates fail to confirm the correct O’level subject that is required to study Law and thus making them go through the process of change of course since their O’level subjects in WAEC or NECO is not a requirement to study their registered course.

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We wrote a well detail post on subject combination for WAEC/NECO and JAMB, going through it will give candidates a better understanding on which course matches their WAEC or NECO results.

In this post today, we shall be giving candidates full details as regards the WAEC and NECO otherwise known as O’Level subjects combination and requirements for Law.

Law is one of the most popular courses studied in most tertiary institutions. The course is a professional course that carries a high JAMB cut off mark. Many apply but a few are chosen due to its requirements. Law is a course for students in Art classes in secondary schools and it is the most sought after course students upon graduating from secondary schools. We will not just concentrate on the O’level subjects required to study law but also, the best schools to study this course but this is not to say other schools offering Law are less regarded.

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Many would assume that one of the subjects required for studying Law in any Nigerian university or polytechnic would include Government as a major subject but the case is different for Law both during your UTME and the university or polytechnic’s subject requirements.

Also, in the quest to study Law, most candidates look out for the best institution for studying Law as a course. Say for example; University of Benin, Ambrose Ali University Ekpoma, Lagos state university and University of Lagos (UNILAG) are known for studying Law. It is believed that graduates of Law from the mentioned universities usually stand apart from the norm, though there is room for argument for this assertion.

So if you are in search of the best universities in Nigeria to study Law and other professional courses you can go through the above link to check out the listed schools.

In as much as the above might not be completely true, these schools have been able to carve a niche for themselves in the department of Law by constantly churning out some of the best Law graduates in Nigeria till date.

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Now lets go through the admission requirements for studying Law before discussing about the O’level (NECO/WAEC) and JAMB approved subjects combination for the course.

WAEC and NECO Admission Requirements For Studying Law Course

Studying Law as the case may present itself requires that candidate posses the following:

a) Must have obtained a minimum of 5 O’Level credits in English Language, Literature in English, Government or CRK or IRS, Economics and 2 other Art Subjects and any other but note that language subjects like Ibo, Yoruba or Hausa language will not be accepted.

Note: Law is one of the few courses where Mathematics is not a major requirements to study the course.

b) As part of the requirements to study Law, the cut off mark may not be seen as a WAEC or NECO subject combination for Law, however, it has a defining role to play in the admission process. It is advised that prospective students score up to 270 minimum JAMB cut off mark and above to stand a chance of studying Law because it is a very competitive and professional course.

In the above, we have listed the two major requirements and correct O’level subjects combination for studying Law.

We will not deny the fact that having the correct WAEC or NECO subject combination for Law is also a key metric for determining whether a candidate is eligible to gain admission into any university but other requirements must be put into consideration too.

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Below are the approved JAMB/UTME subjects every student must write in JAMB in order to study Law as a course in the University or polytechnic.

UTME Subjects To Write For Studying Law As A Course

During UTME, all candidates are mandated to write just three (3) subjects as it relates to their preferred choice of course. For Law, the following subjects are mandatory, any other subjects aside the under-listed subjects, candidates automatically loses his or her chances of studying Law.

a) Use of English (Compulsory for All UTME and DE candidates)

b) Government/CRS/IRS

c) Literature in English

d) Any other social science subjects e.g Commerce, Economics

These information provided here are JAMB’s requirements and all candidates searching for the correct O’Level and UTME subjects for studying Law as a course in any University and Polytechnic in Nigeria. All schools are have been warned to comply with the directives which are still in force.

Hope the above information is well understood? If you have any question as regards WAEC and NECO O’level subjects requirements for studying Law and the JAMB approved subjects combination for Law as a course, kindly get back to us via our comment section below and we shall respond accordingly.

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