O’Level And UTME Subjects Combination for Studying Bioinformatics in Nigeria

Bioinformatics O’level and UTME subjects combination is the same for all schools irrespective of the higher institution. For example, all universities, polytechnics, and colleges of education offering Bioinformatics are mandated to make use of the same Subject Combo as a requirement for the above course.

Making use of the correct and approved O’level subject requirements plus JAMB subject combination for Bioinformatics makes the admission process much easier for candidates seeking admission to study Bioinformatics in their various institutions.

Not many are aware that one of the major reasons for the increase in purchase of change of university and institution is because before embarking on the UTME, most candidates fail to confirm the correct O’level subjects required to study Bioinformatics and thus making them go through the process of change of course or institution and sometimes, both.
O’Level And UTME Subjects Combination for Studying Bioinformatics in NigeriaIn this post today, we shall be giving candidates full details as regards the WAEC and NECO otherwise known as O’Level subject’s combination and requirements for studying Bioinformatics in our universities and polytechnics.

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Bioinformatics is a course for science inclined students in secondary schools and it is one of the most sought-after courses students upon graduating from secondary school’s search for online. We will not just concentrate on the O’level subjects required to study Bioinformatics or the list of universities in Nigeria offering Bioinformatics but also, the best schools to study this course but this is not to say other schools offering Bioinformatics are of lesser quality.

Upon completing this post, you ought to be clear about the followings:

  1. O’Level Subjects for studying Bioinformatics in any Nigerian University or polytechnic
  2. Admission Requirements for studying Bioinformatics
  3. Whether you can combine WAEC and NECO results to Study Bioinformatics (Yes you can though this also depends on the institution)
  4. Cut off Mark for Bioinformatics in any University or Polytechnic
  5. List of Universities in Nigeria that offers Bioinformatics
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Also, in the quest to study Bioinformatics, most candidates look out for the best institution for studying Bioinformatics as a course. Say for example; The only university listed below are not just known for studying Bioinformatics but can be regarded as the best schools for this course.


Studying Bioinformatics as the case may present itself requires that candidate possess the following:

Five (5) SSC credit passes in English Language, Mathematics, Chemistry and one (1) other subject.

Now let’s go through the O’level (NECO/WAEC) and JAMB approved subjects’ combination for studying Bioinformatics before discussing about the cut off mark.


Mathematics and any other two (2) either Science or Social Science subjects.

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It is advised that prospective students score up to 180 minimum JAMB cut off mark and above to stand a chance of studying Bioinformatics due to the competitive nature of the course. Though cut off mark may vary from school to school. Ideally, the 180 JAMB score is enough to see any candidate through so long as you pass your post UTME.


Crawford University

Hope the above information is well understood? If you have any question as regards O’level subjects requirements for studying Bioinformatics and the JAMB approved subjects’ combination for Bioinformatics as a course, kindly get back to us via our comment section below and we shall respond accordingly.

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