Ogun State Academic Calendar for Primary & Secondary Schools 2023/2024 Academic Session

This is to inform all private and public primary and secondary schools operating within Ogun State that the ministry of Education has announced and released the harmonized academic calendar for the 2023/2024 academic session

Ogun State harmonized academic calendar is very similar to Lagos state academic calendar. Ogun state academic calendar has been designed to run for a period of 1 year approximately. All academic and non-academic activities have been scheduled to take place within the approved timeframe as approved by the Ogun State ministry of education.

Ogun State Academic Calendar for Primary & Secondary Schools [year]/[nyear] Academic Session 1

Ogun State academic calendar for all primary and secondary schools in Ogun state be it private or public is as follows:

Ogun State Harmonized Academic Calendar 2023/2024 Academic Session

Resumption of Academic activitiesMonday, 5th September, 2022
First halfMonday, 5th September, 2022 – Friday, 21st October, 2022.33 Days
Open DayThursday, 20th October, 2022 (Primary school)

Friday 21st 0ctober, 2022 (Secondary)

1 Days
MID-TERM BREAKMonday, 24th – Friday, 28th October, 2022.5 Days
SECOND HALFMonday, 31st October – Friday, 16th December, 202235 Days
CELEBRATIONSInternational Literacy Day – Wednesday, 21st September, 2022

Independence Day- Monday, 3rd October, 2022.

World Teachers Day – Wednesday, 5th October, 2022.

Eid-ul-Maolud – Monday, 10th October, 2022.

1 day – Observance




1 day – Observance



1 day – Observance



1 day – Observance


VACATIONMonday, 19th December, 2022 – Friday, 6th January, 2023.15 Days
RESUMPTIONMonday, 9th January, 2023.
FIRST HALFMonday, 9th January, 2023 – Friday 17th February, 2023.30 Days
OPEN DAYThursday, 16th February, 20223 (Primary)

Friday, 17th February, 20223 (Secondary)


1 Day
Mid-Term BreakMonday 20th – Friday, 24thth February, 20235 Days
SECOND HALFMonday 27th February – Thursday, 6th April, 2023.29 Days
CELEBRATIONSGood Friday – Friday 7th April, 2023.

Easter Monday – Monday, 10th April, 2023.

Eid-ul-Filtri – Friday, 21st Monday, 24th April, 2023.

1 Day – Public Holiday


1 Day – Public Holiday



2 Days – Public Holiday

VACATIONMonday, 10th – Friday, 21st April, 202310 Days
Total days in school for 2nd Term59 Days
RESUMPTIONTuesday, 25th April, 2023
FIRST HALFTuesday, 25th April – Friday 2nd June 2023.28 Days
MID TERM BREAKMonday, 5th – Friday, 9th June, 2023.5 Days
SECOND HALFTuesday, 13th June – Friday, 21st July, 2023.27 Days
CELEBRATIONSChildren’s day – Saturday, 27th May, 2023.

Democracy day – Monday, 12th June, 2023.

Eid-ul-Adha – Wednesday, 28th – Thursday, 29th June, 2023.

1 Day – Public holiday


1 Day – Public holiday



2 Days – Public holiday



Important Notes:

  1. It is mandatory for schools to maintain a minimum number of 180 learning days
  2. Observance of public holidays is mandatory and subject to Federal Government announcement.
  3. Observance of Open Days is mandatory and the timing is at the discretion of schools
  4. Third term vacation should not exceed 8 weeks
  5. Schools operating international Curriculum and wish to adopt different dates from the Ogun state approved harmonized calendar should note the guidelines on flexibility.

In summary of the above, Ogun State academic calendar for 2023 has been scheduled to run for a period of 10 and half months which is equivalent to a full academic session including both short and long semester breaks. It covers all academic and non-academic activities designed for undergraduate students.

I hope the above is properly understood? Do you have any questions as regards Ogun State academic calendar for all primary and secondary schools inside Ogun State for 2023/2024? Note that this is also in line with all federal government schools within Ogun State which is why it is termed harmonized academic calendar. Please feel free by reaching out to us via the comment section below and I will respond accordingly.

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