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Nigeria Emergency Numbers for Security, Health and Natural Disasters

An emergency is a sudden, serious, and frequently dangerous situation that puts people’s health, lives, property, or the environment in danger immediately and calls for immediate action. In some circumstances, mitigation may not be possible, and organizations may only be able to provide palliative care for the aftermath; most emergencies necessitate urgent intervention to prevent a worsening situation.

More so, while some emergencies are apparent (like a natural disaster that poses a severe threat to many lives), many less severe incidents necessitate the observer (or affected party) to determine whether they constitute an emergency. The exact definition of an emergency, the agencies involved, and the procedures employed vary by jurisdiction and are typically established by the government, whose agencies (emergency services) are in charge of emergency planning and management.

Nigerian Emergency Numbers

Emergencies happen whenever, wherever, and to whomever, no one is above disaster or accidents, but they can be checked. In emergencies, people usually require quick dials to access help or call for help. From movies and happenings in the global south, many people will think that the emergency number to call is 911, but that helpline is not in Nigeria.

Instead, the official general policed emergency phone number in Nigeria to dial is 112 or 199. This is especially important in cases of theft or kidnapping, fights, or chaotic disaster involving arms that could harm or end your life or the lives of your loved ones. You can reach the country’s federal fire service and ambulance services by dialing “112” or “199.”

However, since some emergencies are specific and require expertise, the federal government of Nigeria has set up. It continues to set up agencies in charge of responding to emergency issues over the years. Some of these agencies also have regulatory functions to oversee the operation of response and mitigation of emergencies. These emergency agencies cut across security, health and the environment.

The agencies that respond to security, health, and natural disasters are discussed in the remaining sections of this article, along with their emergency numbers.

Nigeria Emergency Security Numbers

The federal government of Nigeria sets up Nigerian security agencies to enable them to maintain peace, protect its borders, and conduct intelligent activities within and outside the nation. Most of these security agencies are set up to help the country reduce the rate of crime within and outside its territories and respond to citizens’ emergency security issues.

Here is a list of Nigeria’s security numbers for security.

1. National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA)

In Nigeria, the NDLEA is in charge of drug policy and management. The agency is mandated to stop the illegitimate production, importation, exportation, sale, and trafficking of psychoactive substances. They also participate in drug abuse prevention activities like advocacy, counselling, and drug user rehabilitation. NDLEA agents are actively tracking down, apprehending, and prosecuting traffickers of dangerous substances following Nigeria’s various pertinent drug laws as part of their commitment to protecting society from the dangers of illicit substances and their purveyors.

Emergency Contact for NDLEA are +234-80-621-999-99; +234-8133333333.

2. Nigeria Custom Servcie (NCS)

The Nigeria Customs Service is a separate security agency in Nigeria that aids the federal government in preventing smuggling at the country’s borders and controlling the collection of customs duties. The NCS has been given the task of combating border-area smuggling in Nigeria.

Customs emergency phone number is 07037891156.

3. Nigeria Immigration Service

Monitoring the entry and exit of people into and out of the country falls under the purview of the Nigeria Immigration Service. This agency aids the nation in keeping tabs on its immigration system. Additionally, the NIS is in charge of passport issuance, renewal, foreigner residence permit issuance, border surveillance, and termination.

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Emergency contact numbers for the Nigerian Immigration Service are +234-708-0607-900, +234-811-9753-844, and +234-705-3401-399.

4. Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC)

The agency offers defences against threats, attacks, and natural disasters that could harm the nation and its people in general.

The agency also performs these crucial roles; crisis resolution, defending the pipelines against vandals, and, together with the Nigeria Police Force (NPF), protecting people and property from racial conflicts.

The emergency contact number for the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps is +234 9 291 4164.

5. Nigeria Police Force

Nigeria’s primary law enforcement organization is the Nigeria Police Force, another top security organization. They ensure that the Federal Republic of Nigeria’s laws is followed. This agency also makes arrests and prosecutes offenders.

The emergency contact numbers of zonal command Assistant Inspector-General of Police are:

  1. AIG, ZONE 1 KANO, 08033141343
  2. AIG, Zone 2, Lagos, 08033440189
  3. AIG, Zone 3 Yola, 08038210186
  4. AIG, Zone 4 Makurdi,  08037005245
  5. AIG, Zone 5, Benin, 08033210966
  6. AIG, Zone 6 Calabar,  07038468846
  7. AIG, Zone 7 Abuja, 08035930215
  8. AIG, Zone 8 Lokoja 08032468111
  9. AIG, Zone 9 Umuahia,  08035772975
  10. AIG, Zone 10 Sokoto, 08100719999
  11. AIG, Zone 11 Oshogbo, 07031163632
  12. AIG, Zone 12 Bauchi, 08035976204
  13. AIG, Zone 13 Ukpo-Dunukofia (Awka), 08033018835
  14. AIG, Zone 16 Yenagoa, 08033119397
  15. AIG, Zone 17 Akure, 08033579331
  16. Emergency contact addresses of states commands and FCT commissioners of police are:
  17. Abia, 08034726458
  18. Adamawa, 08030818289
  19. Akwa Ibom, 08160772542
  20. Anambra, 08036448894
  21. Bauchi, 08033027734
  22. Bayelsa, 08033299629
  23. Benue, 08033277499
  24. Borno, 08068969292
  25. Cross River, 08033038892
  26. Delta, 08073666669
  27. Ebonyi, 08033098779
  28. Edo, 08037233584,
  29. Ekiti, 08023362306
  30. Enugu, 08035874385
  31. FCT Abuja, 08033142118
  32. Gombe, 08039094447
  33. Imo, 08033850043
  34. Jigawa, 08034192853
  35. Kaduna, 08034503429
  36. Kano, 08033295577
  37. Katsina, 08034537136
  38. Kebbi, 07066175533
  39. Kogi, 08160270540
  40. Kwara, 08033454228
  41. Lagos, 08033432264
  42. Nasarawa, 08033094761
  43. Niger, 08037739556
  44. Ondo, 08081774333
  45. Osun, 08033181456
  46. Ogun, 08033012915
  47. Oyo, 08033026799
  48. Plateau, 08033222304
  49. Rivers, 08037202626
  50. Sokoto, 08033276673
  51. Taraba, 08060072069
  52. Yobe, 08033763506
  53. Zamfara, 08033422152

6. Rapid Response Unit of the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking Persons (NAPTIP)

The Rapid Response Unit was created to enforce the Violence against Persons (Prohibition) Act (2015), an act that eliminates violence in private and public life.

Emergency contact numbers for the Rapid Response Unit of the  National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking Persons (NAPTIP) are; 08032203462; 0800CALLNAPTIP (08002255627874); SHORT CODE: 627; 07030000203.

Emergency contact for the zonal command of the Rapid Response Unit of the National Agency for the Prohibition of Trafficking Persons (NAPTIP) are:

  1. Benin Command: Zonal Commander, 08161341713
  2. Enugu Command: Zonal Commander, 07049299289
  3. Kano Command: Zonal Commander, 07034391745
  4. Lagos Command: Zonal Commander, 08034515357
  5. Maiduguri Command: Zonal Commander, 08036844987
  6. Makurdi Command: Zonal Commander, 08081153561
  7. Osogbo Command: Zonal Commander, 07039383800
  8. Sokoto Command: Zonal Commander, 080333832609
  9. Uyo Command: Zonal Commander, 08033149677

7. The State Security Service (SSS)

The State Security Service (SSS) or Department of State Services (DSS) is in charge of preventing, detecting, and looking into threats of terrorism, subversion, sabotage, espionage, inter-group conflicts, separatist agitations, economic crimes with a national security component, and threats to law and order. Emergency contact number for the state security service are: +234 9153391309; +234 9153391310; +234 9088373514; +2348188877669 (Lagos).

8. The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC)

All road traffic and safety management activities are regulated, enforced, and coordinated by the corps through:

  • Sustained public enlightenment
  • Promotion of stakeholder’s cooperation
  • Robust data management
  • Improved vehicle administration
  • Prompt rescue services
  • Effective patrol operation

The emergency contact number for the Federal Road Safety are:

  1. Rs1.1 Kaduna Sector, 08077690011
  2. Rs1.2 Kano Sector, 08077690012
  3. Rs1.3 Katsina Sector, 08077690013
  4. Rs1.4 Jigawa Sector, 08077690014
  5. Rs2.1 Lagos Sector, 08077690201
  6. Rs2.2 Ogun Sector, 08077690202
  7. Rs3.1 Adamawa Sector, 08077690301
  8. Rs3.2 Gombe Sector, 08077690302
  9. Rs3.3 Taraba Sector, 08077690303
  10. Rs4.1 Plateau Sector, 08077690401
  11. Rs4.2 Benue Sector, 08077690402
  12. Rs4.3 Nasarawa Sector, 08077690403
  13. Rs5.1 Edo Sector, 08077690501
  14. Rs5.2 Delta Sector, 08077690502
  15. Rs5.3 Anambra Sector, 08077690503
  16. Rs6.1 Rivers Sector, 08077690601
  17. Rs6.2 Cross River Sector, 08077690602
  18. Rs6.3 Akwa Ibom Sector, 08077690603
  19. Rs6.4 Bayelsa Sector, 08077690604
  20. Rs7.1 Fct Sector, 08077690701
  21. Rs7.2 Niger Sector, 08077690702
  22. Rs8.1 Kwara Sector, 08077690801
  23. Rs8.2 Ekiti Sector, 08077690802
  24. Rs8.3 Kogi Sector, 08077690803
  25. Rs9.1 Enugu Sector, 08077690901
  26. Rs9.2 Ebonyi Sector, 08077690902
  27. Rs9.3 Abia Sector, 08077690903
  28. Rs9.4 Imo Sector, 08077690904
  29. Rs10.1 Sokoto Sector, 08077690101
  30. Rs10.2 Kebbi Sector, 08077690102
  31. Rs10.3 Zamfara Sector, 08077690103
  32. Rs11.1 Osun Sector, 08077690111
  33. Rs11.2 Ondo Sector, 08077690112
  34. Rs11.3 Oyo Sector, 08077690113
  35. Rs12.1 Bauchi Sector, 08077690121
  36. Rs12.2 Borno Sector, 08077690122
  37. Rs12.3 Yobe Sector, 08077690123
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9. Lagos State Fire Service

This agency is in charge of fire outbreaks in homes, officers and any area within Lagos state. If you reside within Lagos state, please contact any of the following numbers below.

Lekki Phase IAkinogun Street, Oniru Private Estate, Lekki 07011555539
Lekki Phase IIOff Abraham Adesanya Estate, Ogombo-Ajah 07063393241
IkotunIkotun/Igando Council Secretariat, Ikotun 07063393240
Sari-IganmuBola Ahmed Tinubu Tanker Terminal, Sari Iganmu 08067026444
IkoroduIkorodu/Shagamu Road, Odogunya, Ikorodu. 08032220495
AgegeAbeokuta Express Way, Ilepo Bus Stop, Oke Odo 08185704012
BadagryTopo-ASCON Road, Badagry 08033817515
BoladeSafety Arena, Bolade Bus Stop, Oshodi, 07011555542
EpeOpposite Council Secretariat, Ita Marun, Epe 08134238417
IsoloOshodi/Apapa Exp. Way, Toyota Bus Stop, Isolo, 07011555524
IlupejuIkorodu Road, Anthony Bus Stop, Ilupeju . 08032265576
IkejaMobolaji Bank – Anthony Way, Ikeja 08032219746
Alausa (HQ)Governor Road, The Secretariat, Alausa, Ikeja 08033235891

Emergency Contact Numbers For Natural Disasters

The government of Nigeria establishes federal, state or local environmental agencies to coordinate programs aimed at reducing/mitigating natural disasters such as but not limited to the pollution that affects the environment. These agencies are often charged with protecting the natural environment by analyzing or monitoring the environment against misuse or degradation, conserving natural resources/existing natural environment and, where possible, repairing damage and reversing trends of natural disasters.

Nigerian environmental agencies are a part of the government’s efforts to protect Nigerians from ecological annoyances and hazardous wastes while preserving the environment and its resources. To combat and prevent pollution in Nigeria, the federal government of Nigeria and the several states have established various agencies and organizations. These agencies are guided by and function according to all the environmental laws and acts in Nigeria that respond to sites of natural disasters. Some of these organizations and their contact numbers are discussed in the following sections.

1. NESREA (National Environment Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency)

NESREA is the acronym for the National Environment Standards and Regulations Enforcement Agency. It is an agency in charge of the environment, biodiversity conservation, and sustainable exploitation of Nigeria’s natural resources. The agency is also coordinating and liaising with relevant internal and external stakeholders on issues of enforcing environmental standards, regulations, rules, laws, policies, and guidelines. The emergency contact number for the state security service is +2348146099778.

2. National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA)

To increase the public’s awareness and lessen the effects of disasters in the nation, NEMA was established to manage disasters and reduce their impact on the populace. The emergency contact number for NEMA is 080022556362.

3. The National Human Rights Commission

The commission is charged with the responsibility of protecting human rights. National Human Rights Commission emergency phone numbers include 08006472428 (Toll-Free), 092903746, 092908829, 09032192577, 07041678566, 07053529460, and 09088864332.

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Emergency contact numbers of zonal heads of the national human rights commission

  1. Abia 08033473732, 09024425728
  2. Adamawa 07031831522
  3. Akwa Ibom 08035403780
  4. Anambra 07059446331
  5. Bauchi 08023400439
  6. Bayelsa, 08035424022
  7. Benue, 08136730830
  8. Borno, 08067833036
  9. Cross River, 08036755179, 08175722286
  10. Delta, 08039463100
  11. Ebonyi,  08130011525
  12. Edo, 09014329537, 08069319592
  13. Ekiti, 08034100285, 08186885278
  14. Enugu, 08037722569
  15. FCT Abuja, 08033142118
  16. Gombe, 07030584926
  17. Imo, 08039494207
  18. Jigawa, 08030637049
  19. Kaduna, 08037739448
  20. Kano, 08032833051
  21. Katsina, 08031166282
  22. Kebbi, 08065829312
  23. Kogi, 08033645844
  24. Kwara, 07068468408
  25. Lagos, 08037213380
  26. Nasarawa, 08033639276
  27. Niger, 08033365395
  28. Ondo,  08036307849
  29. Osun, 08168504760
  30. Ogun, 08058133007
  31. Oyo, 08060666916
  32. Plateau, 08072449323, 08107780516
  33. Rivers, 08036747115
  34. Sokoto, 07039356635
  35. Taraba, 08032862220
  36. Yobe, 08035332628
  37. Zamfara, 07064315164
  38. Health Emergency Contact Numbers

In Nigeria, the Federal Ministry of Health manages health-related issues in Nigeria, including health promotion and emergencies. The ministry carries out its mandate through several departments and agencies tasked with carrying out particular tasks.

A list of all organizations that handle tasks related to health management, promotion, protection, and research and those outside the ministry is provided below.

4. NACA (National Agency for the Control of AIDS)

The National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA) is responsible for coordinating the fight against the spread of HIV/AIDs in Nigeria.  Emergency contact numbers for NACA are 094613724, 0946137039, and 094613700.

5. National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS)

All health insurance-related matters, such as licensing and regulation, are resolved by the NHIS in Nigeria. The National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) emergency contact numbers are 08059282008, 08065744100, 08083280131, 08039796126, and 08059015854.

6. National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS)

The organization promoting blood safety and unpaid voluntary blood donation in Nigeria is called the National Blood Transfusion Service. National Blood Transfusion Service (NBTS) emergency contact number are: 08035896132, 095241790,097806418, 095241790

7. Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC)

The management of emergency response and disaster mitigation falls under the purview of the Directorate of Emergency Preparedness and Response. The team also directs or assists in deploying Rapid Response Teams as part of the outbreak response activities. Additionally, the Directorate strengthens capacities, promotes policies, and raises awareness of emergency preparedness and response.

The emergency phone number to reach the NCDC are: 6232, 07087110839, 08099555577

8. NOSDRA (National Oil Spill Detection And Response Agency)

The National Oil Spill Detection And Response Agency (NOSDRA) is an agency under the Federal Ministry of Environment that supports the response to the oil spill, lessens its effects, and handles all associated issues. NOSDRA emergency contact numbers are 08168308826 and 08156260257.

9. Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB)

The Abuja Environmental Protection Board (AEPB) is the regulatory body mandated to manage and protect the FCT environment.

The emergency contact numbers of the AEPB are; +(234) 8035879356, +(234) 8031230330, +(234)809993631, 8099936312, +(234)7080631500, (234) 7042128340.

10. Lagos State Traffic Management Authority (LASTMA)

The Lagos State Traffic Management Authority is a Lagos State-owned organization under

the department of the Ministry of Transportation. The organization was founded to ensure efficient traffic flow on Lagos roads and advance a traffic regulation, control, and management culture throughout the state. The emergency contact numbers for the Lagos State Traffic Management Authority are 08027LASTMA, 07088658885, 08174722227, 08023909364, 080231742, and 08075005411.

A stich in time saves nine hence the need for emergency numbers at your disposal be it in times of health, domestic or natural disasters. I hope this helps. Please feel free to reach us via the comments section below should you have any emergency numbers not listed on this post so we can keep it updated.