Maths Lesson Note for SS3 (Second Term) 2024-PDF

Maths lesson note for Senior Secondary School-3 Second Term is now available for free. The State and Federal Ministry of Education has recommended unified lesson notes for all SSSs in Nigeria, in other words, all private SSSs in Nigeria must operate with the same lesson notes based on the scheme of work for Maths.

Maths lesson note for SSS Three 2nd term has been provided in detail here on

For prospective school owners, teachers, and assistant teachers, Maths lesson note is defined as a guideline that defines the contents and structure of Maths as a subject offered at SSS level. The lesson note for Maths for SSS stage maps out in clear terms, how the topics and subtopics for a particular subject, group works and practical, discussions and assessment strategies, tests, and homework ought to be structured in order to fit in perfectly, the approved academic activities for the session.

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Maths Lesson Note for SS3 (Second Term) [year]-PDF 1

To further emphasize the importance of this document, the curriculum for Maths spells out the complete guide on all academic subjects in theory and practical. It is used to ensure that the learning purposes, aims, and objectives of the subject meant for that class are successfully achieved.

Maths Lesson note for SS3 carries the same aims and objectives but might be portrayed differently based on how it is written or based on how you structure your lesson note. Check how to write lesson notes as this would help make yours unique.

The SS3 Maths lesson note provided here is in line with the current scheme of work hence, would go a long way in not just helping the teachers in carefully breaking down the subject, topics, and subtopics but also, devising more practical ways of achieving the aim and objective of the subject.

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The sudden increase in the search for SS3 Maths lesson note for Second Term is expected because every term, tutors are in need of a robust lesson note that carries all topics in the curriculum as this would go a long way in preparing students for the West African Senior Secondary Examination.

This post is quite a lengthy one as it provides in full detail, the government-approved lesson note for all topics and sub-topics in Maths as a subject offered in SSS Three (SS3).

Please note that Maths lesson note for SS3 provided here for Second Term is approved by the Ministry of Education based on the scheme of work.

I made it free for tutors, parents, guardians, and students who want to read ahead of what is being taught in class.

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The lesson note for Maths for SS3 (Second Term)

Maths lesson note and curriculum for SS3

SS3 Maths Lesson Note (Second Term) 2024

The lesson note is in PDF file format. You can download it for current use and future reference purposes.

SS3 Maths, 2nd Term Lesson Note-pdf

I hope you got what you visited this page for? The above is the lesson note for Maths for SS3 (SSS Three) class. However, you can download the free PDF file for record purposes.

If you have any questions as regards Maths lesson note For SS3 class, kindly send them to us via the comment section below and we shall respond accordingly as usual.