List of Universities In Malaysia For International Students With Low Tuition Fees 2021

International students searching for universities in Malaysia with cheap or low tuition fee have a lot to gain from this article. Being an international students, there are many advantages of studying in Malaysia. We have also in the course of writing this post, listed all you need to know as regards admission requirements, student VISA requirements, currency conversion rate of Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) and other Immigration policies students from other regions of the world are to be aware of if they are to study in Malaysia.

Studying in Malaysia is the new cool and this is due to various reasons which includes the high quality of education at a very affordable price, improved standard of living, access to foreign degrees, tourist destination for tourists around the world, diverse cultural integration and a host of other benefits.

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Due to the decay in the educational system in most African countries, parents and guardians have resorted to sending their kids abroad to acquire these international certificates, come back to the country and easily gain employment faster than the local league players, this is as a result of the continuous nosediving of our educational sector.

There are several universities known for admitting international students, survey have it that the category of these set of international students includes, students from developing countries like Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Zimbabwe.

Majority of the international students who have applied for degree programs in some of the renowned Universities in Malaysia hold the view that the tuition fees are very low and affordable. Apart from that, they have an extensive range of academic programs to choose from while offering superior quality education system.

Advantages of Studying In Low Tuition Universities In Malaysia For International Students

  1. Without doubts, International students studying in Malaysia has a lot of advantages, some of which are; The Universities in Malaysia are of very high standard, academically and non-academically.
  2. Studying in Malaysia gives you the mindset of studying in some of the best Universities in the world, Malaysian Universities are of high standard and can compete with other known universities around the world.
  3. International Students are highly welcome because of the friendly nature of Malaysians.
  4. You can work and school at the same time while studying in Malaysia, This is a known practice for Nigerians and other international students.
  5. International Student Grants: Another major advantage of studying in Malaysia is the ability of apply for international student grants from the government. Many students apply for this and it helps them through their stay while schooling and still working.
  6. Malaysia is an industrialized country, infrastructural facilities are world class there, you are exposed to experiencing a world-class university setting, environment and other corporate exposures.
  7. Crime rate in Malaysia is very low, though it’s a Islamic country, it is not an extremist state. Malaysia is regarded as one of the safest and most stable countries in the world free from most natural disasters which makes it very comfortable for International Students searching for low tuition fees to study.
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Aside knowing that these universities in Malaysia are cheap in terms of school fees payment, please do not attach the amount to the quality of education. In a country where the government is working, everything falls into place, in Malaysia, education is prioritized even for international students, though it is a norm everywhere in the World for students outside Malaysia to pay for more than the citizens, notwithstanding, the schools listed here are the Universities in Malaysia with cheap school fees irrespective of the programme.

These fees listed below are for undergraduate degree courses, however, the Universities listed also offer postgraduate programmes so it all depends on your choice.

Do not forget that as an international students, paying the school fee is not all that matters, you must meet the entry admission requirements, VISA requirements

All You Need To Know For International Students In Need of Cheap Tuition Fee At The Under-listed Malaysian Universities.

i) Upon Choosing the university of your choice, please be informed that it is the institution chosen that will provide assistance in the application of a Student Pass and Visa to enter Malaysia.

ii) International students with aspiration to study in Malaysia at any level of education in Malaysia are required to have a student pass from the Department of Immigration Malaysia.

iii) Though students can apply for support, or work while schooling, however we advise that students carry enough funds along in order to be able to finance their cheap tuition fee during their entire duration of their programmes. The Malaysian government restricted international students working on Part-time basis to just 20 hours per week and this is applicable during semester breaks.

iv) The good news for international students studying in Malaysia is that It is possible to work after graduation under the new immigration policy. Graduates in critical and high technology areas can obtain employment pass for a period not beyond 2(two) years.

With the above points, students are able to easily apply for VISA from any university in Malaysia, both public and private.

List of Universities In Malaysia For International Students With Low Tuition Fees 2021 2

The List of Universities in Malaysia For International Student With Low Tuition Fees For 2021

1. Tun Hussein Onn University of Malaysia

This is a public university which founded in September 1993. One of the primary objectives of this University is to impart training to the staff in obtaining adequate knowledge and skills in the field of engineering. With RM 6,000 You are on your way to studying in Malaysia. It is regarded as one of the cheapest university in Malaysia for international students.

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Tuition Fees: MYR 6,000 Which is equivalent to 534,000 Naira.

2. Universiti Utara Malaysia

This is another public university in Malaysia with low tuition fee. It is the destination point for most Africans seeking for international degree with affordable tuition fee alongside quality education

Tuition fees: MYR7,030, Its Naira equivalence is N625,041

3. University of Malaysia, Kelantan

This is university which is located at Kelantan. The school specializes in the under-listed fields:

  • Entrepreneurship and Business ;
  • Creative Technology and Heritage;
  • Agro-Industry and Science of Natural Resources.

Apart from the above 3 (three) fields of study, emphasis is also placed on acquiring language and soft skills, this is very beneficial to international students.

Tuition fees: MYR 73,776

4. National Defense University of Malaysia

It is the first ever university which was established to meet needs and requirements of Malaysian Armed Forces. It is estimated that about 20,700 undergraduate students have enrolled in the University.

Tuition fees in National Defense University of Malaysia is MYR192,000 which is equal to 6,559,463 Naira

5. University of Malaya

University of Malaya is one of the most popular universities in Malaysia with cheap school fees. Being the foremost university located at the capital of the Malaysia (Kuala Lampur) the university is an acclaimed Public Research Universities with high pedigree and internationally recognized as one of the best in the world.

Tuition fees: MYR44,800 and in Nigerian currency = 3,983,191.35 Naira

6. University Teknikal Malaysia Melaka

University Teknikal Malaysia Melaka is a public university with a landmass of seven hundred and sixty six (760) acres of lush green surroundings. The University is known for its state-of-the-art facilities across all departments within the university. Many would argue that the school is quite expensive and should not be mentioned among the list of Universities in Malaysia with low tuition fee, you might be right, however taking a cursory look into the facilities and standard of education in the University Teknikal Malaysia Melaka when compared to other world class universities in Europe and other parts of the developed world, you would agree with us that the fee payable at this university is relatively cheap and very affordable even for international students.

Tuition fees for this university is MYR118,656 per year and in Naira the tuition fee is N10,549,766.8

7. UniversitiSains Islam Malaysia

UniversitiSains Islam Malaysia which was previously known by the name ‘KolejUniversiti Islam Malaysia. The university was founded in 1998. It also ranks among the list of Malaysian universities with very affordable school fees for international students. School fees are paid quarterly in this school. That is about thrice a year.

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Tuition fees in this University is MYR2,544. In Nigerian Currency the tuition fee is 226,188.37 Naira.

8. Universiti Malaysia Pahang

Universiti Malaysia Pahang is a self-governed public technical university located at Pahang in Malaysia.

The university focuses on Technology/Engineering based courses. Tuition fee in this school is relatively cheap and quite affordable for foreign students.

Their Tuition fees is MYR2,155 which is equal to 191 500.70 Naira.

9. Universiti of Science, Malaysia

Universiti of Science is an autonomous University which was established in the year June 1969.

An estimated twenty-nine thousand three hundred (29,000) post-graduate and under-graduate students have enrolled in this University back in the year 2008 till date.

Tuition fees: MYR2,750 and in Nigerian currency = 244,374.44 Naira

10. Sultan Idris Education University

This is a public University of education was established in 1922. Students with flare for education around the word see this school as the ideal destination towards achieving great feat in the line of career.

School fees: MYR2,000 and 244,375 in our local currency (Naira)

11. Universiti Malaysia Perlis

It is a public educational institution which provides six Diploma programmes, thirty-seven Bachelor’s Degree Programmes and over twenty- Master degree programmes.

Tuition fee at this university is around MYR2,000 which when converted to Naira is around N177,726.87



12. Universiti Malaysia Sabah

With the exchange rate of one (1) Malaysian Ringgit which is equal to 88.93 Naira, the tuition fee in Naira stands at 831757.93

Tuition Fees: MYR 9,355

13. Universiti Malaysia Sarawak

Tuition fees: MYR30,070

14. International Islamic University Malaysia;

It is a renowned public university which was established on May 1983.

Tuition fees: MYR5,625


The above tuition fee for international students in search of the full list of all Malaysian Universities with cheap school fees for 2024/2025 academic session can be used by students, parents and guardians to make plans ad budget for the duration of the stay in any of the aforementioned universities.

International students are to use the current exchange rate when converting to their respective local currency in order to determine the actual fee payable.

Hope the above was informative enough? do you know of any other university in Malaysia with low tuition fee for international students? we need your opinion and inputs as this would assist others on the verge of following this path.

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