List of Postgraduate Courses Offered At TASUED (Tai Solarin University of Education)

This post harps on all available postgraduate courses and programmes offered in Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED). This is to inform you that the management of TASUED postgraduate school has approved for admission into the current session the list of all available postgraduate (PG) programmes as seen below.

Kindly note that every PG course offered in TASUED (Tai Solarin University of Education) have their unique admission requirements, however, there are some basic compulsory general entry requirements for fresh candidates which must be adhered to in the process of application and registration.

List of Postgraduate Courses Offered At TASUED (Tai Solarin University of Education) 1

Upon graduation, prospective PG students who aspire to further their Education at TASUED (Tai Solarin University of Education) come up with the following questions; What are the list of available Postgraduate courses offered in TASUED? What are the admission requirements for PGD and Masters programmes because at the moment there are no Ph,D programmes at TASUED, often times, they make enquiries about the duration of the above postgraduate courses, however we included all requirements and all necessary information in this post in order to give complete details as regards TASUED postgraduate courses and their admission requirements.

Based on the above questions, we decided to put up a comprehensive post that would give answers to all questions relating to TASUED (Tai Solarin University of Education) postgraduate studies for fresh students most especially.

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Judging from the list of PG courses offered in Tai Solarin University of Education – TASUED as seen below, you would agree with us that all categories of PG courses are offered in the institution ranging from Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) programmes to Masters programmes therefore, aspiring students and candidates should be rest assured that any information gotten in this article, we are confident it will be of great help in making an informed decision as regards which of the postgraduate courses is best tailored for you.

Duration For All Postgraduate Courses Offered At TASUED (Tai Solarin University of Education)

The info here contains details of the duration of all available pg programme offered at TASUED (Tia Solarin University) under PGD and M.Sc levels, either regular (full time) or weekend (Part time) programmes, the expected duration of your programmes can be seen below, same applies to all postgraduate programmes.

Postgraduate Courses at TASUED (Tai Solarin University of Education)Duration of PG ProgrammesDuration
a) Masters Degree in EducationMinimum of two (4) Academic Sessions and Maximum of Six (6) Academic Sessions
b) PGDEMinimum of 4 semesters and a maximum of 6 semesters

List of Available Postgraduate Courses Offered In Tai Solarin University of Education (TASUED)


(a) Department of Educational Management

(i) M.Ed. Educational Management

(b) Department of Counselling and Psychology

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(i) M.Ed. Guidance and Counselling Psychology

(c) Department of Educational Foundations and Instructional Technology

(i) M.Ed. Educational and Media Technology(ii) M.Ed. Childhood Education(iii) M.Ed. Educational Evaluation

(d) Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)


(a) Department of Agricultural Production and Management Sciences

(i) M. Ed. Agricultural Science Education with option in:(a) Agricultural Extension(b) Agricultural Education (ii) Postgraduate Diploma in Agricultural Science

(b) Department of Business Education

(i) M.Ed. Business Education(ii) Postgraduate Diploma in Business Education

(c) Department of Home Economics & Hotel Management

(i) Postgraduate Diploma in Home Economics & Hotel Management (d) Department of Technical Education(i) Postgraduate Diploma in Technical Education


(a) Department of English Studies

(i) M.Ed. English Language(ii) M.Ed. Literature in English(iii) Postgraduate Diploma in English Studies

(b) Department of Yoruba Studies

(i) M.Ed. Yoruba Language(ii) Postgraduate Diploma in Yoruba Studies

(c) Department of History & Diplomatic Studies

(i) M.Ed. History & Diplomatic Studies(ii) Postgraduate Diploma in History & Diplomatic Studies



(a) Department of Human Kinetics and Health Education

(i) M.Ed. Human Kinetics with the following options:

(a)Organization and Administration of Physical Education and Sports

(b) Psychology and Sociology of Sports(

c) Exercise Physiology

(ii) M.Ed. Health Education with the following options:

(a)Community and School Health

(b Health and Safety Education

(iii) Postgraduate Diploma with the following options:

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(a)Health Education & Promotion

(b)Human Kinetics

(b) Department of Biological Sciences

i) M.Ed. Integrated Science

ii. Postgraduate Diploma in Biology

iii. Postgraduate Diploma in Integrated Science

(c) Department of Mathematics

(i) M.Ed. Mathematics

(ii) Postgraduate Diploma in Mathematics

(d) Department of Physics

(i) M.Ed. Physics (ii) Postgraduate Diploma in Physics

(e) Department of Computer Sciences

(i) M.Ed. Computer Science

(ii) Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science



(a) Department of Geography and Environmental Management

(i) Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Management Education

(b) Department of Political Science

(i) Postgraduate Diploma in Political Science

(c) Department of Sociological Studies

(i) Postgraduate Diploma in Civic and Human Right Studies.

Having provided the above information, we hope this has been helpful enough, however, we receive questions related to TASUED – Tai-Solarin University of Education postgraduate courses via our comment section if you have any and we shall respond to them accordingly

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