List of Federal Universities In Nigeria Approved To Run Part-Time Programmes

Having the Federal status does not in any way give the institution an automatic approval to run part-time programmes in Nigeria. Due process must be followed by the university for their part time programmes request to be approved by the NUC.

Sometimes, choosing a Federal university that offer part time degree programmes can be quite cumbersome, in this post, we have been able to help tackle such problem, here you will see the list of all Federal Universities in Nigeria approved by the NUC (Nigerian University Commission) to run part time degree course and if you are not a fan of Federal universities, you might want to enjoy the advantage of indigeneship of your state and might opt for a state university, here are the list of state universities in Nigeria also approved by the NUC to run part-time degree programmes.

List of Federal Universities In Nigeria Approved To Run Part-Time Programmes 1

You would agree with us that Part time programmes in Nigeria is fast receiving the due recognition it deserves and gone are the days when part-time degree certificate plays second fiddle to UTME degree.

There is this general misconception that every university in Nigeria that offers full time degree programmes automatically offers part time programmes. We are here to put you on the right path in choosing a Federal university with NUC approved part time programmes.

The danger of studying in a Federal university with a status of non approved part time programmes is that the number of years spent, energy and resources put in the process of trying to get a degree would go down the drain simply for the fact that the part time programmes being run by the University is not approved by the Nigerian University Commission.

Part Time programmes were originally made for individuals who are working but with intention of still going to higher institutions.

The story has virtually changed now as any student who finds it difficult gaining admission into the university, be it state or Federal opts straight for Part time degree programmes and such category of students are not to be blamed because the number of times which in turn translates to years wasted spent writing JAMB, should they had opted for a Part time programmes, they would either be rounding up or even rounded up.

There are some basic requirements which applicants or candidates must meet in order to be eligible for admission into any of the under listed state universities offering part time programmes in Nigeria.

A) Firstly, you must be at least 18 years of age and above for you to qualify for part time programmes in Nigeria.

B) Candidates or applicants must have their complete O’level. That is, a minimum of 5 credits passes which originally must include English Language, Mathematics and any other 3 subjects relevant to your proposed course of study and must not be more than two (2) sittings and two (2) years apart.

Other Required Documents Includes

1) Birth certificate

2) Original copy of O’level certificate

One major advantage of running a part-time programme in Nigerian universities is the fact that you do not need JAMB as a requirements for admission.

All you need to do is wait for when the part-time admission form is released for sale which is usually online and applicants would be required to pay the respective cost of application form and upon successful registration, will sit for internally organized examination, though entrance examination may not be applicable in all schools but it is the ideal steps taken by most states and Federal universities in Nigeria in admitting students into their part time degree programmes.

Kindly be informed that upon gaining admission into any of the Federal universities offering part time programmes listed below, candidates would be required to take the following steps;

STEP 1: Pay the acceptance fee. Acceptance fees are to be paid directed to the school’s account either via online or physical visit to the bank.

Payment of acceptance fee as the name implies simply means candidate or newly admitted students voluntarily accepts the provisional admission offered to the student, however, failure to pay this fee as and when due automatically means forfeiture of the admission.

STEP 2: Payment of school fees and other compulsory levy. After completing the above (Step 1) other fees are also required, example of such fees are matriculation gown fee, school fees, ICT fees, library fee, medicals and the likes. Failure to the the above would pose a challenge in registration of courses and partaking in the semester examination.

Now to the reason for this post, see the full list of Federal Universities in Nigeria approved to run part time degree programmes by the Nigerian University Commission (NUC)

List of Federal Universities In Nigeria Approved To Run Part-Time Programmes

  1. University of Lagos
  2. University of Port Harcourt
  3. University of Calabar
  4. University of Benin
  5. University of Abuja
  6. University of Uyo
  7. University of Jos
  8. ObafemiAwolowo University, Ile — Ife
  9. Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka
  10. Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta
  11. Federal University ofTechnology, Owerri
  12. Usman Danfodiyo University, Sokoto
  13. Bayero University, Kano

Kindly note that any federal university not on this list is not licensed to run part time programmes and being a student of such would be disastrous except full accreditation is given before rounding up of your part time programme.

Applicants are advised to be aware of this and kindly share amongst friend and relatives using any of the social media handles at your disposal.

We receive questions from our readers so this should not be an exception. Should you have questions as regards the list of Federal  universities approved to run part time programmes in Nigeria, kindly get back to us via the comment section below and we shall give our response as soon as we get your questions.

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