List of Federal, State and Private Polytechnics in Gombe State – NBTE Approved Polytechnics

Gombe State is blessed with educational institutions ranging from Primary to secondary and most importantly, higher institutions. Gombe State like other states have prioritized education as the future of the state hence the need for more funding of this sector.

In this post, I will be harping succinctly on the list of NBTE licensed and approved Polytechnics in Gombe State and how you can apply for their programmes. It is not just enough to search for schools in Gombe State, rather redefine your search query to be list of licensed and approved Polytechnics in Gombe State, Nigeria.

The list of schools here will contain all Private Polytechnics in Gombe State, State Polytechnic as well as Federal Polytechnic if there is any. Let it be known that not all states are having federal polytechnics because it is assumed indigenes from the state can make use of the catchment area policy introduced by the Federal government where the state that has a Federal Polytechnic within the region of the state that doesn’t serve as a catchment area for them. For instance, you can read through Gombe State Polytechnic catchment area to get a glimpse of the above explanation.
The list of Polytechnics in Gombe State cannot be overemphasized because candidates all over Gombe State, Nigeria where Gombe State indigenes reside are always in search of private, state and federal Polytechnics within their state. Candidates with rich parents or guardians are often interested in the private Polytechnics in Gombe State or its catchment area while others with modest financial status have lesser options thereby going for state and federal Polytechnics (if there is) in the state.

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The Joint Admission and Matriculations Board JAMB every year makes available, the JAMB registration forms for candidates eligible to participate in the exam and candidates (most from Gombe State catchment area) are always in search of the list of Polytechnics in their state they can apply for and how to go about it. If you fall within this category then this information is for you. Before you select the preferred institution, you need to understand that schools within your catchment area would do you better than harm, that is, you stand a higher chance of gaining admission into any school within Gombe State catchment area than when you apply for schools outside the catchment area of your state.

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Now I will be putting you through the list of Polytechnics in Gombe State. In as much as this info is more beneficial for fresh students seeking admission into Gombe State Polytechnic, other individuals from different walks of life would need it for reference purposes.

The followings are what you ought to have gained upon reading through this post;

  1. Knowing the list of all private Polytechnics in Gombe State
  2. List of state Polytechnic in Gombe State
  3. List of federal Polytechnic in Gombe State (If there is)
  4. Admission requirement into schools in Gombe


There are 2 major requirements for admission into all Polytechnics in Gombe State irrespective of whether it is a private or state Polytechnic.

  1. You must have obtained a minimum of 5 credit passes as it is relevant to your course of study, Check HEREfor the list of approved courses and their correct subject combinations as approved by JAMB.
  2. You must score up to the minimum required cut off markto be eligible to participate in their post UTME screening exercise.
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Satisfying the above criteria would automatically grant you the eligibility status for applying for admission. As said above, this is the general requirement for admission into all all private, state and federal Polytechnics in Gombe State as approved by the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB).


In order of hierarchy, I will be listing the list of schools in Gombe State till date




  •  Gombe State Polytechnic Bajoga



In summary of the above, there is currently one (1) Polytechnic in Gombe State which is the State Polytechnic. It has it’s various strengths and weaknesses in various fields. All you need do is visit their portal to apply if you meet their requirement.

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