List of Accredited Courses Offered In FCE Kano (Federal College of Education, Kano)

Here is the comprehensive list of accredited courses offered in Federal College Of Education, Kano therefore prospective candidates are to go through the information provided below to confirm the availability of the course chosen during their UTME registration.

LOCATION: Federal College of Education Kano is located in Kano state.

List of Accredited Courses Offered In FCE Kano (Federal College of Education, Kano) 1

The courses offered in FCE Kano as seen in this article are the accredited courses according to NBTE (National Board for Technical Education) therefore candidates or prospective students should be rest assured of the information provided.

There are cases where you see a particular course being offered by FCE KANO (Federal College Of Education, Kano) and when next you check, its no longer an accredited course, this is because from time to time courses offered are reviewed by the National Board for Technical Education which could either be dis-accredited or new courses being accredited if the institution does or does not comply with NBTE’s guidelines.

We at have deemed it necessary to publish the full list of accredited courses offered in FCE Kano (Federal College of Education Kano) as requested by our readers as it has become increasingly necessary based on data received as regards the subject matter.

Basically, upon choosing a course of study, it is ideal for candidates to have pertinent knowledge of the admission requirements into their choice college of education, being properly informed makes the admission process from start to finish much easier.

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There are some basic information you must look out for aside checking for the availability and accreditation status of your chosen course and confirming if it is offered in FCE Kano, they are as follows;

a) First is the JAMB cut off mark for FCE Kano 2018/19 academic session

b) Secondly is the tuition fee payable by fresh students at FCE Kano since that is the category you definitely fall within.

Being informed with the above two information keeps you on a better pedestal when applying for admission into the institution.

The following under-listed are the general requirements for gaining admission into Federal  College of Education Kano:

A) It is mandatory that candidate seeking for admission into Federal College Of Education, Kano must be at least 15 years of age in the year of admission (though you can swear an affidavit or use age declaration duly signed by the court)

B) Candidates must possess a minimum of 5 credit passes in relevant subjects which must include English Language and mathematics at GCE O’Level, WASCE, SSCE, NECO or approved equivalents at not more than 2 sittings as required by FCE Kano (Federal College Of Education, Kano).

C) Candidates must pass the minimum required JAMB cut off mark and their post UTME screening aptitude test and exercise in order to stand a chance of gaining admission into the college of education

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Upon meeting the above general entry requirements, candidates automatically become eligible for admission into Federal College Of Education, Kano and can proceed for their internal screening exercise either via online or university environment.

So with the above information, prospective candidates should be clear as regards the requirements for admission into FCE Kano.

Traditionally, we have arranged the all courses offered in FCE Kano in an alphabetical order based on the faculty they fall under for ease of identification for prospective candidates.

List of Accredited Courses Offered In FCE Kano (Federal College Of Education, Kano)

Agricultural Science

Arabic / English

Arabic / Hausa

Arabic / Islamic Studies

Biology / Chemistry

Biology / Geography

Biology / Integrated Science

Business Education

Chemistry / Integrated Science

Chemistry / Mathematics

Chemistry / Physics

Christian Religious Studies / English

Christians Religion Studies / Igbo L2

Christians Religion Studies / Social Studies

Computer Education / Geography

Computer Education / Physics

Computer Education / Biology

Computer Education / Chemistry

Computer Science Education / Integrated Science

Computer Science Education / Mathematics

Early Childhood Care Education

English / French

English / Geography

English / Hausa

English / History

English / Igbo

English / Igbo L2

English / Islamic Studies

English / Social Studies

English / Yoruba L2

Fine And Applied Art

French / Social Studies

French / Hausa

French / Yoruba L2

Fulfulde / Arabic

Fulfulde / English

Fulfulde / Hausa

Fulfulde / Islamic Studies

Fulfulde / Social Studies

Geography / History

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Geography / Integrated Science

Geography / Mathematics

Hausa / History

Hausa / Igbo L2

Hausa / Islamic Studies

Hausa / Social Studies

Hausa and Yoruba

History and Igbo

History and Islamic Studies

Home Economics

Igbo and Social Studies

Integrated Science / Mathematics Education

Integrated Science / Physics

Islamic Studies / Social Studies

Mathematics / Physics

Physical and Health Education

Primary Education Studies

Social Studies / Yoruba

Special Needs Education

Yoruba / Social Studies

Kindly keep it in mind that the above courses are not cast in stones, some new courses may be added, some existing courses may be scrapped (dis-accredited) if they do not meet the guidelines as prescribed by the NBTE.

From time to time we update our blog which means there are some courses that might be added or deleted when the need arises.

If you have any question as regards the list of accredited courses that are offered in FCE Kano, you can channel them down to us via the comment section below and we shall respond accordingly.

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Thank you.

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